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Bridging the gap between WhatsApp Business API and social media

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WhatsApp as a social media

There has been debate on whether WhatsApp is a social media platform or not. Even though WhatsApp is technically an app that allows users to communicate and create groups while sharing content, like Skype, some people say it is still a messaging service with features of social media. It has a wide range of social features—messaging, profile creation, photo/video sharing, status updates, stories, and more. WhatsApp was built for conversations, so it checks one of the primary qualities of social media, which is social networking. With its extensive social features, WhatsApp is definitely a social media platform.

Extending your reach with WhatsApp

What’s great about ChayAll is your WhatsApp Business doesn’t need to be confined on your site. Sure, it’s amazing that your site traffic is being handled by ChayAll’s widget. Your existing customers are happy that they can easily find the support that they need while you are happy that it’s easier to manage leads through automation and funneling. But for a scaling business, it is a mistake not to recognize social media. It is an ocean that’s full of potential. 58.4% of the world’s population uses social media so you can just imagine how many people you can support or convert to a lead.

Creating a URL for your WhatsApp Business

Because you can’t use WhatsApp to initiate conversations with consumers, you’ll want to make it easy for them to send that initial message. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that your WhatsApp link is visible on all profiles and pages associated with your brand. That way, customers, prospects, and anyone else can easily get in touch. With ChayAll, it’s so easy to create a link once you have already set up your WhatsApp business.

Here’s how:

  1. On the ChayAll account, go to “Messaging Channels” on the left banner and click on “Integrating on your digital supports.”
  2. Select URL from the integration method drop down.
  3. Select WhatsApp from the drop down as the messaging app to obtain the link from. You can then copy the URL generated for your WhatsApp.
    Use WhatsApp to engage customers

Once you have the URL, you can add it to your Instagram and Twitter bios, LinkedIn page, or any other channel where your brand has a presence. Another way to drive traffic to your WhatsApp is to promote your WhatsApp website link in social media posts across all active platforms. You can even embed your WhatsApp chat link into Facebook posts, Instagram Stories, YouTube CTAs, you name it.

Here are some examples:

How to create a Facebook / Instagram post through the Meta Business Suite that links to WhatsApp
Creating a Facebook / Instagram post through the Meta Business Suite that links to WhatsApp
Putting the WhatsApp link on your company’s Twitter bio

QR Code is the trend

In the introduction of better and faster technology, people are now using their devices more than ever. It’s all about accessing everything in a snap and getting the information across from one person to another or from a business to a consumer. One of the trending channels in the marketing and communication industry is the QR code. Since most smartphones have built-in QR readers already, this technology is more accessible than ever. Previously when people came across an interesting business, they had to add its WhatsApp number to their contacts, one number at a time. Now, people can simply scan the QR code a business displays on its storefront, product packaging or receipt to initiate a chat. With ChayAll, the WhatsApp URL you generated is easily convertible to QR code. You go to https://fr.qr-code-generator.com/ and paste the WhatsApp URL. It will generate a QR code which you can download and print. You can even customize the QR code based on your preference.

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