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Chatbot Facebook Messenger: the easiest way to install it

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In this article, we offer two methods to install a Facebook Messenger chatbot: either directly with the Facebook developer platform, or with the ChayAll method. This chatbot will allow your business to improve its sales and customer relations by instantly responding to user requests. Guarantee a 24/7 response to your customers, from anywhere.

For several years, we have observed the rise in the power of chat online. Indeed, 70% of consumers prefer to interact with brands via messaging rather than by telephone. This shows the importance of online chat in our society. This chatbot can help your business boost its commercial performance and improve customer relations. Thanks to the Facebook Messenger chatbot, you will have access to numerous features! Including customer satisfaction.

Install your own conversational agent with Facebook:

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Interact with your customers by offering them an instant service.

Create a chatbot with Facebook:

Step 1: Choose your type of chatbot

First, go on the platform for Facebook developers. To start, click on the “Get started for free” button. Then enter your Facebook credentials. Then enter the name you want to assign to the bot. Be sure to choose your name correctly as this is the name that will appear to users.

Step 2: Configure the Home screen

Congratulations! Your chatbot is created. But the work is not done. Now is time for you to configure it to your needs.

Start by configuring a welcome screen. Click on the blue “Welcome message” box. Then edit the message that will appear to welcome the user.

You will have the opportunity to improve this message and make it more attractive to the person you are talking to. In particular by adding an image gallery or a video. The objective is to offer a clear, precise, and fluid message to the user. This message should allow the user to subsequently go to your web page to obtain more information, for example.

Step 3: Test your bot

This is the longest step because you have to define the main functions you will need to make your chatbot talk and test and make it operational. For example, you should:

  • Specify what the robot should say or display when the user writes certain words or certain sentences. Choose the terms that are most likely to be used by your target;
  • Remember to plan regular mailings and notifications: weather forecast, new publications ...;
  • Appoint administrators of the robot among the collaborators who manage your Facebook page .

To test your robot, click on the blue “Send to Messenger” button. The bot will then start a conversation with you! And there you go!

The different offers of the Facebook chatbot

The two main Facebook Messenger chatbots offer to exist within Facebook are:

  • The classic bot solution . It will cost you between $ 235 and $ 2300 per month depending on your case. The functionalities will therefore be basic and can be of use when you wish to reply to simple messages from your users.
  • The natural language bot solution . This solution will cost you between $ 2,300 and $ 12,000 per month depending on the technologies adopted, the technical infrastructure and the volume of messages. Indeed, the chatbot will be able to adapt its message according to the responses of the customers.

Why install a Messenger chatbot with the Facebook platform?

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The objectives of installing a Facebook chatbot

Regarding the objectives of installing a chatbot for Facebook, there are many. These marketing and technical objectives will help you boost your sales performance, improve your business and shine in the market.

  • Automate part of your customer relationship. The bot or conversational agent is therefore used to answer users' questions   on the web and help them find specific information.
  • Improve the user experience by helping them solve a problem, order a product, or direct them to the appropriate department.
  • Provide assistance to customers who request it via the company's bot.
  • Enrich the customer experience and improve your marketing strategy.
  • Reduce customer service expenses.
  • Increase traffic and lead generation.

Facebook chatbot features

The Facebook bot has a lot of features. They all aim to meet the needs of the customer and provide tailor-made support. Discover them all here:

  • Get 24/7 customer service.
  • Automatically send satisfaction surveys to your customers via chat. This  robot  can indeed invite your  customers  to leave a review or participate in a survey.
  • Respond to your customers via web chat instantly using media files like images, videos, URL links and more.
  • Respond to thousands of requests simultaneously.
  • Multilingual real-time management: the chatbot switches from one language to another without problem.
  • Sentiment management: you can display expressions to your avatar.
  • Learning: your bot does not know a sentence or a word so teach him by talking with him.

All these features, therefore, allow the bot to facilitate communication with each client who wishes to obtain help with a request. The bot will allow you to assist consumers who request it.

Install your chatbot with ChayAll:

Create a Facebook Messenger chatbot with ChayAll:

Step 1: Create your Messenger account

First, you need to link your Messenger account:

  1. Go to the Messaging tab;
  2. Click on the Configure button, below the Messenger button;
  3. Below is the configuration window. Click on the Connect to Facebook button .

A new tab will then open, follow the instructions to connect your Facebook page. Once the process is complete, select the page you want to connect in the field and click on Validate.

Step 2: Configure your chatbot

Once your Messenger account is created, you will have access to the ChayAll interface. From there, you just have to configure your bot. Create your tree structure, program your automatic messages and test your bot: on your marks, get set, go!

Get to know our offers:

The ChayAll chatbot solution has different prices depending on your goals and needs. Four offers are therefore proposed:

  • Free offer: free.
  • The Essential offer: 19 dolars/ month.
  • Pro offer: 49 dolars/month.
  • The Company offer: on estimate.

All ChayAll offers are non-binding.

Why should you install a ChayAll Facebook Messenger chatbot?

chatbot on Facebook Messenger

The benefits of installing the ChayAll chatbot

Through the benefits of installing the Facebook Messenger chatbot from ChayAll, you can easily understand the importance that chatbots represent in our society. They, therefore, live among us daily. Here are the marketing and technical benefits of ChayAll's easy-to-install chatbot:

  • Integrating a bot into your website will increase your sales.
  • Boost your sales and improve your customer relationship by interacting with your customers on Facebook Messenger instant messaging.
  • Exchange and centralize your exchanges with the bot on the ChayAll Chat Console. It allows you to manage all your conversations within a single platform.
  • Do not lose any sales: offer your customers to contact you on Messenger from your site, your Facebook page or even your Facebook ads.
  • Improve the customer experience: thanks to instantaneous exchanges and personalized discussions, improve the experience of your customers and retain them.
  • Target thousands of users by allowing Facebook's 35 million users to contact you with one click.

ChayAll chatbot features

The chatbot can hold a natural conversation without the need to resort to a human. Conversations between the bot and the client will be as natural and fluid as possible. Indeed, the bot can transmit emotions, to adapt its message according to the answers and questions of the user.

The ChayAll chatbot is distinguished by many  features, which are:

  • Enrich your messages by sending rich content that will highlight your products and services: photos, URL links, carousels, multiple choice questions and more!
  • Get 24/7 customer service.
  • Possibility of sending automatic responses: with ChayAll's Messenger bot , integrate automatic responses or even a real automated route to respond to recurring requests from your customers.
  • Automatically send satisfaction surveys to your contacts via chat.
  • Send promotional messages within the chat.
  • Pay directly for your purchases in your messages . All you need to do is send a payment request via Facebook Pay, Stripe or others!

All these features, therefore, allow the ChayAll bot to facilitate communication with each user of your website. Indeed, these conversational agents provide users with messages adapted to their needs via a chat. By choosing the best business chatbot, you are therefore guaranteeing your customers to improve their journey.

Remember that the bot will bring you benefits in terms of profitability, speed and efficiency. If you want to know more, you can contact one of our advisers or visit our website! Also, discover all our articles related to chatbots for more information. 

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