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Convert search results into meaningful chats using Google's Business Messages

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Google is a giant with billions of daily searches worldwide. We all turn to Google when we want to know something, purchase something or get help doing something. Potential or existing customers can easily search for your business and have access to public information about your business. Google’s Business Messages is Google’s solution to the real-time chat customer service problem. It will enable consumers to message businesses directly from Google Search or Google Maps. This way, consumers can message a business without having to visit the business’ website. It also allows any business to help customers when they need it – anytime and anywhere. Business Messages puts a chat feature online for your business that’s directly accessible from Google Search, Google Maps, or even on your own channels, like your website and Google Business Profile.

How to use the chat feature?

Google makes its Business Messages chat feature available in two ways: Google Business Profile and Google’s Business Messages API used by their partnership with various third-party apps. The Google Business Profile Business Messages chat features are limited but provide just enough chat functionality for local businesses to meet potential customers’ demands. If you want to take your chat capabilities up a notch, paying for and using one of the third-party partner tools is the way to go! ChayAll is an omnichannel messaging platform that utilizes the vast resource and potential of Google’s Business Messages and improves it to make it more customer-centric. Here are the benefits:

  1. Be available for your customers when they need you:
    The motto of Google's Business Messages is to meet your customers in their moment of need. Whenever your customers are searching for products, looking for a local business, want to make a purchase, or need support, Google's Business Messages enables you to become seamlessly VISIBLE across multiple entry points. They no longer need to go to your website first. Instead, they can message you directly via the chat suggestion button on Google Search or Google Maps. This means one less step in connecting and thus one less hurdle to get in touch with you. If you combine this with ChayAll, you will have one more arrow in your quiver of communication strategy.
  1. Give more clout to your website with Google’s Business Messages:
    Customers are not limited to searching your business through Google. For example, if people know your site, they would have the option to communicate with your business using Google’s Business Messages. This is possible because ChayAll allows widget integration into a site and as an omnichannel platform, you can combine Google’s amazing messaging platform with other popular messaging platforms.
  1. Expand Google through social media:
    Aside from Google search and your site, people can communicate to your business from social media sites through Google Business Messages. ChayAll allows you to create a URL for Google’s Business Messages and you can post this on social media. All they have to do is click on the link and they will be connected to your business.
  2. Automate your business communication strategy
    This is where the chatbot comes in. It is a simple but very effective way to improve the process of customer engagement and operational efficiency by reducing the typical cost of customer service. Chatbots offer a 24/7 response system, thus also providing continued communication between your business and your customers.

How to get started with ChayAll?

Utilizing Google’s Business Messages through ChayAll is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Here’s how simple it is:

  1. Make sure you have a Google Business profile first. It is important that your business has a physical location where they can reach you.
  2. Once you have a ChayAll plan, you can initiate the setup of your Google’s Business Messages.
  1. Fill out the form with the requested information.
  1. You will then receive two emails in English:
    • 1st email: it will include an identification key;
    • 2nd email: you will then be asked to confirm your identity to Google support (bm-support@google.com)through replying to this second message with the date they sent you in the previous one. In this 2nd email, you must also give the following information:
      • Name of brand employee:
      • Title of employee:
      • Messaging partner name: ChayAll
      • Google-provided security key from separate email: Identification key received from Google in the 1st email

If all the information mentioned is correct, the account will be activated 48 hours after the email is sent.

Key Takeaway:

With Google’s Business Messages, you can turn search results into chat opportunities when you set up intuitive, reliable, and interactive chat on Google Search, Maps, or your own channels. Let your customers reach you at any time and from anywhere when they search for answers. Many brands have been benefiting from Google's Business Messages; from converting leads to offering customers a personalized experience, brands have been able to drive business impact.

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