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Boost your business with these Facebook Messenger features:

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As the internet market grows, social media channels are becoming more and more important for small businesses to promote their services. Now is not only crucial to have a social media account on Facebook and Instagram to show your audience your products, but messages are becoming more dominant in the e-commerce market. Over 1.3 billion users around the world (and 181 million in the United States alone) use Messenger to stay connected with friends and family — and businesses

Facebook Messenger is becoming a powerhouse when it comes to customer connection.  Being one of the leading messaging platforms in the US with more than 2 million monthly downloads

Facebook Messenger is one of the most important messaging apps brands use to connect with customers worldwide.

64% of people across the world say they’d rather message a business than call or email. Now that messaging is the preferred way to talk to a business when it comes to customer service, you should take full advantage of it and all of its features. 

Choosing the right messaging app for your business can be tricky. You should take into account where your customers are spending their time. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms where an average user spends 38 minutes each day. Facebook Messenger is a great option to start communicating with your customers, being Facebook the most used social media platform with 3.96 billion active users. 

Facebook Messenger features

There are lots of features you can take advantage of when it comes to Facebook Messenger

1. Add a Send Message button to your Page:

It helps to get private messages from your customers and followers. It is like an email inbox for your page. The button can create trust between you and your customers, so they can contact you and ask you different questions about your services. 

2. Write a greeting:

A Facebook Messenger greeting is a customizable message someone receives when they open a message thread. It appears before they send their first message.

3. Set up Instant Reply:

You can use Instant Reply to create an automatic first response for new messages. This message can be used to share the timeframe someone can expect a response in. Or, you can simply thank someone for getting in touch.

4. Create responses for frequently asked questions:

These responses can be created to help you answer common questions easily!

5. Schedule automatic Away Messages:

If your business is closed or the social media manager will be away, you can create Away Messages. Think of these as out-of-office emails, but for Facebook Messenger. Use these messages to let customers know when you’ll return or reopen.

6. Facebook Pay: 

Add a payment method to your Business Manager to manage all of your billing details in one place. You can also connect it to an ad account and use it as the primary payment method for your ads. And now you with the new QR Code feature, you can send and receive money, even without being Facebook friends. No need to download a separate payment application or add new contacts, 

7. Embed messenger directly on your website (with ChayAll):

The Facebook Chat Plugin is a free chat extension that you can install on your website. When people visit your website and click on the Messenger icon, it will send them directly into a Messenger conversation to chat with your business.

And if you want a more personalized widget for your website with more than one instant messaging app you can install it with ChayAll!

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