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Develop the right instant messenging habits

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Managing automatic messaging well will strengthen your UX. Bringing several services together on a single platform is a gain in efficiency. ChayAll reveals it all!

Instant messaging has taken an important place in both private and professional communication. However, if we can be lenient with relatives, it is preferable to impose certain habits when it comes to communicating with customers. Here are some best practice tips for your business communications using Messenger, WhatsApp Business API and other instant messaging services.

Set the right tone

Writing has the advantage of allowing time for reflection before sending a message. However, it also has the disadvantage of leaving room for interpretation. Irony or innuendo can thus lead to confusion and generate conflict through misinterpretation. It is therefore essential to keep the tone of the instant messaging message as neutral as possible to avoid any misunderstanding. Be pleasant and factual when responding to your customers in an efficient and cordial manner.

Take it easy on emoticons

Many people use and abuse of smiley faces accompanying their texts. Often, when one is not sure of the interpretation that another will make of a sentence, an emoticon can help to better convey the message. But beware, if it can make you appear sympathetic and accessible but could lead you to losing all credibility if you overdo the number of smiley faces.

Avoid answers that are too long

Explaining an after-sales service procedure from start to finish or writing part of a technical manual through an instant messaging service is not necessarily the best idea. Long messages tend to discourage people from talking as the small bubbles of your favorite instant messaging services are not ideal in terms of readability.

Conversely, also avoid one-word answers, which can give your interviewer the impression that you are not paying due attention to what he or she is saying.

In short, try to respond with a short, constructed sentence.

Synthesize to limit messages

For your interlocutor, it is not pleasant to receive the answer in small pieces. Even if it takes a little longer, try to synthesize the answer into a single message, if possible not too long. Above all, avoid an avalanche of messages, which gives the impression that you are not in control of your subject and that you bring bits and pieces of the reply at the pace they spring to your mind.

Don't stay silent

What is even worse than not having an instant messaging service is having one, and not replying to messages received on it. Especially since, on most instant messengers, a "seen" appears as soon as you read the message. How can you then explain why you have not answered? There is no better way of destroying your company’s image.

Be quick

If a customer contacts you through an instant messaging service, it is usually because they want a quick response, otherwise they would have chosen to send an email. Whether it's WhatsApp, Messenger or any other messaging service, it is therefore recommended that you respond as soon as possible, at worst, within 24 hours.

Know how to put on hold

Whether you are too busy to answer immediately or already busy in conversation, or you have to look up some information, don't hesitate to put your caller on hold, just as you would on the phone.

It’s easy enough to send a message "Please wait a few moments while I look for the information you require", rather than leave your interlocutor hanging. This will prevent them from feeling that you have left the conversation, and help them be patient.

Use automatic messages

To avoid going unanswered, you can also activate automatic messages. You can send a simple "Hello. Thank you for your message. We will give you a reply as soon as possible". When receiving a message such as this, the customer no longer expects an immediate response, but knows that the message initially sent is being transmitted to the right person.

In some cases, depending on the question received, you can even set up an automatic response. This allows you to answer to the most common requests in a very short period of time, helping you to improve customer satisfaction.

Avoid ghosting

What is "ghosting"? It is simply the act of abandoning a conversation when you no longer have any interest in it. If you want to terminate a conversation, it is better to be clear with your contact and to say good-bye before you leave, rather than to leave the conversation without saying anything.

Bring your instant messaging together with ChayAll!

To simplify the management of your instant messaging services, why not gather them all under a single clear and intuitive interface? This is what ChayAll offers to help you optimize the time spent managing your various applications. You can visualize all your received messages in the blink of an eye and answer them directly while at the same time benefiting from all the assets of each messaging system.

Using one or more instant messaging services is good, but knowing how to use them correctly is essential to get the most out of them. By following our 10 tips for good chat communication, you'll gain the trust of your customers and improve your image. I want to test the ChayAll omnichannel platform!

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