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3 Reasons to Adopt a Facebook Messenger Chat Widget

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In a context of uncertain recovery, companies will have to pamper their customers to maintain their competitiveness. Customer experience goes through fluid and smooth communication. And this is where the Facebook Messenger chat widget comes in!

A phenomenal audience of 1.2 billion users. A significant improvement in the customer conversion rate. Automation features to reduce the cost of customer service. Here we are going to look at why you should integrate the Facebook Messenger Chat Widget into your website!

Facebook Messenger: a phenomenal audience

Facebook messenger chat widget

For customers, instant messaging apps tend to replace phone calls. Sending a message to customer support is so much easier than phone support! If online discussion with marketing appeals to so many customers, it is because it combines great benefits:

  • The exchange of messages via these apps is free for the company as well as for the customer.
  • Messages are being sent in real time, making the conversation fast and fluid.
  • The customer is not immobilized, unlike telephone support. Indeed, they can send its message, go and then continue the conversation when the marketing advisor from the company has answered him.
  • Speaking through a mobile messaging app is more helpful for the customer. You can send text messages, but also images, videos, documents and any other neccesary file!
  • Instant messaging apps are mastered by companies and customers alike. Making it very easy to train customer service agents to use these platforms.

Maintain permanent contact with customers

Facebook, a leading figure in social networks despite the great competition, prances in the lead with two flagship applications:

  • WhatsApp, the messaging app acquired by Facebook in October 2014. Audience: 2 billion users (mobile application and WhatsApp Web);
  • Facebook Messenger, the social network's messaging application itself. Audience: 1.2 billion users.

The main reason you should integrate the Facebook Messenger Chat Widget and the WhatsApp application on your website? Your customers will have these apps on their mobile phones.

Facebook Messenger, the chat widget that encourages customers to buy:

Facebook messenger app

Chat tools (mobile application, widget, WordPress plugin, PrestaShop module) do not only benefit customer support. Indeed, they improve the commercial performance of the company by boosting the conversion rate of customers. Did you know that 63% of customers are ready to change their brand if the latter was not reachable on an application, plugin, or chat widget on the internet? More generally, many studies advocate the integration of web chat tools into the company's business strategy:

  • First, 53% of customers prefer to buy from a business that can be reached through a mobile live chat app.
  • Second, nearly a third of customer messages received by the company via Facebook Messenger are firm orders.
  • Finally, 76% of customers want to be able to make purchases via messaging.

As you will have understood, the chat window that appears on a web page reassures the customer about the reactivity of the company. It provides your website visitors with trusted customer support that will answer all of their questions every step of the way. ChayAll has prepared a series of articles for you on the relevance of the Facebook Messenger Chat Widget to the business performance of the company. Click on the button below to go further.

Facebook Messenger, chat widget compatible with chatbots

Facebook messenger chat widget

Contrary to what one might think, you can configure your chatbot without complex tools and without resorting to code. By the way, did you know that automating part of customer service was the best way to boost your ROI? By configuring your chatbot according to the rules of the art, you will be able to:

  • Relieve your customer support and marketing team by automating the response to redundant questions from visitors to your website.
  • Having 24/7 customer support is a must if you have customers in different time zones.
  • Speed ​​up response time for better customer satisfaction. According to a Bain & Co study , a 5% increase in customer loyalty can translate into an increase in turnover of around 25 to 95%!

Integrate Facebook Messenger into a digital marketing strategy

chat widget

Integrating the Facebook Messenger Live Chat plugin into your website will be the first step in improving your customer support. Why stop now while everything is going so well? Indeed, each customer has their favorite messaging application. To maximize the reach of your marketing communications and personalize customer support, you need to be present on all the messaging that matters. But be careful: to multiply the tools blindly is to shoot yourself in the foot

  • First, this approach will slow down the loading of your website. Fatally, you will lose SEO points;
  • Next, your marketing team will have to juggle multiple tools to respond to your website visitors. It doesn't really abound in the direction of optimizing customer support .
  • Finally, the integration of several messaging tools will increase the number of suppliers, and therefore the people to contact in the event of a problem.

At ChayAll, we are aware of the weaknesses of the multi-tool approach and the importance of the issue, especially in this uncertain context. This is why we have developed an all-in-one messaging solution. On the menu : 

  • First, WhatsApp Business API.
  • Then, Facebook Messenger Chat Widget.
  • Apple Business Chat.
  • Google's Business Messages.
  • Telegram.
  • A Live Chat tool.

But don't panic: all the messages received are centralized in a single interface. In this way, your customer service will become a real competitive advantage in just a few days!

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