Cuisin’Store is an e-shop specialized in kitchen ustensils. The integration of WhatsApp, Messenger and a live chat allows them to effectively advise their customers and answer customer service questions quickly. 

"Improve productivity by exchanging online"

Philippe Garreau
Founder of Cuisin'store
Exchanges are faster than by phone.
Being able to send rich content with images of our products helps us a lot to sell.
We receive all their messages whithin a single platform, so much easier to manage for us!

Interview of Philippe Garreau, founder of Cuisin'store

Philippe Garreau
Founder of Cuisin'store

Why did you choose to integrate WhatsApp, Messenger and a live chat into your website?

We were looking for an efficient and modern way to communicate, one that met the new expectations of our customers. Many of our customers use their cell phones to communicate through Messenger, Instagram, or via our website. Because WhatsApp and Messenger are widely used in France, we didn’t want to discourage our web visitors to reach us through these means of communication. Thanks to ChayAll -which brings together multiple messaging channels on a single platform- customer messages are a lot easier to manage and customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Did the integration of instant messaging on your website allows you to reach your set goals? 

Absolutely, we have greatly increased our productivity. Exchanges are a lot faster than over the phone, and we can manage several conversations at once. The fact that we receive all the messages on a single platform also allows us to save time in message management. Everything is centralized, it's really convenient! As to our customers, they are better accompanied during their purchases now that we can efficiently send them some photos, for example, or links to our product sheets. Exchanges on WhatsApp, Messenger or even Live Chat are great and create a real bond between us and our customers.

Exhanges are a lost faster than over the phone, and we can manage several conversations at once. 

Our customers appreciate when we send them additional images of ustensilsand share demo videos through these channels they already use everyday. 

Have you seen a change in visitor behavior since integrating these channels into your web site? 

Yes again. More visitors contact us through messaging systems rather than over the phone, especially for those recurring questions, such as our opening hours, for example. The buttons on the website are clearly visible, but they don’t overcrowd the page. They catch a corner of your eye and encourage you to contact us. It’s a good way to accompany our customers all the way to check out! We can advise them, direct them to other pages or products. Everything is much simpler and more efficient with WhatsApp, Messenger and Live Chat!

What are the features of these instant messaging that appealed to you the most? 

Being able to send content with images of our products helps us a lot with our sales. Our customers appreciate the fact that we can send them additional images of utensils and share demo videos through the channel they already use daily. The fact that exchanges are asynchronous also allows us to manage several conversations at the same time.

Why did you choose ChayAll to integrate instant messaging on your site? Are you satisfied with the solution? 

We found ChayAll on the Internet! It corresponded perfectly to what we were looking for, namely, an all-in-one solution allowing us to group all our customer messages on a single platform. The fact that we could integrate this feature easily and then monitor performance in real time was a real advantage of ChayAll over all the other solutions on the market! ChayAll’s integrated solution also came at a very attractive price. The quality/price ratio is excellent! We are delighted and so are our customers! We are now more productive in the management of customer relations, have improved the quality of exchanges and our customers’ experience is much improved thanks to the functionalities of these new channels!

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