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Add Instagram to your WordPress website

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Integrating an Instagram plugin or extension will boost your website's homepage while encouraging interaction. Learn how to add Instagram to your WordPress site (feed and messaging) with ChayAll.

With over 200 million business accounts, record engagement rates, and a buzz that has never really waned, Instagram is emerging as the social network with the most business potential.

Integrate Instagram on your website

Instagram shops

Instagram boasts more than 200 million-member business accounts, and nearly 71% of U.S. businesses have an Instagram account that they feed frequently. More than 200 million of the social network's users say they visit at least one business feed every day to check out new posts online, comment on a photo, but also to buy a product. Of all the social networks, Instagram is probably the one with the best engagement rate with brands.

Why Instagram is an essential social network in your marketing strategy:

First, because of the commercial potential of the social network, especially in B2C. If your business only has a showcase website, Instagram can play the role of an online store. The integration of Instagram on the feed of your website is a getaway to boost conversion.

Distribute your content effectively

On the other hand, companies that have a showcase website can integrate their Instagram feed to boost it. They will be able to display their latest posts on the homepage (image, photo, blog posts) or compile the best content to attract the attention of visitors. The Instagram feed will be combined with articles and other blog content to enhance a WordPress showcase website.

Improve the performance of your website or your company blog

Integrating an Instagram feed will also lengthen the time visitors spend on your website. If the feed or slider of images and photos is interesting, you can reduce the bounce rate and improve the SEO potential of the site. Integrating an Instagram feed on your website will finally boost the reach of your content on this social network, increase the number of followers and boost sales through social proof.

Effectively target 15-24 year olds

According to a Harris Interactive study, Instagram was one of the social networks that worked the most with the younger generations. In fact, between 2019 and 2020, the share of users between the ages of 15 and 24 increased from 26% to 34%. If your offer or product has as a core target this population, do not hesitate to share photos of your backstage, your products on your feed. Offering them to communicate via Instagram DM from your WordPress site will boost your sales and engagement.

Cultivate a trendy and modern brand image

Today's communication is multi-channel. To perfect your customer experience, offer multiple contact channels. Instagram is a social network that many brands have completely integrated into their strategy because it shows the image of an innovative company. Did you know that one in five consumers consult a company's Instagram profile before making a purchase? (Ipsos Connect study, 2017). So you might as well have the photo gallery on your feed appear directly on your WordPress site, right?

How to add your Instagram feed on your website?

instagram for wordpress

Now let's get to the practical side! Integrating individual Instagram posts on your WordPress website is pretty easy. All you need is a plugin to install on your site. Getting your feed and posts to appear on your main page is simple.

All you have to do is copy a piece of code (shortcode) and paste it into the source code of the page in question. If you have developers or knowledge of editing this site, this option is perfect for you. On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of companies want a tool that delivers a stream of posts and photos from your feed that updates automatically. In this case, the best option is to integrate a WordPress plugin or extension.

Criteria to consider when choosing your Instagram feed WordPress plugin

  • Premium plugins or extensions offer several options for Instagram feed integration. You can integrate all posts (photos, images, videos, blog post links), hashtags feed, mentions feed.
  • The best plugins or extensions allow you to customize the display of the WordPress widget on your web pages. You can choose the layout of photos and images to match your WordPress website design.
  • The plugins or premium extensions synchronize automatically. So there's no need to manually connect them to your Instagram feed with each new post.
  • The best WordPress plugins or extensions allow you to choose which photo and image feeds to display on each of your web pages.
  • A premium plugin or extension has a user rights management system to make Instagram feed integration and management easier.
  • The best plugins or extensions will display mobile-optimized feeds, even in their free version.
  • Opt for a widget editor that offers responsive customer support. Indeed, being accompanied during the installation of a plugin is not an option to neglect. A good integration will allow you to obtain better results.
  • Finally, plugins or premium extensions offer other practical features such as the integration of a button, the customization of the redirection link, the customization of the display.

Why add Instagram DM on WordPress?

Instagram DM integration on WordPress: what's in it for me?

instagram wordpress

There are two benefits of adding Instagram DMs to your WordPress website: the benefits associated with all messaging plugins and extensions, and then the features specific to Instagram Direct.

Benefits of messaging plugins and extensions

  • More responsive support that encourages customers and prospects to interact with the company.
  • Messaging plugins and extensions encourage purchases. In fact, 9 out of 10 consumers say they prefer to interact with companies via messaging. Also, 72% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a company that can be reached via online messaging.
  • With the right messaging plugin or extension, you can equip your WordPress website with a chatbot. It will then be able to take care of the redundant part of the support thanks to its automation features. You will even be able to offer yourself a 24/7 autonomous customer support.

Instagram and customer engagement

Did you know that 60% of businesses that use Instagram DMs, to communicate with their customers assure that it allows them to be more responsive? (Ipsos Connect study). 59% even believe that it is an effective way to establish a conversation with a prospect. Beyond the photos, images, and videos that scroll on the feeds, Instagram is therefore a full-fledged online conversion tool. The proof is in the pudding: 55% of brands that use it think it's the best way to find new customers.

The specific benefits of the Instagram for WordPress Direct plugin or extension

  • More than 375 million people use Direct from Instagram each month.
  • Direct from Instagram offers great features that enrich customer interactions (emojis, gifs, photos, images, stories, etc.)
  • By offering the Direct from Instagram option on your website, you show that you are listening to your customers.

How to add Instagram DMs on your WordPress site?

instagram wordpress

Again, you have two options. Go through the source code to develop a solution, or trust a WordPress plugin or extension. How about a turnkey solution with immediate integration and no headaches? ChayAll, a messaging partner for businesses, offers you its all-in-one extension. You will be able to add Instagram DM to your WordPress site, but also take advantage of the audiences of other messaging apps like:

  • WhatsApp (API version with advanced automation options)
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Apple Business Chat (professional version of iMessage)
  • Google's Business Messages
  • Telegram's Messaging
  • A Live Chat tool
instagram WordPress

Finally, ChayAll offers you recurring premium content on professional messaging topics (blog articles, support, and tutorials, Instagram feeds, guides on social networks, etc.). Interested? Click on the button below to start integrating ChayAll's free solution and add Instagram on WordPress!

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