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How to digitalize your open day

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Feeling good in school is a prerequisite for student academic success. But how do you know when the student and his parents feel good if they have never set foot there? Digitalize your open day to attract potential students despite the distance!

Beyond the practical considerations (location, layout, transportation), the open day is an immersion in the identity, character, and atmosphere of the school. But, these subjective notions do not show up on flyers, brochures, and other documentation. They are lived to the fullest! The open day, which is held in the winter when students register, is also becoming increasingly digitalized. In addition to the reception organized on the school's premises, an arsenal of digital tools is generally used for a better reach of potential students.

Schools: why digitalize your open day?

digitalize your open day

Keep your school open day regardless of the conditions

Thanks to digital technology, nothing can stop you from holding your event. The open day is an essential step in the academic career of many students. The choice of a preparatory class, a university, or a private school is not made lightly. And the first impression is often decisive! In other words, by organizing your digital event, you will attract candidates who cannot travel. You will also stand out from other establishments that, faced with an unfavorable health situation, have chosen to cancel their open day. For an open day that touches international students

According to Statista.com, foreign students in the United States pay some of the highest fees in the United States, with an average of 24,914 U.S. dollars. The US is home to many world-renowned schools the Ivy League Colleges which provide education that is sought after by both foreign and local students. With more than 700 thousand foreign students, the US is one of the biggest receivers of foreign students. This international dimension gives colleges and universities a great head start. As the open days most often take place in winter, they de facto exclude foreign students and their parents. And this is where digitalization comes into play.

digitalize your open day

With the democratization of Internet access and the emergence of real-time communication solutions, open days can be free of geographical constraints. However, schools will be able to truly show their international openness. A video stream, instant messaging, a contact person in the language of the target countries, a virtual visit, and more!

Make your event accessible to all

Without going international, digitalization makes the open day more accessible. As a result, students and their parents are not necessarily able to travel hundreds of kilometers to attend an open day. Not all schools have a campus in every (major) city.

Entire families in front of their screens for your open day

On the other hand, digitalization allows the whole family to be involved in the difficult choice of orientation. It is more convenient to gather parents and siblings behind a screen! Note that a digital open day will obviously be more inclusive. It will allow less affluent families to take part in the event without having to bear the cost of transportation and accommodation. More anecdotally, a partially or totally digital open day will be more ecological!

Digital open day: a guarantee of modernity

digitalize education

The level of technology and the quality of the infrastructure are among the criteria used by students and their parents. Thus, by allowing digital access to its open day, the school gives a relevant pledge of modernity.

Digitalize your open day:

Choosing the right itinerary for the digital open day

However, before you think about the means, start by establishing the optimal open day circuit. This is what graduate schools typically offer:

  • A video message from the Dean or Principal.
  • A virtual tour of the school, initially on video, with the possibility of reliving the experience in "augmented reality" mode later.
  • A Q&A session via instant messaging with a member of the administration team and possibly a graduate.
  • A simulation of a few minutes of a class in real conditions

Framing the technical component of the open day

First, define your level of expertise and your budget. Streaming on social networks would satisfy you? Or do you want to go further with virtual or augmented reality software? The level of technology you choose will condition the feasibility of certain activities such as the virtual tour of the school.

Integrate instant messaging into your event

digitalize your open day

Whatever technical solution you choose, you can count on ChayAll for instant messaging! We offer an all-in-one solution that integrates the most popular instant messengers with your site. In other words, students and their parents will be able to contact you by clicking on the icon of the app of their choice.

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Live Chat
  • Google's Business Messages
  • Apple iMessages

Easy to install, reliable, and RGPD compliant, the ChayAll solution will ensure the interactivity of your digital open day. Students and parents will be able to contact you via their preferred means of communication. Thanks to this, they will be more receptive to your speech.

instant messaging

Promote your digital event

In conclusion, the visibility issue is huge, as parents and students multiply their research to find the best option. Events of this type require increased communication on social networks frequented by young people. Most importantly, focus on Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok. In addition, you can target parents on Facebook. An advertisement on Google Ads will also play in your favor. Good luck!

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