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Why should you digitalize your customer service?

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 In this fast-paced digital world where everything is just a click away, customers have expectations of the customer service being prompt. Ensuring a good digital customer service will lead to higher customer satisfaction and more revenue for your business. And that's when digitalizing your business comes into play.

Customer service and digitalization: the demands of hyper-connected customers

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Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology at all levels in a business. By digitalizing your customer service, you are updating to new and more efficient digital tools like:

  • Instant messaging, which responds to the quest for immediacy. 70% of customers now require a response to their request within 5 minutes. Instant messaging and chatbots can help businesses achieve this.
  • Social networks.
  • Email, especially through emailing campaigns.
  • Company-specific apps.

The digitalization of customer service can also refer to hybrid paths. For instance, they combine digital and traditional channels into one. But, of course, this represents some new challenges.

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The importance of data security in customer service

Customer service management represents a major challenge when going digital. Some brands lack rigor in the management of their customer records. According to a study conducted by the company DELL during 2018, 76% of companies notice a considerable loss of data due to computer attacks. At the same time, only 16% of them find that they are prepared to withstand such attacks. But don't worry, there are many tools you can use to ensure the privacy and security your customers deserve.

For example, ChayAll takes care of the entire technical implementation of your favorite instant messaging apps, protecting you and your customer's information. We also guarantee an RGPD compliant configuration.

A requirement of hyperconnected customers

Digital technology has changed consumer habits. Thus, these new habits have forced companies to upgrade their customer service management.

Customers are now hyper-connected all the time. They are especially aware of the power of information at their fingertips. The hyper-connected consumer consults other customers' opinions before making a choice. They are not willing to wait long hours to reach you on the phone. And even if they do, they will not fail to evaluate you negatively. The impact on your e-reputation will be more or less significant, depending on your company's audience.

The impact of digitalization on the customer service strategy

digitalize customer service

The digitalization of customer relations is now an absolute requirement, which the consumer is not ready to negotiate. The emergence of hyperconnected customers has given birth to the digital customer experience. This very experience is shaking up the entire value chain of the company. Most of the roles are changing within:

  • For marketing teams, they whave to produce relevant content, and with high added value to attract qualified prospects.
  • The creation of the Growth Hacker position, which collects data, processes it, interprets it and uses it.
  • The teams in charge of managing the digital customer service gain in proactivity. However, they no longer wait for the phone to ring to support their customers. Instead, they are working to capture the many signals that customers send to seek help:
    • Comments on social networks.
    • Reviews posted on specialized platforms, social pages and Google My Business for local businesses in particular.
    • Messages sent via apps.
    • Messages posted on discussion forums and communities.

The three pillars of your customer service digital transformation

Implementing messaging apps

The digitalization of customer service goes beyond the simple convenience provided to customers. It directly impacts the company's profitability by increasing revenues and reducing costs. For example, when you integrate instant messaging into customer service strategy you will increase engagement and reduce your response rates:

  • 65% of consumers say they are more willing to buy from a company that can be reached via messaging. This significantly improves the customer experience and the company's marketing strategy.
  • Landing pages that incorporate instant messaging convert better. Up to four times more than others.
  • Instant messaging allows consultants to handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously. They are more productive, streamline their efforts and improve their service management. Ultimately, customer satisfaction increases, as does customer retention. A 5% increase in the number of loyal customers can improve profits by 25-95%.
  • Instant messaging, through automation, gives you 24/7 customer service. You won't lose any more business opportunities thanks to digital automation!

Study your consumers' behavior

Ask yourself these questions to study better your consumer behavior. They will help you know your consumers better and build a great UX.

  • What is their preferred communication channel?
  • WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, the phone, email?
  • What are their connection times?
  • What are the most recurrent requests?
  • At what point does the contact occur in the digital customer journey? Upstream? During the reflection process? Or once the decision has been made?
digitalize customer service

Of course, one thing is sure: your marketing audience is already on instant messaging apps. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage have over a billion users. To help you reach them, ChayAll has developed a platform that centralizes the most used instant messaging apps. These tools will allow you to improve your digital strategy and gain customer satisfaction.

Ensure continuity between the different channels

The disorganization of information presents a serious challenge for businesses, one that can have a significant impact. For instance, with data located in multiple locations, the potential is high for inefficient processes, and this means lost time and money.

Furthermore, ensure continuity between the different marketing channels used with ChayAll's all-in-one tool! Offer personalized, customized, and efficient customer service with ChayAll's multichannel widget. You will see a change in your customer loyalty.

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