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Benefits of WhatsApp Business API

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With nearly 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, WhatsApp is today the best instant messaging solution. In this article, we will introduce you to the benefits of WhatsApp Business API, the business version of the famous WhatsApp messaging.

The traditional WhatsApp app was intended to be aimed exclusively at individuals since its release in February 2009. However, over time, it has been acclaimed by professionals to improve their customer relationship management. It is for this reason that this communication giant launched in August 2018 the new WhatsApp Business API.

The advantages of WhatsApp Business API are numerous, but mainly you can connect easily with customers on their favorite messaging app. The WhatsApp Business API helps brands improve user experience and offers them a communication platform full of benefits. In this article, we will explain how to establish a personal bond with your customers and sell your services to them.

A platform that your customers are already familiar with

The WhatsApp Business API app facilitates the exchange of professional messages between customers and companies.

One of the advantages of WhatsApp Business API is its popularity. For instance, this instant messaging solution has experienced strong growth of 32% in the past year. Based on estimates from Sensor Tower, WhatsApp Business was downloaded 18 million times on Google Play & App Store in September 2021.

Thanks to this impressive user base, WhatsApp is positioned far ahead of its competitors, such as Telegram, Discord, and Slack.

The majority of your customers (if not all) already use the app to start conversations with their loved ones. From there to using it to communicate with you, there is only one step!

Additionally, we offer you the option to integrate the WhatsApp widget on your website. With our multifunctional widget, your customers will contact you easily.

Want to know more? Our agents offer you personalized support from the design to the completion of your project. Do not hesitate to use our service to strengthen your marketing strategy and boost your customer relationship.

Very practical features to boost your customer relationship

In addition, among the benefits of the WhatsApp Business API, there are many useful features to chat with your customers.

Professional profile: one of the advantages of WhatsApp Business

whatsapp for business
Improve your marketing strategy by providing information on your Business Profile!

Above all, by establishing a professional profile, you have the opportunity to provide a certain amount of information about your business. Whether it is your opening hours, a link to your website, the address of your physical store or, your virtual number, the user will be able to find this information directly on WhatsApp. They would have the possibility of entering more easily in contact with your company.

Be responsive by automating your messages

The automatic messages on WhatsApp play a fundamental role in the reliability of your relationship with your customers. When you are busy, you can set up away messages that will be sent automatically to your contacts.

You can also set up automatic responses to your customers' most common questions. This feature helps you stay organized, reach more customers, and build strong relationships with your site users.

Improve your marketing campaigns thanks to the different statistics

This communication channel gives you access to several statistics. In other words, these allow you to see which messages have been sent, delivered, received, and read. With a better understanding of what your business customers are doing, you can fine-tune your responses, your service, and your marketing campaigns to become more targeted.

Label your conversations

WhatsApp Business API provides businesses with the ability to organize their messages in a logical way. Above all, by using tools like labels, they can easily differentiate conversations with a repeat customer and completed orders from those with a potential customer.

Boost your sales with the benefits of WhatsApp Business API

whatsapp business

The advantages of WhatsApp Business API are not limited only to the good management of your customer relationship. With the help of WhatsApp, you can also use it in your marketing campaigns and increase your sales and turnover at the same time. Thanks to this revolutionary system, you will benefit from a very intuitive and personalized interface with your company data.

Additionally, your presence in the list of contacts of your customers represents a considerable added value for your company. Therefore, the users of your website can contact you at any time to have more information about your products or to request your assistance.

By responding to their expectations, questions and concerns fluidly, you gain their trust. With this, you can increase the chances that they will come back to you for their future purchases. According to a study by Bain & Company, a 5% growth in customer loyalty improves profits by 25 to 95%.

In short, one of the benefits of WhatsApp Business API is to help retain customers and increase your sales volume.

Combine the advantages of WhatsApp Business with ChayAll

Do you want to enter the market with the WhatsApp Business API? The only way to do this is to pair with one of the WhatsApp authorized partners. For instance, to supervise the use of its app, WhatsApp has entrusted its integration to a limited number of service providers. Including ChayAll.

Enjoy the benefits of WhatsApp Business with ChayAll

chayall whatsapp business

Better than SMS , ChayAll offers you a powerful solution to boost your customer relationship

So as not to lose sight of the essentials for your business, here are the goals we aim to achieve with WhatsApp Business API:

  • Optimize your customer service in all aspects.
  • Develop your customer base.

We aim to improve your responsiveness, give your customers the opportunity to contact you through their favorite instant messaging app, and limit your customer service expenses.

Above all, ChayAll supports the entire technical implementation of WhatsApp Business API. From exchanges with Facebook (owner of WhatsApp ) to the implementation of our instant messaging solution.

And because respecting confidentiality is very important when integrating a new channel, we take care to protect your data. This is thanks to a configuration compliant with the GDPR. Our system anonymizes your data after one month and will delete it after three months.

WhatsApp Business with a virtual number: Advantages

There are many advantages of associating a virtual number with WhatsApp Business API. In the age of Android and iOS, several constraints can be lifted with a virtual phone number. You can receive calls without having a physical line. Your virtual number can therefore direct calls to the terminals of your choice.

Landline or mobile phone, tablet, computer, or VOIP software, several choices are available to you. This solution is particularly adopted by companies operating internationally and by call centers.

In addition to ensuring the integration of the WhatsApp Business API app, ChayAll also provides you with a virtual number to make your job easier.

Why choose our all-in-one chat solution?

whatsapp business

WhatsApp Business API is certainly a great way to communicate with your customers. However, it is far from being the only one. In other words, to offer you a turnkey service, we offer you our all-in-one chat solution. It integrates the most used instant messengers on your website. On the menu:

  • WhatsApp Business API ,
  • Facebook Messenger,
  • Apple Business Chat,
  • Google's Business Messages,
  • A Live Chat tool,
  • A tool for managing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter comments.

With ChayAll, you can take charge of managing every message, comment and conversation with your customers from a single platform.

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