Cergy Paris Université
During its virtual open house event, the Paris Cergy University used instant messaging on its website for the first time. A big success!
HIGHER education

"Thanks to IM spontaneity, we entertain privileged relationships with our students

Cécile Bigot 
Communication officer at the Guidance Department
and professional integration of CY Paris Cergy University
of students would like to communicate with their institution by instant messaging.
messages were sent during the event between the university and future students.
Conversations were generated between the university and future students during the open doors event.

A few questions to Cécile Bigot, Communication Manager with CY Paris Cergy University

Cécile Bigot
Communication Manager with CY Paris Cergy University

Why did you choose the ChayAll solution for the planning of your virtual open house event?

When time came to plan this event, I had many questions in mind, especially in terms of objectives. It is recognized that high school students, our would-be undergraduates, are not very talkative during the open houses. It is therefore very important to initiate a genuine relationship with them. I was firmly convinced that it was necessary to offer messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or even iMessage and to adapt to the habits of young people who communicate on these networks.

Was setting up messaging at the event site easy?

ChayAll was very easy to set up. We have activated several channels: Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage and Live Chat. Our site is not under WordPress, so we have pasted a JavaScript code which is very easy to insert. Developing this type of service internally is very expensive. The advantage of ChayAll is that it is an all-in-one solution that adapts to our needs. Free or paid version, it all depends on the features we want to install!

Students are notified when we respond, which makes it simple to handle conversations.

The asynchronous side of instant messaging is very interesting: even when we replied to the messages two days later, the conversation continued.

How did you manage to reply to every student message during your open house event?

CY Paris Cergy University offers a lot of training on many subjects: law, economics, languages, sports, social professions, engineering, science… Installing the messaging system only on the home page would have been quite complicated, especially to answer all the messages. We therefore decided to install the messaging services on the main page of each department in order to distribute the messages received by topic. A few teachers and students immediately responded to the questions asked. Thus, we did not lose any student: we informed them on the page where the training took place, we answered their questions ... Finally, we welcomed them as we would have done in physics within our establishment. I was delighted with the quality of the exchanges and the students felt more comfortable than face to face to communicate.

What would you recommend to other establishments who wish to install instant messaging on their site?

Set up Messenger and WhatsApp, at least, on your website. And plan a permanent reception on the Live chat. In fact, the asynchronous side of these channels is very interesting: even when we replied to the messages two days later, the conversation continued. Students are notified of our reply, which makes it simple to handle conversations. Thanks to immediacy, we maintain a privileged link with the students.

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