Bridging the gap between WhatsApp Business API and social media

WhatsApp as a social media

There has been debate on whether WhatsApp is a social media platform or not. Even though WhatsApp is technically an app that allows users to communicate and create groups while sharing content, like Skype, some people say it is still a messaging service with features of social media. It has a wide range of social features—messaging, profile creation, photo/video sharing, status updates, stories, and more. WhatsApp was built for conversations, so it checks one of the primary qualities of social media, which is social networking. With its extensive social features, WhatsApp is definitely a social media platform.

Extending your reach with WhatsApp

What’s great about ChayAll is your WhatsApp Business doesn’t need to be confined on your site. Sure, it’s amazing that your site traffic is being handled by ChayAll’s widget. Your existing customers are happy that they can easily find the support that they need while you are happy that it’s easier to manage leads through automation and funneling. But for a scaling business, it is a mistake not to recognize social media. It is an ocean that’s full of potential. 58.4% of the world’s population uses social media so you can just imagine how many people you can support or convert to a lead.

Creating a URL for your WhatsApp Business

Because you can’t use WhatsApp to initiate conversations with consumers, you’ll want to make it easy for them to send that initial message. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that your WhatsApp link is visible on all profiles and pages associated with your brand. That way, customers, prospects, and anyone else can easily get in touch. With ChayAll, it’s so easy to create a link once you have already set up your WhatsApp business.

Here’s how:

  1. On the ChayAll account, go to “Messaging Channels” on the left banner and click on “Integrating on your digital supports.”
  2. Select URL from the integration method drop down.
  3. Select WhatsApp from the drop down as the messaging app to obtain the link from. You can then copy the URL generated for your WhatsApp.
    Use WhatsApp to engage customers

Once you have the URL, you can add it to your Instagram and Twitter bios, LinkedIn page, or any other channel where your brand has a presence. Another way to drive traffic to your WhatsApp is to promote your WhatsApp website link in social media posts across all active platforms. You can even embed your WhatsApp chat link into Facebook posts, Instagram Stories, YouTube CTAs, you name it.

Here are some examples:

How to create a Facebook / Instagram post through the Meta Business Suite that links to WhatsApp
Creating a Facebook / Instagram post through the Meta Business Suite that links to WhatsApp
Putting the WhatsApp link on your company’s Twitter bio

QR Code is the trend

In the introduction of better and faster technology, people are now using their devices more than ever. It’s all about accessing everything in a snap and getting the information across from one person to another or from a business to a consumer. One of the trending channels in the marketing and communication industry is the QR code. Since most smartphones have built-in QR readers already, this technology is more accessible than ever. Previously when people came across an interesting business, they had to add its WhatsApp number to their contacts, one number at a time. Now, people can simply scan the QR code a business displays on its storefront, product packaging or receipt to initiate a chat. With ChayAll, the WhatsApp URL you generated is easily convertible to QR code. You go to and paste the WhatsApp URL. It will generate a QR code which you can download and print. You can even customize the QR code based on your preference.

WordPress Facebook plugin: 7 criteria to choose the right tool

Conversational marketing has emerged as the big winner of the Covid-19 pandemic. So you'll need to connect your Facebook page and interactions with your own website. If you're a WordPress user, you can use this article as a practical guide on how to choose the right tool to set up a Facebook WordPress plugin efficiently.

Facebook Messenger is the second most used messaging app in the world. 90 million small businesses actively use Facebook one way or another. What about you? It's easy to install and to use, has great marketing features, RGPD compliance, and more! Here, you will learn the 7 essential criteria to take into account when choosing a Facebook WordPress plugin for your website.

WordPress Facebook plugin: How can I use it on my website?

What is the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook plugin?

Facebook Messenger
The Facebook Messenger widget is an ideal tool to complete the visibility on your Facebook page.

Having a Facebook plugin on your site and a Facebook page is complementary. Facebook pages have several objectives:

A Facebook Messenger widget on your WordPress site allows your visitors to directly start a conversation with your brand on Messenger, thanks to a button that will be available on your website. Displaying this button is very simple. Like all WordPress extensions, you just need to download the widget and integrate it into your site.

Do you really need a WordPress Facebook plugin?

If your answer to the following two questions is no, your business is going to benefit from integrating a WordPress Facebook plugin into its website:

If your answer was yes, your business can benefit from a Facebook Messenger plugin! And, more importantly, you will benefit from Conversational Marketing via the biggest messaging apps.

What are the advantages of integrating a Facebook Messenger chat?

Wordpress plugin

Need more details about the features of the Facebook Messenger extension on WordPress? Click on the button below to speak with an expert!

How to choose among the different Messenger extensions on WordPress?

A WordPress Facebook plugin that doesn't weigh down your website

Facebook Messenger plugin
Make sure that your chat plugin does not slow down the loading speed of your website

Premium WordPress extensions, plugins, and widgets do not slow down the loading of websites. Your homepage should load smoothly. This is essential, as nearly a third (32.3%) of visitors leave a web page that takes more than 6 seconds to load. For instance, the usefulness of chat and conversational marketing is to attract traffic and "feed" it, not to drive it away. Your website must be able to display quickly, even for visitors with an average connection.

An easy to set up WordPress Facebook plugin

Choose a widget, an extension, or a WordPress Facebook plugin whose integration does not require any manipulation of your website's code. After that, premium plugins are both easy to set up.

An easy to set up extension:

The premium Messenger chat plugins offer an interface that centralizes all settings, options, and features:

A free version to test the features and options of the WordPress extension

Opt for a WordPress chat plugin or extension that provides you with an overview of its features, options, and settings in its free version. You can then decide whether or not to upgrade to the premium version.

A reliable and secure WordPress chat extension

Wordpress Facebook Messenger
Any failure to comply with the GDPR would result in severe penalties

You need to make sure your WordPress Facebook plugin is RGPD compliant. Your visitors' data needs to be protected. Make sure that the WordPress extension is secure, both to protect your website and to promote a good position on Google.

Your WordPress chat extension should also be reliable. The best plugins notify you of every message and will display the chat window whenever anything occurs. Choose a WordPress chat extension that doesn't have connection issues with Facebook servers, so you don't have to sync it every time.

A serious editor/provider that can be reached by chat

The last straw for a social network messaging plugin editor would be to be unreachable by chat. Troubleshooting, options, settings, features, upgrades, theme changes, etc, can be obstacles you can have along the way. With an available editor, you'll be able to exploit the full potential of your Facebook WordPress plugin.

A feature-rich WordPress Facebook plugin

Facebook Messenger app
Choose a Messenger plugin with marketing features

Rather than a simple chat extension, your Facebook plugin should offer practical features, especially from a marketing perspective. It should offer things like:

ChayAll the solution for great customer relationship

ChayAll widget
ChayAll offers you an all-in-one messaging plugin

Aware of the potential of conversational marketing for businesses, we have developed ChayAll, a WordPress plugin that brings together the best chat tools:

In conclusion, you just have to check the messaging you are interested in and enter the URLs of your choice to integrate the chat into your web pages. Your users can manage all messages sent by visitors on a single interface. For instance, ChayAll also offers practical marketing features to track your reputation on the web:

How to add a chatbot to your WordPress site?

With the right WordPress chatbot, your business will be able to improve the quality of its customer service while achieving substantial savings. More than a simple conversational bot, this tool boosts the customer experience to boost the conversion rate.

What are the main advantages of a WordPress chatbot? How to integrate a conversational bot into your WordPress site without resorting to code? What are the characteristics of the best chatbots on the market? The point with ChayAll!

How to put a chatbot on WordPress? 

What is a chatbot?

chatbot business

As the name suggests, the chatbot is a Livechat robot. In other words, it is a computer program capable of conducting an intelligible and coherent conversation with a customer. It detects certain keywords in the customer's message and offers a response accordingly. The chatbot can also offer other marketing features to improve the online customer experience and support. 

For example, you can integrate multimedia files in the answers and integrate a Lead Scoring system to prioritize prospects according to their potential. Finally, and with a smart chatbot, you will be able to automate a good part of your customer service. The chatbot will learn from Live Chat exchanges between marketing and customers to offer more personalized responses. 

In short, the chatbot or conversational robot is a virtual assistant that accompanies service and customer support. You can install this tool on your WordPress website to better support visitors and relieve your marketing teams. Let's see in more detail the advantages of this web solution for companies, hotels, schools, and banks!

What are the advantages of the customer support chatbot or robot?

chatbot site

Integrating a Livechat robot on your WordPress website means equipping your customer service to convert and build loyalty. It is ultimately to provide the means to boost the marketing performance of the company. Here is a summary of the benefits of creating a chatbot on a WordPress site:

Creation and integration of a conversational bot on a WordPress website

The automatic LiveChat tools are compatible with the majority of CMS. However, it is the WordPress LiveChat plugins that are the best known, due to the notoriety of this CMS. So how do you proceed with the creation and integration of a WordPress chatbot? It all depends on the chatbot you want to install. The majority of plugins offer WordPress chatbots that integrate with a LiveChat on your website. Here's how to install this type of WordPress chatbot:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Admin panel.
  2. Then click on the "Extensions" tab, which displays the list of plugins installed on your WordPress website.
  3. Click on the “Add” button to explore Livechat plugins on the Store.
  4. In the search bar, enter the name of the chatbot plugin of your choice.
  5. Finally click on "Install".

After installing your WordPress chatbot plugin, you will need to configure it (creation of scenarios, enter a welcome message, configure responses, etc.) then integrate it into the web page of your choice. You will then have to test the quality of the responses produced by the chatbot before responding to them. Some LiveChat plugins require you to enter a code to configure your chatbot.

A WordPress chatbot, is it free?

Advances in technology and the competitive intensity between specialized companies have drastically lowered the cost of chatbots. Some free LiveChat plugins offer an interesting performance, provided you set them correctly. These will however be a little light to handle a massive flow of visitors. They will not necessarily offer additional marketing features but will do the job when it comes to driving the redundant part of customer service and support. These LiveChat tools can even take over if customer service is not available. 

Some CRMs and ERPs offer more or less efficient chatbots in addition to various functionalities for customer service, Sales Enablement, Inbound Marketing, creation and distribution of content, etc.

What is the best conversational bot plugin for WordPress? 

chatbot for business

The best chatbot is the one that allows you to:

Your WordPress chatbot plugin should finally operate without slowing down the loading speed of your website. ChayAll has incorporated all these conditions into the design of its messaging solution. You will be able to create your WordPress chatbot without code and hassle. An advisor is also available to guide you, step by step, until the actual launch of your chatbot. ChayAll is also the most popular instant messengers directly on your website:

Our Top 5 WordPress chat extensions!

The impact of live chat on your customer relationship is huge. Adding a WordPress chat extension can be a real boost to your business performance. That's why we're featuring our top 5 best WordPress chat plugins.

From a customer's viewpoint, it could be challenging to consent to fill out a contact form in the 5G era. Instant messaging and LiveChat have gone from a luxury to a prerequisite for customer service. Given the choice between an instant chat and a deferred message by email or form, the decision is quickly made for a web page or site. Interested in integrating a WordPress live chat into your site? Choose from the top five plugins listed below to find the WordPress chat extension that best meets your needs.

1. ChayAll

This is the French startup at the moment when it comes to B2C conversational solutions, so if the WordPress chat extension by ChayAll is in the lead, it's because it combines all the right points. We particularly like how it integrates the most used instant messengers with Live Chat on a single platform. Its sleek interface will quickly make it the pillar of your customer relations, regardless of your site's focus. RGPD and DSP 2 compliant, ChayAll's WordPress chat extension naturally takes the lead in our top 5.

Wordpress chat extensions

What we like about ChayAll's WordPress chat extension

What we like less about ChayAll's WordPress chat extension

2. LiveChat

As its name suggests, the company Live Chat offers communication solutions for businesses. Best known for its eponymous WordPress chat extension, this Polish company founded in 2002 has managed to make a name for itself. The WordPress Live Chat is quite powerful and intuitive. Besides ChayAll, it's one of the only WordPress chat extensions that doesn't slow down page loading speeds for visitors.

What we like about Live Chat WordPress online chat

What we like less about the Live Chat WordPress extension

Wordpress chat extensions

3. Tidio Live Chat

Let's stay in Poland with this promising startup that offers customer service automation solutions through chat. Best known for its chatbots designed for SMEs, Tidio's WordPress chat extension is a kind of Swiss Army knife of conversational commerce. It includes a Live Chat, but also Facebook Messenger plus an emailing tool. Below is an overview of this WordPress chat plugin's strengths and shortcomings.

What we like about Tidio's WordPress Livechat

What we like less about Tidio's WordPress chat extension

4. Zendesk Chat

Veteran web marketers and customer service professionals know this WordPress chat extension by its former name, "Zopim". There was a time when Zendesk was a forerunner in this field. Since its creation in 2007, this American company has invested in the segment of CRMs, APIs, and technical support. Its WordPress chat extension isn't perfect, but it has some assets to bring to the conversation.

What we like about the Zendesk WordPress chat extension

What we like less in the Zendesk WordPress chat extension

So what's the difference between a widget and an extension?

Widgets allow you to improve the user's navigation. For example, thanks to an application you can display web page menus without having to enter the page's code. On the other hand, extensions allow you to add features to your website (like LiveChat). Whether free or paid, a single function tool, or with a wide range of possibilities, there are extensions for every need.

the many ways

5. Pure Chat

The American startup Pure Chat closes our top 5 best WordPress chat extensions. Designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses, this LiveChat stands out thanks to the many ways to trigger the instant chat window for visitors. Note that Pure Chat was bought by Ruby in October 2020.

What we like about Pure Chat's WordPress chat extension

What we like less about Pure Chat's WordPress chat plugin

How do I install a WordPress chat plugin on a website or webpage?

There's nothing easier than integrating a chat plugin on your website or webpage! This step-by-step tutorial shows you how:

Why install a WordPress chat extension on your website or webpage?

Personalization, improved user experience, stronger customer service, potential customer growth... Integrating a WordPress chat extension has lots of benefits for your business, not to mention the positive impact on your online reputation. So, how do you do it? Be sure to check out our article dedicated to the benefits of WordPress chat extensions!

Ranking the best WordPress instant messaging plugins in 2021

So, you've made the winning choice to install an instant messaging plugin on your site? Congratulations! You can now offer customers and prospects the ability to interact with you in real-time while cutting down on the costs of your customer relations. You’ll no doubt notice a before and after for instant messaging on your site! But for now, let's take a look at the three golden rules for choosing the best WordPress instant messaging plugin to boost your sales.

How to reinvent customer relationship management with a WordPress instant messaging plugin?

What's a WordPress instant messaging plugin?

It's simply an extension that adds extra features to your WordPress site. In this case, it's the instant messaging feature, allowing your customers and prospects to communicate directly with you through their favorite channel. No more time-consuming contact forms, spam emails, or frustrating phone calls!

ChayAll's instant messaging plugin will display instant messaging buttons on every page of your site. Visitors will just have to click on the button of their choice. They’ll then be able to start a conversation with you in a smooth, fast and secure way. It's smart, it's safe and it's surprisingly simple!

instant messaging plugins

Why install an instant messaging plugin on your site?

The instant messaging plugin changes your whole site, and for good reason! More than a simple communication tool, it adds spontaneity and user-friendliness to your site while humanizing the customer relationship. These days we know that nine out of ten consumers prefer to communicate with brands (source) via instant messaging rather than the phone. So you can see just how much an instant messaging plugin can boost your sales!

In a nutshell, the major benefits of a WordPress instant messaging plugin are:

1. ChayAll

ChayAll is a French startup that came up with the great idea of centralizing several instant messengers in a WordPress plugin: WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, Apple Business Chat, and Google's Business Messages. The ChayAll developed WordPress plugin is designed to provide a smooth and easy experience for both users and businesses.

What we like about the ChayAll plugin

What we like less about the ChayAll plugin

2. Tidio Live Chat

Heading to Szczecin, Poland, where the startup Tidio has its HQ. Specializing in customer service automation solutions, the company is best known for its chatbots. As the name suggests, the Tidio Live Chat plugin integrates a live chat onto your WordPress site, but also a chatbot, an emailing tool, and Facebook Messenger. Like ChayAll, the Tidio plugin is customizable to fit your company's graphic design. It also allows you to send an email to visitors who leave your website, as long as they have filled in their email address beforehand (beware of RGPD compliance).

What we like about the Tidio Live Chat plugin

What we like less about the Tidio Live Chat plugin

instant messaging plugins

3. Zendesk Chat

Founded in 2007, Zendesk Inc. is an American company specializing in customer service solutions. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the company is active in 150 countries. What sets the Zendesk WordPress plugin apart is its ability to set triggers to automate certain Live Chat actions. Users who linger on a page can receive automatic messages from the Zendesk plugin. You can also feed your customer database to have the right information at the right time.

What we like about the Zendesk Chat plugin

What we like less about the Zendesk Chat plugin

4. PureChat

PureChat was founded in 2012. This Arizona-based American company offers entrepreneurs and VSEs a chat plugin to communicate with their customers. Pure Chat was acquired in October 2020 by Ruby and now plays a role in the entire purchasing process. Its main advantage lies in its ability to define the action that triggers the live chat to appear (scroll, click on a link, etc.)

What we like abooui ut the PureChat plugin

What we like less about the PureChat plugin

5. Drift

Drift was launched in 2015 by a venture capital fund led by the founders of Latinx. The WordPress instant messaging plugin offered by Drift provides a live chat solution, with the ability to set up notifications via Slack. The widget allows you to add an "offline" or "away" status. The tool also notifies you when a visitor opens a page multiple times so you can offer personalized customer service.

What we like about the Drift plugin

What we like less about the Drift plugin

 personalized customer service

6. JivoChat

JivoChat was born in January 2012 and offers conversational solutions in 20 languages. The JivoChat WordPress instant messenger plugin offers live chat but also a button to call and send an email. The plugin aims to be omnichannel, supporting some instant messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. It's one of the only plugins that offer (in its paid version) customization of the widget display by geolocation.

What we like about the JivoChat plugin

What we like less about the JivoChat plugin

3 golden rules for choosing your WordPress instant messaging plugin

Choose an all-in-one instant messaging plugin

Avoid WordPress plugins that only support one instant messenger. Here's why: 

The instant messaging plugin developed by ChayAll supports the five major instant messengers: WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, Apple Business Chat, and Google's Business Messages. Convenient, intuitive and fast!

Prefer easy-to-use instant messaging plugins

We're striving to be intuitive for your prospects, customers, etc. but also for you! The whole point of a WordPress instant messaging plugin is to improve customer relations. So how can you offer your prospects and customers a quick response if you find your instant messaging plugin hard to use? 

You should then choose a WordPress plugin that centralizes all messages, regardless of their source, on a single administrative interface. ChayAll's instant messaging plugin allows you to view all the messages that come to you on a single, uncluttered interface. So there’s no risk of missing a request and you won't lose any business opportunities!

Choose an instant messaging plugin that's easy to install

As you can imagine, the whole point of instant messaging lies in its ease of use, speed and flow of communication. Don't venture into installing an "exotic" instant messaging plugin that involves risky maneuvers like :

The best instant messaging plugins are those you can install directly from WordPress' "Plugins" page. That's the case with the ChayAll instant messaging plugin, which clearly ticks all the right boxes. Here's a short video to guide you in the installation process: 

You should know that there's another way to integrate the WordPress instant messaging plugin! Try it out! 

Ready to reinvent your customer service related to boost sales? Let's get started!