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ChayAll: The Best App To Combine All Your Instant Messaging Services.

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Putting your instant messaging services on the same platform is very useful for your customer relationship. Messaging applications are more and more popular among companies who want to develop a good relationship with their customers on social networks. ChayAll helps you to centralize and better manage all your customer conversations.

Instant messaging is the key to a great customer service.

WhatsApp has passed the 2 billion users mark, Facebook Messenger has reached 1.3 billion users, while Instagram is the 5th most downloaded application in the world. Instant messaging applications are thus positioned today as a key channel for customer relations. Giving customers the possibility to contact their brand through their favorite social network is now a distinctive feature. Companies can't make a choice: whether it is for simple customer relations or to deploy a delivery service, it is necessary to be present on all instant messaging services. Remember a customer should not have to make an effort to contact you. Sending messages is fine, but how can you manage your instant messages simply and without wasting time? Bring them together in one platform.

ChayAll, a platform merging all your messaging services in the same place.

Bundle your messaging systems in a chat console.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google's Business Messages, Live Chat, or Instagram… No matter from which instant messaging channel your customer will initiate the conversation, you will receive the message on the same platform.

ChayAll's chat console gathers all your messaging tools and instant messages.

Reply to all messages from the ChayAll application.

More than just putting together all your instant messages services, ChayAll allows you to reply to them from your work computer, smartphone, or tablet from the very same app! The social network where the message comes from is indicated at the beginning of your conversation as shown below. It makes it easier to find a conversation among all the chats!

With ChayAll, chatting with all your customers won't give you any more headaches!

What is your customer's perception of chat?

Your customers will send you instant messages, just as they do with their family and friends. If they communicate with your customer service via WhatsApp, they will see a classic conversation. Thus, your brand becomes a "virtual friend" of your customer thanks to the instant messaging application. He will even receive a notification when you reply to him.

The interface the user sees when sending an instant message to your company.

Our WordPress plugin for merging messaging

computer and cellphone with social media

The five advantages of merging instant messaging for a professional.

A single customer relationship platform to handle.

Each application has its own way of working. By merging your instant messaging channels, the ChayAll application spares you from the nuances of each of them. All social networks are centralized in one single tool, which makes them much easier to use. There is only one menu to understand and the functionalities are all in the same place, regardless of the messaging system you use.

Combine your messaging applications to avoid multiple open windows in the browser.

Being available on several instant messaging services daily generally means having as many browser windows open as active messaging services. How do avoid getting lost when you already have 3 or 4 active windows? This is a major source of wasted time and concentration.

With an omnichannel messaging platform that merges instant messaging, there is only one window to be kept open in the background. The result is greater fluidity and efficiency.

Access all instant messaging systems from any device.

Just about every instant messenger can be accessed from both smartphones, desktop, and tablet computers. However, habits die hard, and some messengers, such as WhatsApp, are more likely to be used from a smartphone, while Google's Business Messages are more comfortable when used on a computer. Bringing instant messaging together on a single platform makes it possible to access them in just a click from any device. The comfort of use is the same for all channels, which makes everything a lot more fluid.

Top 5 messengers to improve your customer relationships.

Optimize your customer relationship management time.

If there is one advantage to the omnichannel messaging platform that should not be overlooked, it is undoubtedly the time gain that it allows. Indeed, bringing instant messaging together makes it easier to juggle from one application to another without realizing it. All the messages received are visible in the blink of an eye. Replying to them becomes a child's game. Especially since the use of a messaging centralization platform allows you to set up automatic messages or identical pre-recorded responses for all channels. So whether the question "What are your opening hours? "comes to you via WhatsApp, Messenger, or Direct, you will only have one answer to set up, thanks to a simple chatbot to customize.

Never miss any message from your customers.

If there's one thing to keep in mind, it's that there's nothing worse than opening a communication channel and not responding to it. In other words, if you decide to make Messenger available to your customers, you can't afford to forget about it, otherwise, your brand image will collapse. By merging your instant messengers, you will never forget to check any of them. Good reactivity is the secret of successful customer service!

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