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Choosing the best live chat app for your business

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Assistance, customer support, prospecting, advertising, loyalty, recovery - these are the benefits you gain by choosing the right live chat app. You will be able to manage several time-consuming tasks while improving your customer service. But how to choose?

Do you know which live chat app to choose according to your industry? Do you have clear what are the different criteria? (functionalities, security, customer experience, number of users, etc) Is it beneficial? It's true that not every online chat app is equal. Must we necessarily force ourselves to choose? In this article we solve all of these questions for you!

Live chat, the most popular online chat app:

instant messaging

Live chat is the most popular business chat app. Internet users can converse directly from the website! This allows the customer to have an instant response to its request, and with this, improve customer support.
When contacted, a sales agent should be able to check new written requests from the app, boosting the communication with its costumers!

Benefits of Live Chat

  • Customers get an instant response.
  • Reduce the number of customer calls.
  • Does not require any software or particular app for the user.
  • A conversation via Live Chat can help converse a lead into a client.

Disadvantages of Live Chat

  • A company employee should always be on the lookout for new conversations.
  • The user must stay online on the website to get a response.
  • If they leave the website, contact is lost.
  • Asks for reactivity when any conversation starts.

WhatsApp live chat app: perfect for great customer experience

live chat app

With an audience of over two billion users around the world, WhatsApp is the ultimate messaging app. With this rates your website visitors are more likely to be on WhatsApp than any other app. WhatsApp, is more than a practical tool for sending messages online, it has many advantages for its users, whether they are private or business customers.

Why Choose WhatsApp Live Chat App?

  • WhatsApp, is first and foremost, a philosophy (no ads, no games, no gimmicks). The customer experience is amazing, and the conversations are fluid. This direct Chat or Direct Live Chat approach remains the competitive advantage that makes WhatsApp the undisputed market leader in Livechat applications and software.
  • Multimedia messages (text, audio, video, documents to download.)
  • WhatsApp offers intuitive features. One-click video call (assistance and support in the context of customer service for example), ability to speed up long audio messages, real-time position sharing, and more!
  • End-to-end encryption of the messages exchanged for a secure conversation.
  • WhatsApp is a great offer for businesses with great marketing features. This live chat app is also available in API version with the WhatsApp Business API solution. On the menu: chatbot, several agents or users on the same account, integration of an online WhatsApp button on several channels (web page, SMS , Instagram story), no limit of customers in the mailing list.
  • Finally, this online messaging tool is a catalyst for converting visitors to your website. In fact, 40% of customers have made their very first purchase on the web using WhatsApp or Messenger.

In short, it is difficult to imagine customer service without WhatsApp Live Chat.

Facebook Messenger, a messaging app for advertising targeting:

Messenger live chat app

Facebook Messenger can also boost your business. With an audience of more than 1.3 billion users, this Livechat tool is connected with the biggest social network in the world, Facebook. You can download it for free on Android and iOS. In addition, Messenger allows you to activate the advertising lever to reach more users, retarget your website visitors, relaunch conversations abandoned by your customers, etc.

Boost your business and sales with the Messenger online chat application

Here's how Messenger helps you boost your business volume:

  1. You can reach your visitors with an ad in Story format. On click, users will be redirected to your website or a chat window to exchange messages with an agent.
  2. Messenger also makes it possible to distribute a classic advertising insert, which is inserted in the list of customer conversations. This more direct format also allows you to delegate to Messenger the task of choosing the location most likely to convert.
  3. Finally, Messenger allows you to relaunch a conversation abandoned by a customer. You thus boost your chances of receiving responses and relaunching an abandoned basket.

Like WhatsApp, Messenger allows the implementation of a virtual conversational agent (chatbot), a real addition for your marketing team and customer service agents. The Facebook Messenger messaging app shines with its audience and allows your agents and marketing team to generate leads thanks to the advertising features.

Apple Business Chat, a solution to reach Apple Addicts customers!

This is a version of iMessage for business with an audience of 1.3 billion users all over the world. Apple Business Chat offers interesting marketing features, it is above all the typology of its users that interests us here. By definition, this messaging app allows your agents to exclusively target users of iOS devices. The customer relationship is therefore personalized. Your company will also be able to market its products on this live chat app using the Apple Pay tool. Note also that this messaging integrates perfectly with Shopify.

Let's go back for a moment to the targeting that Apple Business Chat allows. According to a study carried out by a British university collective, Apple customers display characteristics conducive to purchasing:

  • iOS users spend on average twice as much money as Android device users;
  • 71% of iOS users make at least one online purchase per month (compared to 4.6% for Android users);
  • The market for users of iOS devices is dominated by CSP +. Information that your marketing team should use wisely.

Thus, in addition to its audience and its features, Apple's live chat application gives you access to a promising target.

Google's Business Messages: Capture local leads

live chat app google business messages

The Google's Business Messages Livechat is primarily a nearby tool. Through the Google My Business file, this messaging system is the link between the company and its local customers. It is one of the essential tools for local shops and establishments in the tourism sector in the broad sense. That is way there are several features that justify the integration of Google's live chat app:

  • First, improving customer experience. Indeed, customers can send messages on the platform without having to download anything, on Android as on iOS.
  • Activating the Business Messages features on the company's Google My Business listing improves its SEO on the web.
  • Finally, Business Messages is an excellent catalyst for conversion and customer relations. It allows visitors to reserve a table at a restaurant, pre-order their dish, find a niche in a beauty salon and more! This chat tool is a continuation of the Google search engine with more features. interactive.

To summarize, Google's My Business is the messaging tool for proximity and local anchoring.

Telegram: the live chat app for security and unlimited file transfers

live chat app telegram

The mere mention of Telegram's messaging tool is reassuring. Indeed, the app is associated with increased security. While other messaging services have gradually upgraded, Telegram is the pioneer in end-to-end encryption of messages exchanged. The “Secrets Chats” function, double authentication and the need to enter a code after a certain period of inactivity abound in this direction. Telegram also offers the possibility of sending large files, up to 2 GB in size. You will be able to send videos in high definition (product demo, troubleshooting video), support documents or customer support or other useful content. Better: the files sent remain stored indefinitely in the Cloud, free of charge.

The Live Chat Telegram offers all the features found on the best messaging tools, with some innovations. Telegram's live chat application allows the creation of “Super Groups” that can accommodate up to 100,000 users. Telegram is also an audience of more than 500 million monthly active users all over the world (Android and iOS). More than 15 billion messages are exchanged there every day. Telegram is finally the most downloaded application in the world on Android in 2021 (excluding games).

Livechat apps: why choose only one?

live chat app

So it's mathematical. By equipping your customer service with the messaging apps that have the most users, you have multiple channels and reach a wider audience. You will multiply the reach of your communication, improve the customer experience and boost your conversion rate. The only thing is, there are a number of drawbacks to installing each messaging app separately: 

  • First, the loading speed of the company's website may take a hit. Result: you lose in SEO. So in visibility and therefore in turnover.
  • Then, the agent responsible for customer service on messaging (or Liveagent) will not be able to navigate. He will indeed have to juggle several interfaces, which will impact his reactivity. 

This is where the ChayAll software comes in. We have developed a solution that centralizes all messaging in a single platform. You receive user requests and responses on a single interface. By betting on our software, you integrate the best messaging services into your website without the drawbacks mentioned above. You can even create your virtual agent or chatbot without coding. Our Live Chat software also offers you interesting marketing features to control your e-reputation. As you can see, ChayAll is to corporate messaging what HubSpot is to Inbound Marketing: a benchmark. It's your turn! We are waiting for you!

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