How to add a chatbot to your WordPress site?

With the right WordPress chatbot, your business will be able to improve the quality of its customer service while achieving substantial savings. More than a simple conversational bot, this tool boosts the customer experience to boost the conversion rate.

What are the main advantages of a WordPress chatbot? How to integrate a conversational bot into your WordPress site without resorting to code? What are the characteristics of the best chatbots on the market? The point with ChayAll!

How to put a chatbot on WordPress? 

What is a chatbot?

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As the name suggests, the chatbot is a Livechat robot. In other words, it is a computer program capable of conducting an intelligible and coherent conversation with a customer. It detects certain keywords in the customer's message and offers a response accordingly. The chatbot can also offer other marketing features to improve the online customer experience and support. 

For example, you can integrate multimedia files in the answers and integrate a Lead Scoring system to prioritize prospects according to their potential. Finally, and with a smart chatbot, you will be able to automate a good part of your customer service. The chatbot will learn from Live Chat exchanges between marketing and customers to offer more personalized responses. 

In short, the chatbot or conversational robot is a virtual assistant that accompanies service and customer support. You can install this tool on your WordPress website to better support visitors and relieve your marketing teams. Let's see in more detail the advantages of this web solution for companies, hotels, schools, and banks!

What are the advantages of the customer support chatbot or robot?

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Integrating a Livechat robot on your WordPress website means equipping your customer service to convert and build loyalty. It is ultimately to provide the means to boost the marketing performance of the company. Here is a summary of the benefits of creating a chatbot on a WordPress site:

Creation and integration of a conversational bot on a WordPress website

The automatic LiveChat tools are compatible with the majority of CMS. However, it is the WordPress LiveChat plugins that are the best known, due to the notoriety of this CMS. So how do you proceed with the creation and integration of a WordPress chatbot? It all depends on the chatbot you want to install. The majority of plugins offer WordPress chatbots that integrate with a LiveChat on your website. Here's how to install this type of WordPress chatbot:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Admin panel.
  2. Then click on the "Extensions" tab, which displays the list of plugins installed on your WordPress website.
  3. Click on the “Add” button to explore Livechat plugins on the Store.
  4. In the search bar, enter the name of the chatbot plugin of your choice.
  5. Finally click on "Install".

After installing your WordPress chatbot plugin, you will need to configure it (creation of scenarios, enter a welcome message, configure responses, etc.) then integrate it into the web page of your choice. You will then have to test the quality of the responses produced by the chatbot before responding to them. Some LiveChat plugins require you to enter a code to configure your chatbot.

A WordPress chatbot, is it free?

Advances in technology and the competitive intensity between specialized companies have drastically lowered the cost of chatbots. Some free LiveChat plugins offer an interesting performance, provided you set them correctly. These will however be a little light to handle a massive flow of visitors. They will not necessarily offer additional marketing features but will do the job when it comes to driving the redundant part of customer service and support. These LiveChat tools can even take over if customer service is not available. 

Some CRMs and ERPs offer more or less efficient chatbots in addition to various functionalities for customer service, Sales Enablement, Inbound Marketing, creation and distribution of content, etc.

What is the best conversational bot plugin for WordPress? 

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The best chatbot is the one that allows you to:

Your WordPress chatbot plugin should finally operate without slowing down the loading speed of your website. ChayAll has incorporated all these conditions into the design of its messaging solution. You will be able to create your WordPress chatbot without code and hassle. An advisor is also available to guide you, step by step, until the actual launch of your chatbot. ChayAll is also the most popular instant messengers directly on your website:

How to use a chatbot for business?

The use of chatbots has redistributed the cards of online customer relations. This ultra-practical tool has redefined the standards of responsiveness and proximity to users. So, how can you use a chatbot to optimize your customer relationship? Learn the answer here!

Of course, we are far from exploiting the full potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Just a few apps use these cutting-edge techniques. And the chatbot is one of them! Chatbots can boost customer experience by eliminating the wait and the frustration of long replying hours. The unthinkable is now a reality accessible to everyone. Micro-businesses and multinationals now can answer customer requests 24/7, all thanks to a chatbot that can hold conversations with customers! But sometimes, learning how to use a chatbot can be difficult and, users don't know where to start. Read this complete guide and learn how to use one for your business!

How to use a chatbot to optimize your customer relationship?

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What is a customer service chatbot?

It is a computer program powered by artificial intelligence, which mimics human advisers in online conversations. Concretely, the bots will use the existing data and resources (responses pre-recorded by the user, FAQs, various data) to respond to customer requests without the intervention of a human agent. Using machine learning, the most advanced chatbots integrate new data from every conversation to mimic the responses of a human sales agent.

How to improve your customer relationship with a chatbot?

But how do you use a chatbot to optimize your customer relationship and reduce costs? It would be wrong to think that chatbots could replace a human agent. Bots should be viewed as a supportive conversational marketing tool.
When integrating a chatbot on your website you will:

In short, we are talking about a virtual assistant and not a tool that takes charge of the entire customer relationship on the website. By its ability to support a simple conversation with the user, the bot increases interactions with customers while optimizing the time of your agents. By improving the responsiveness of your customer service and eliminating the constraint of working hours, you boost the customer experience and improve the conversion rate.

How does a chatbot work?

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The chatbot or conversational bot is software that performs automated tasks. In other words, a bot is a computer program designed to communicate by message with human users on a dedicated chat platform. The chatbot interacts in a format similar to instant messaging. By artificially reproducing the patterns of human conversations, machine learning allows the robot to learn on its own without having to program natural language processing. However, it is possible to be satisfied with the basic version of the chatbot.

The basic chatbot

It is by far the most widely used tool in the business world. It is a conversational chatbot that you program manually. Indeed, you will work by scenarios by analyzing the verbatim of conversations with your customers. Each time your chatbot detects a word in a customer request, it will send a response that you have entered before. It's that simple. Feeding the basic chatbot is a repetitive task. You will have to update the database and add a response each time you notice any inconsistency.

The smart or advanced chatbot

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence power this type of tool. If an initial configuration is still necessary, the chatbot will gradually learn over the conversations it leads. The chatbot will improve its language based on the responses of human agents! If the customer writes a concept that the chatbot doesn't understand, it will pass the lead to an agent. At the same time, it will learn from conversations that it could not resolve. Smart or advanced chatbots integrate with CRM tools to gain more information.

Why use a chatbot?

24/7 customer service, focus on high added value tasks, responsiveness and more!

Chatbots can revolutionize customer service whether you are a web or marketing agency, an e-commerce merchant, a school, or a real estate agency. If you haven't yet started conversational marketing, a customer service chatbot is a great entry point. Here is why in a few key figures:

The four advantages of the chatbot for customer service

Chatbot for business

Chatbots are arguably the best customer service optimization tool with an excellent ROI:

How to create a chatbot?

Here's how to create a conversational bot on WhatsApp with ChayAll:

In addition, you can integrate an artificial intelligence module into your chatbot so that it refines its conversations according to the data and information it collects.

Example of conversation with a chatbot

Chatbots have reached such a level of sophistication that it is more and more difficult to “become” that one conducts a conversation with a robot. Here is an example of a conversation with the Domino's Pizza chatbot:

If you to want to activate an amazing chatbot, you are on the right page. ChayAll optimizes customer service for its customers on a daily basis through its all-in-one messaging solution. In a few clicks, you will be able to integrate the main messaging services into your website:

You will be able to set up your chatbot without coding, thanks to the assistance of our advisors. We also offer you great marketing features to manage your company's reputation. Let's talk about your project!

How to choose the best chatbot for your business?

 Customers want to connect with their favorite brands quickly and easily, anytime, and chatbots appear to be the solution to all of these problems. Chatbots will make life much easier for customers and businesses!

Did you know that 56% of customer services said they were in greater demand during the Covid-19 health crisis? To make this massive demand, companies have used chatbots three times more than last year. We can see a clear improvement in the use of chatbots from companies. By using a chatbot, you will boost your business performance and meet customer needs. The chatbot is an increasingly present subject in our societies.

What is a chatbot in business?

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The definition of a chatbot or conversational agent

As you already know, the online chat industry is booming. Its rise is so meteoric that more and more companies and brands are using it in their activity. Indeed, 70% of consumers prefer to interact with brands via messaging rather than by telephone. Which shows the importance of online chat in our society. Imagine: you have the possibility of having a robot capable of responding to your customers instantly. In addition, this bot can also adapt its speech according to the customer's responses, transcribe emotions via the chat and express his personality. So, what could be better?

chatbot, also called a conversational agent, is an artificial intelligence software allowing an entity to communicate via a chat instantly and automatically with another entity. Whether it is between a company and its customer, between a brand and its supplier, the chatbot is there to respond instantly to requests via a chat on the web.

A chatbot is made up of two words: from to chat which means to converse, and from bot, half of the word robot. It is a conversational robot. Chatbots are computer programs that deliver a pre-recorded response at a given time, and they are configured to accomplish a specific task. Chatbots, therefore, allow interaction in natural language and real-time, answer questions, propose solutions and services adapted according to requests.

The goals of a bot

This conversational agent is not there to replace humans. Quite the contrary: it is there to help and accompany them on customer service tasks to relieve the advisers. It advises clients and helps businesses focus on more important tasks. Thus, the chatbot has as main objectives:

The chatbot aims to offer a digital experience to the customer. It improves the journey and the customer experience. A  100% digital chatbot at your service and available 24/7. Ideal, right? The chatbot can provide very personalized and tailor-made customer service.

Indeed, a chatbot will allow your company to boost its commercial performance, improve its customer experience and improve its business. By delivering quality responses to customers on short notice, chatbots are effective marketing tools to boost your brand's contacts and sales. If you want to know more information about the goals of a bot, here are some articles that may be of interest to you. For example, the real estate Messenger chatbot allows you to multiply your mandates and increase the number of transactions.

Chatbots for businesses: The essential marketing aspects

Define your goals to choose the best chatbot for your business

To choose the best possible chatbot, your company must first define its objectives from a marketing point of view and its needs in a clear manner. Your goals and needs may be of different kinds. They can diversify according to the size of your business, your activity, and your development prospects. For example, your business may want:

Define your target audience and audience

You must define your target and your audience in order to offer a powerful chatbot that meets the customer's expectations. How to use a chatbot to get a quick result? For this, you should know that 60% of Internet users make their purchases in the evening and on weekends, outside of their working hours. But do not panic! A chatbot is available 24/7.

Indeed, the bot must know and understand its users. By understanding who will be using the chatbot, you will be able to identify the best platform to interact with and the best way to create the conversational flow. Depending on the user's profile (age, gender, function, geographic location, etc.) the bot will not address its interlocutor in the same way. If the bot does not know its user, it will fail, regardless of the level of sophistication of the software used. To be successful, a chatbot project must therefore first and foremost focus on the profile, needs, and expectations of users. The bot must understand customer needs in order to meet them and develop effective customer service.

Find the essential technical aspects in your choice of chatbot

Choose user interface

On the technical side of the chatbot, it is important that you know a few basics in order to choose the best chatbots possible. First of all, your business must clearly identify and anticipate the user interface that is going to be used. Thus, the chatbot will be able to adapt and bring the best possible to the customer.

Indeed, the user interface is the channel through which the requestor can interact with the chatbot. This interface can be:

All these user interfaces are therefore widely used. The role of chatbots will be to anticipate the interface used by the user in order to adapt his speech if the customer uses a social network, a phone, or an avatar. Thus, many choices are available to customers and users. The bot must be able to interact via any platform.

Identify the budget allocated to the chatbot

Budget level, remember to think about it and establish it precisely before you start. You will thus avoid nice surprises! It was ironic eh, did you understand that? In short, there are several elements to take into account in your chatbot budget. Indeed, to get the best possible chatbots, take into account the fact that the prices of chatbot solutions vary greatly from one publisher to another. Here is a list of several chatbots with their prices to give you an idea:

Customer service automation

The chatbot is mainly used to meet the questions of users and help them find specific information. If the customer is faced with a more complex problem that cannot be solved by the chatbot, then the chatbot will direct them to the appropriate service. The chatbot can also serve to welcome customers and, through a series of questions, they direct them either to the information available online (FAQs), immediately to the appropriate service that will process their request.

In this way, chatbots take over secondary tasks and allow your employees to have more time available to devote themselves to more creative or more value-added tasks. Thus, the automation of your customer service is fast and immediate. So remember to include this strategy in your marketing objectives.

Identify the essential human aspects to remember

Establish a personality for your corporate chatbot

When you are told the word "robot", what do you think of? What is going through your mind? Technology, artificial intelligence, innovation, natural language, humanity ... chatbot? And yes, the chatbot and the human are linked. It is the human who must transmit his faculties and his knowledge to the bot.

Indeed, as a company, you must establish a personality for your chatbot. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, sculpins are now able to have extremely realistic conversations. You must ask yourself several questions in order to create the personality of your chatbot:

The personality of a chatbot refers to the human characteristics that it is able to transmit. This involves the language used and the tone of his voice (playful or serious), the choice of words, and the use of modern language elements (emojis, GIFs, etc.). The personality of your chatbot must therefore reflect that of your buyers. You won't be speaking to executives of large companies the same way as you do to young adults looking for entertainment. The more human your chatbot's personality, the more satisfied the customer will be.

Think about the types of scenarios you want

Beforehand, you need to think about the type of scenario you want to highlight. A scenario for after-sales service, for commercial qualification, for a contact form, ... Thus, as many possibilities as possible choices exist.

In addition, it is also important that you anticipate several types of possible responses. Even if you will adapt your speech according to the users' responses, some of your chatbot's responses are going to be the same from one user to another. Don't ask too many questions because you will lose your user! Bet everything on the personality of your chatbot and don't forget the human side. So you need to include the ability to pass the baton to a human if the request becomes too complex for the bot. And yes, even if bots are very intelligent and powerful tools, sometimes it happens that they do not always have the answer!

In short: a corporate chatbot or conversational agent has the possibility of simulating a natural conversation with a customer and of offering better personalization of the customer relationship. With this tool, you offer immediate answers and 24-hour service to every user of your site. ChayAll, therefore, takes charge of the entire technical implementation of your bot. Discover our website or contact us for more information on our corporate chatbot!

How to Install a Chatbot on your Business Website?

Setting up a chatbot in your website is very easy! Let us guide you through it!

The first thing that you're going to need to do is you need to log into your account. When you are in there, go to the left side menu and click on messaging channels. The first requirement for building a chatbot is that you need to have a messaging channel already set up. If you have any questions about this you can go to our support page to learn how to set up messaging channels for your website!

Know the tool

Now for you to build a chatbot, you need to click on the bot builder icon next below the messaging app you want to use.

build a chatbot

When you click on the icon you can see everything you need. Now, if you want to navigate through your work, you can hold the left click of your mouse. And you can also zoom in and zoom out using the mask crawl of your mouse. You also have at your disposal the undo button. If you wanna, you know, to undo the changes or any action that you did.

And of course, the zoom in and zoom out buttons. You also have the Save button if you want to save your work. If you want to go back, you have the Back button here. Now, this is the most important part of the chatbot. These are the actions and they are the building blocks of your chatbot.

build a chatbot

Building the chatbot:

The first thing you are going to see is the default actions on your chatbot. Now, this is always going to be the first thing that you're going to see on your chatbot to start your bot action. And what this is, is it will show up or it will show the welcome or the absence message of your account. (The part where it says: start your bot)

After setting up the automatic or welcome message, which is basically if a client or a customer chats you within the business hours if it's outside the business hour is going to show the absence message.) So let's go back to the chatbot.

to start building the conversation you are gonna add attacks to your chatbot. Whatever you want your chatbot to say or mentioned. Let's say you wanted to ask, you know, how, how can I help you? and easiest step.

build a chatbot

To add text or any other things to your chatbot go into action. It's very easy.

Now image, well, basically, you're just gonna put an image in there. chatbot. image is you can upload an image here? And URL is the same thing, where you're going to be putting a URL into your chatbot, you can put in a title? And the URL itself and even an image?

We have many options for you! You can create a direct link to a sales agent, or personalize even more the chatbot and create trees! To check how to do all of these things you can check this video, where Aaron, our customer success manager will explain it to you!

Now, you already created a chatbot for WhatsApp, but you want to do it for the other messaging channels. The good thing about this is you don't have to recreate your bot builder into all the messaging channels because you can just as easily, you know, copy and paste them, to other channels!

So you know, it's quite easy, right? But there are a lot of tricks that you can do with a bot builder! Using a chatbot for business can come in handy for your business. So don't waste any more time or resources and build your chatbot with ChayAll!

Chatbot Facebook Messenger: the easiest way to install it

In this article, we offer two methods to install a Facebook Messenger chatbot: either directly with the Facebook developer platform, or with the ChayAll method. This chatbot will allow your business to improve its sales and customer relations by instantly responding to user requests. Guarantee a 24/7 response to your customers, from anywhere.

For several years, we have observed the rise in the power of chat online. Indeed, 70% of consumers prefer to interact with brands via messaging rather than by telephone. This shows the importance of online chat in our society. This chatbot can help your business boost its commercial performance and improve customer relations. Thanks to the Facebook Messenger chatbot, you will have access to numerous features! Including customer satisfaction.

Install your own conversational agent with Facebook:

Webmarketing is a tool, a blog and a platform with multiple choices
Interact with your customers by offering them an instant service.

Create a chatbot with Facebook:

Step 1: Choose your type of chatbot

First, go on the platform for Facebook developers. To start, click on the “Get started for free” button. Then enter your Facebook credentials. Then enter the name you want to assign to the bot. Be sure to choose your name correctly as this is the name that will appear to users.

Step 2: Configure the Home screen

Congratulations! Your chatbot is created. But the work is not done. Now is time for you to configure it to your needs.

Start by configuring a welcome screen. Click on the blue “Welcome message” box. Then edit the message that will appear to welcome the user.

You will have the opportunity to improve this message and make it more attractive to the person you are talking to. In particular by adding an image gallery or a video. The objective is to offer a clear, precise, and fluid message to the user. This message should allow the user to subsequently go to your web page to obtain more information, for example.

Step 3: Test your bot

This is the longest step because you have to define the main functions you will need to make your chatbot talk and test and make it operational. For example, you should:

To test your robot, click on the blue “Send to Messenger” button. The bot will then start a conversation with you! And there you go!

The different offers of the Facebook chatbot

The two main Facebook Messenger chatbots offer to exist within Facebook are:

Why install a Messenger chatbot with the Facebook platform?

Callbot, SEO and service conversations and apps are good.

The objectives of installing a Facebook chatbot

Regarding the objectives of installing a chatbot for Facebook, there are many. These marketing and technical objectives will help you boost your sales performance, improve your business and shine in the market.

Facebook chatbot features

The Facebook bot has a lot of features. They all aim to meet the needs of the customer and provide tailor-made support. Discover them all here:

All these features, therefore, allow the bot to facilitate communication with each client who wishes to obtain help with a request. The bot will allow you to assist consumers who request it.

Install your chatbot with ChayAll:

Create a Facebook Messenger chatbot with ChayAll:

Step 1: Create your Messenger account

First, you need to link your Messenger account:

  1. Go to the Messaging tab;
  2. Click on the Configure button, below the Messenger button;
  3. Below is the configuration window. Click on the Connect to Facebook button .

A new tab will then open, follow the instructions to connect your Facebook page. Once the process is complete, select the page you want to connect in the field and click on Validate.

Step 2: Configure your chatbot

Once your Messenger account is created, you will have access to the ChayAll interface. From there, you just have to configure your bot. Create your tree structure, program your automatic messages and test your bot: on your marks, get set, go!

Get to know our offers:

The ChayAll chatbot solution has different prices depending on your goals and needs. Four offers are therefore proposed:

All ChayAll offers are non-binding.

Why should you install a ChayAll Facebook Messenger chatbot?

chatbot on Facebook Messenger

The benefits of installing the ChayAll chatbot

Through the benefits of installing the Facebook Messenger chatbot from ChayAll, you can easily understand the importance that chatbots represent in our society. They, therefore, live among us daily. Here are the marketing and technical benefits of ChayAll's easy-to-install chatbot:

ChayAll chatbot features

The chatbot can hold a natural conversation without the need to resort to a human. Conversations between the bot and the client will be as natural and fluid as possible. Indeed, the bot can transmit emotions, to adapt its message according to the answers and questions of the user.

The ChayAll chatbot is distinguished by many  features, which are:

All these features, therefore, allow the ChayAll bot to facilitate communication with each user of your website. Indeed, these conversational agents provide users with messages adapted to their needs via a chat. By choosing the best business chatbot, you are therefore guaranteeing your customers to improve their journey.

Remember that the bot will bring you benefits in terms of profitability, speed and efficiency. If you want to know more, you can contact one of our advisers or visit our website! Also, discover all our articles related to chatbots for more information. 

How to multiply your mandates with a real estate Messenger chatbot?

Over the years, new technological advances have made the work of real estate professionals more fluid. And thus promote the customer experience at the same time. Many new practices are available to the various players in this sector. In order to help you in this direction, ChayAll offers you to multiply your mandates thanks to a real estate chatbot messenger.

To improve your customer service and increase your notoriety, it is necessary to restructure your marketing strategy by adapting to new trends. Social networks, instant messaging application, virtual tours, mortgage simulation, online offer ... Your real estate agency now has several tools to promote its activity. In this article, ChayAll shows you how to make the most of this new revolution. And this, thanks to a real estate chatbot messenger.

What is a Chatbot?


Advances in computing and artificial intelligence have given rise to advanced programs capable of holding a conversation as naturally as a human being!

Far from being reserved for research laboratories, these "chatbots" or "virtual assistants" are now investing en masse in the field of customer service, and are a valuable source of savings and efficiency for your company.

Today, the number of users of messaging applications like WhatsApp, Slack, Skype is growing. Facebook Messenger alone has nearly 2 billion monthly users! In other words, your customers and future customers also use instant messaging. No

With the advancement of artificial intelligence and the rapid growth of messaging applications, sculpins are opening up new perspectives and opportunities for businesses. Although bot technology has been around for decades, Machine Learning has improved considerably thanks to the increased interest of the big players in Silicon Valley (Google, Facebook, etc.) and these technologies are now accessible on the Internet. technological and budgetary plans… even for an SME.

The chatbot can be useful in many areas: service and 24/7 customer faster, suggestion or selection of services, commitment customers through targeted marketing campaigns, etc.

How does a real estate Messenger chatbot work?

Instant messaging has started a great revolution in the world of customer service. A true generator of satisfaction, messaging is a lever to activate to improve customer relations and boost sales performance. 65% of users say they are more willing to contact companies that can be reached via messaging. Beyond the advantages specific to instant messaging, Facebook's bot is distinguished by strong advantages:

Also, note that Facebook's conversational bot is a wealth of information. Its bots will allow you to get to know your customers better in order to serve them better. Finally, the bot of Facebook Messenger is never stressed, even though he would crumble under the stress!

Choose your Facebook Messenger partner

The choice of platform development partner plays a vital role in building a good experience on your bot to messaging.

Whether you want to raise awareness or generate more leads, ChayAll helps you set up the right marketing strategy on messaging channels. We provide you with an intelligent chatbot and give you access to a web interface on which you can easily manage your advertising campaigns.

With our all-in-one chat tool, you can connect users, content, and conversations at the right time. This allows you to quickly interact with your favorite messaging application for your website users.

Take advantage of technological advancement with a real estate Messenger chatbot

Messenger chatbot for business

Virtual tours: an essential asset of instant messaging

Thanks to technological advances, the real estate world is experiencing a great upheaval today. In order to better target potential buyers or tenants, many real estate professionals take advantage of the effectiveness of virtual tours.

This new practice allows real estate professionals to limit the costs due to travel by their real estate agents. Virtual tours also allow them to benefit from real-time savings. Indeed, this solution offers the possibility of going directly to the stage of meeting with the negotiators.

In addition, the owners are also delighted to be able to see the efforts put in place by the real estate agent in order to value their home. Hence the interest of being present at the level of social networks and instant messaging applications. A simple badge integrated into your website allows you to get in touch with your potential buyers. You can also share information, photos, and videos of the property in question with them. Thus, the real estate chatbot messenger stands out as the ideal way to boost your marketing strategy.

Enjoy more secure archiving

Messenger chatbot for business

At a time when the debate on the preservation of the planet is in full swing. It is important to do everything possible to protect the environment in which we live. No need to wait long minutes in front of your printer to retrieve critical documents. An instant messaging application allows you to benefit from secure archiving and not lose any documents. Everything is saved in the cloud!

In addition, this operation allows you to have easier access to your documents. Just sort them, and when the time comes you can send them to your customers without wasting your time. This time saving will allow you to carry out several prospecting campaigns and thus gain many new customers.

The advantages of geolocation of your property

One of the main concerns of a potential buyer or tenant is to have an idea of ​​the surroundings of his future residence. In addition to the importance of this information in the valuation of a property, it gives you arguments to value a house or an apartment according to its geographical location.

With messaging software like WhatsApp Business. It is now possible to send the exact location of the accommodation offered for sale. Your customers can thus explore the surroundings of their future acquisition. And this, thanks to a geolocation application such as Google Maps. 

The importance of the reputation of a real estate agency

Nowadays, the real estate client is “active” throughout his entire journey. Your relationship doesn't end with buying or selling a home. He will not hesitate to evaluate you, to give you a rating on an online platform. And therefore guide the decision of your potential prospects. The challenge of controlling your e-reputation is therefore enormous… especially in France! Indeed, 88% of customers in France consult the opinions of other users before making a purchase. In addition to specialized online platforms, Google has greatly participated in this craze. Also, the search engine indeed displays customer reviews in the margin of its results page. Thus, a simple, well-positioned negative review could be enough to distract users from your company's website. Managing your reputation online is capital:

How to install a real estate Messenger chatbot on your website?

Messenger chatbot for business

Embedding a chatbot on a website is generally complex and tedious. All the more so when one does not have any technical skills. In order to help you in this direction, ChayAll offers you a variety of solutions in terms of chatbots. These do not require any knowledge in the field of IT. This allows the whole company to benefit from our application. 

Thanks to this revolutionary tool, you will be able to capture the attention of your potential customers, direct conversations to the right departments, and adapt your bot according to user responses.

Be present on all instant messaging channels

ChayAll's services are not limited to creating a chatbot for your website. We also offer you the opportunity to benefit from all communication and instant messaging channels. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business API, Google's Business Messages, Telegram, Apple Business Chat, or even Instagram… There are many choices that we make available to you. And this is for the sole purpose of meeting all the needs of your business. With only one scenario: create personalized chatbots for your prospect, customer, and users. Now you don't have to juggle between different tools, just let our all-in-one chat platform manage your conversations.

More than a simple tool for integrating chatbots on your website

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In addition to a fluid conversational experience through interactions with our chatbots. ChayAll allows you to provide impeccable customer service. And this by making your employees more productive. Thanks to a platform centralizing all your communication channels, your customers benefit from an exceptional multi-channel experience. Automatically respond to your customers and prospects from one software, across different channels. Benefit from functionalities adapted for your customer service. Improve internal collaboration and simplify your processes to reduce the cost of your customer service!

Save Time and Money: Set Up a Chatbot Messenger!

Integrating Facebook Messenger into your customer service is good. Entrusting the repetitive part of the customer relationship to a free Messenger chatbot is better! But how do you create a virtual conversational agent (bot) when you have no coding skills?

At ChayAll, we work daily to imagine solutions to optimize customer service. And the free chatbot Messenger is one of them. This bot will allow you to save resources (time and budget), offer you 24/7 customer service by message, and boost your commercial performance. Here is how to get ahead of your competition!

The major advantages of a free chatbot Messenger:

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What is a chatbot Messenger?

Etymologically, the word "chatbot" is composed of two terms. "Chat" (messaging in real-time) and "bot" (computer program performing automated tasks). However, the term "chatbot" is sometimes translated by the expression "virtual conversational agent". It is a robot capable of conducting an instantaneous discussion. Therefore, there is no need for your intervention. In their basic form, bots allow your prospects to:

Contrary to what one might think, the concept of this bot is not new. It was born in the 1960s. In particular with the MIT program Elize, which imitates a psychotherapist for diagnostic purposes. But the Facebook Messenger chatbot is probably the first professional messaging system to democratize the practice. In sum, this bot represents:

What you can do with a free Chatbot Messenger

Instant messaging has initiated a "quiet" revolution in the world of customer service. As a real satisfaction generator, messaging is a lever to improve customer relations and boost sales performance. 65% of consumers say they are more willing to buy from companies that can be reached via messaging. Beyond the advantages of instant messaging, Facebook's bot stands out for its strong assets:

Also, note that Facebook's conversational bot is a wealth of information. Its bots will allow you to know better your customers to better serve them. Finally, the Facebook Messenger bot is never stressed, even if it is overwhelmed by requests!

Convinced? Here is how to create your Facebook Messenger Chatbot without any headache. And above all, without any technical knowledge!

Which partner should you choose to set up your conversational agent?

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Choosing a platform development partner plays an essential role in building a good experience on your messaging robot.

Whether you want to raise awareness or generate more leads, ChayAll helps you implement the right marketing strategy on messaging channels. We provide you with an intelligent chatbot and a web interface where you can easily manage your campaigns.

With our all-in-one chatbot tool, you can connect users, content, and conversation at the right time. This way you can enjoy a quick interaction on the preferred messaging applications of your website's users.

Enhance the customer experience with a Messenger bot

Are you looking for a solution to improve your marketing strategy and enhance the customer experience? Launched in 2016, bots are a great way to facilitate communication with every user on your website. Indeed, these conversational bots provide your customers with answers tailored to their needs.

Whether it's information about your service, the prices offered by your company, or the opening hours, these bots are revolutionary. They provide an answer to each of your customers' questions.

It is also a very good way to collect information by soliciting the help of each user of your site. This robot can indeed invite your customers to leave a review or to participate in a survey. It allows you to have a better understanding of your customers' needs and to improve your services at the same time.

Just like a personalized email sequence, chatbots allow you to optimize your sales process and automate your follow-up.

Regularly test your conversational agent

Bots have quickly become an issue for brands. In the creation of a simplified cross-channel customer experience, messaging and bots are becoming a must.

In the end, the success of a chatbot is that you can no longer distinguish it from a human, as its answers are so relevant and its tone is so close to a human. It is therefore essential to test your bot regularly. Make sure the conversations are consistent and fluid. You can simply open your website using the "private browsing" function of your browser. Click on the Facebook Messenger button that appears. Ask your chatbot. Evaluate its relevance and make any necessary corrections. Get ready to enter the age of the virtual conversational agent with ChayAll!

Improve your marketing strategy by sending direct messages

This bot also allows you to acquire new customers by sending a private message to your subscribers. It is the same concept as email marketing with higher open rates.

However, you must ask for permission and commit to not sending promotional content to benefit from this feature. Therefore, users must give their consent beforehand.

This strategy allows you to increase your potential customers' loyalty, increase your audience and boost your marketing campaigns. Offer an optimal service to your customers by allowing them to contact you at any time.

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Create a free French chatbot Messenger with ChayAll

ChayAll offers you an all-in-one tool that takes care of all your conversational needs. In addition to the most used instant messengers, ChayAll allows you to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot without having to code thanks to a WordPress plugin and a Prestashop plugin. You will be able to send an automated message with ease:

In a few words, the use of a chatbot can be beneficial for your company. With this tool, you can offer immediate responses and 24-hour service to every user on your site. ChayAll takes care of the entire technical implementation of your bot.

Why should you use a Chatbot for your business?

Building a chatbot into your website will be beneficial for you and your customers!  Given that 75% of the internet users use these messaging platforms, businesses have moved in fast to benefit from the popularity of chatbots. Your business can take advantage of a chatbot by integrating it with your business website.

People are becoming even more interconnected with social media and technology. So chatbots are becoming users and companies’ best allies for instant messaging. And if you think you have never talked to a robot, you cannot be more wrong! 67% of global consumers had an interaction with a chatbot over the last 12 months. 

Chatbots are conversational robots programmed and designed to answer users’ questions instantly. For instance, the robot to who you ask questions about a product in the tiny popup window at the bottom-right corner of your screen is a chatbot. And Chatbots have many more use cases and are very versatile. You can use them for human resources, school administrations, and many other contexts! 

Chatbot for your business

Why are Chatbots important? 

Chatbots are often described as one of the most advanced and promising expressions of interaction between humans and machines. And are getting more and more advanced every year. According to the latest data from Comm100, chatbots were able to handle 68.9% of conversations from start to finish on average in 2019. This represents an increase of 260% compared to 2017 when only 20% of chats could be handled from start to finish without an agent’s help.

Chatbots generate 35-40% response rates.  And that’s just at the low end of the spectrum. Better bot experiences with more engaged audiences can generate response rates as high as 80-90%. Today people expect to get fast responses if they don’t get it they might lose interest! 

Customers expect a response from a business on social media within 15 minutes or less. On live chat, they expect to get an answer in 1 min! The first reply time is becoming more and more crucial for customer success rates. 

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Benefits of using a Chatbot for your business: 

By using algorithms, some basic chatbots, called rules-based chatbots, can handle simple tasks, like suggesting products or making appointments. However, some very high-performance chatbots, called Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots, use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to perfect their understanding of users’ inputs. These chatbots are able to deal with far more complex tasks. So whichever you choose for you will bring you lots of benefits! 

Chatbots are available 24/7: 

They can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, if ever a Chabot struggles to understand some users’ inputs and gets stuck trying to answer their queries or solving problems, it can escalate tough requests to your human support team. A study from Superoffice showed that 88% of customers expect a response from businesses within 60 minutes. 30% expect an answer within 15 minutes or less. Today, the ability to answer faster to customers is the most important attribute for an excellent customer experience.

Chatbots generate more conversations

Did you know that millennials prefer speaking with a chatbot rather than with a human employee? They want fast and precise answers. With a chatbot, they will have the freedom to ask whatever they want whenever they want, generating more conversations with your business. 

Chatbots can handle multiple customers at the same time

Normally, a person can only manage between 3 to 4 customers at a time. However, Chatbots can handle as many requests as is needed at the same time. By automating answers to most queries, chatbots significantly free up employees’ time, allowing them to focus on higher value-added tasks.

Chatbots can collect and analyze data

With a chatbot integrated into your website, you can generate a global report which tells you what are the most frequent requests from your customers, which times are the ones busier and how is your chatbot is being used by customers. This will help you analyze your digital strategy and modify your chatbot accordingly and improve every time you want your customer relationship!

Chatbots can automate many processes

Chatbots are way more than simple conversational agents. They can be connected to various APIs which will for example enable them to deal with a wider range of customers’ requests. They can also automate repetitive and tedious tasks like emailing prospects and customers, answering FAQs, and many more. When embedded on an e-commerce website, chatbots can also directly handle payments. Besides being handy for online shopping, chatbots can also reveal themselves pretty useful for HR teams, helping employees handle repetitive tasks, like granting annual leaves or sick leaves, among other things.

Simplify your customer relationship management and easily modernize it with ChayAll and our bot builder! Aside from having all your messages and comments from your instant messaging apps in one place, you will have access to the bot builder for any of your platforms. Upgrade your messaging habits to 100% and get more conversations by getting a chatbot for your business!