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Improve customer communications

The ChayAll SaaS solution was designed by Greenbureau, a digital startup based in Paris. We help professionals communicate with their customers and maintain a close link with them, even at a distance. Thanks to our services, small companies and large groups upgrade the management of customer communications.
Our messaging platform has been designed so that professionals simply need to set up the chat channels they need available for their customers on their website. As a Google partner and a Apple partner, we offer you Google's Business Messages and Apple Business Chat messaging, but also: WhastApp Business, Facebook Messenger, and a traditional Live Chat feature.
ChayAll's story

Messaging is the right solution for companies who struggle to handle all customer contacts

Both experienced leaders in the French customer relations industry, Yan Tamalet and Florian Nicourt are experts at finding solutions to ease the frustration customers feel when they're not able to contact companies they bought products from. People feel angry, whereas they're expecting to be treated with respect just like any customer would.
Consequences of poor customer service management and long waiting times are significant. In the era of community management, it severs the link between a brand and its customers right from the start. In this context, the 2 partners decided to create their own solutions with a view to improving satisfaction on both customer and business sides. First by creating the Greenbureau company, then by developing ChayAll, GreenBureau's flagship product.

ChayAll's founders are convinced that messaging is the future of a good customer relations strategy, now essentially a digital issue in any company. The future will prove them right, since ChayAll has been acquiring new customers ever since, small and medium companies and corporations alike.
They use instant messaging on their websites thanks to chayall

Our Team

Yan Tamalet
Florian Nicourt
Alexandra Tesson
Business Developer
Fanny El Khoury
Business Developer
Arthur Caruana
Business Developer
Anne-Laure Ponroy
Account Executive
Anastasia Comparin 
Account Executive
Anne-Catherine Guillemot
Account Executive Assistant
Bertrand Medici
Melissa Carles
Media & Comm.
Emily Nguyen
Marketing Manager
Romain Rouleau 
Product owner
Yaël Legouge
Product owner
Yann Guibet
Back-End Dev
Nicolas Chotard
Back-End Dev
Raphaël Voyazopoulos
Back-End Dev
Goulwen Reboux
Front-End Dev
Jonathan Siffray
Front-End Dev
Paul Pulcini
Front-End Dev

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1, rue de Provence
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