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Education: How to increase your college admissions

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The democratization of new technologies has an impact on many sectors, in particular the national education sector. More and more colleges are turning to digital in order to improve their marketing strategy. Among the many digital tools that contribute to a healthy digital transformation, we find messaging. The association between messaging and higher education goes hand in hand.

If you are the head of a higher education establishment and you want to recruit more students, the best solution for you is instant messaging. What better way for a school than to get in touch with candidates through a platform they know well? The association between messaging and higher education schools strengthens the links between students and institutions. Create an atmosphere of trust between students and institutions while differentiating yourself from the competition.

What impact does digital technology have on the field of education?

increase your college admissions

Since the arrival of the Internet, the education sector has experienced very strong growth. New technologies are now an integral part of every school. Digital technology contributes to improve the teaching process.

However, the recruitment of students is currently experiencing much-increased competition. To become a leader in the higher education sector is essential to review your marketing strategy. To do this, you just need to adapt to the digital transformation that our world is experiencing. With instant messaging apps, electronic mail, webmail, social networks, there is no shortage of means of communication and advertising!

Although, not all of these tools are popular with your audience. To help you in your choice, ChayAll provides you with a variety of innovative solutions to improve your advertising campaigns and thus recruit more students.

Strengthen your links with candidates through instant messaging

increase your college admissions

How do students communicate with their school? Are they satisfied with the communication strategy implemented by their school? These are important questions to ask to participate in the development of communication between teaching staff and students. By combining messaging and higher education, you not only strengthen your links with your candidates but contribute to the evolution of your recruitment strategy.

Thanks to instant messaging, you can exchange messages with your students on a platform they know well. Thus, a simple button integrated into your website allows students to share their questions with you. Just click on this button with an icon of a famous messenger. This will allow your candidates to ask you for a lot of information. In particular, on the school calendar, waiting lists, or even on the documents necessary to constitute a registration file.

Do you need more information? Our agents can offer you full support and let you benefit from their in-depth experience. To strengthen the user experience and improve your customer service, do not hesitate to use our services.

Messaging and higher education: which app to choose?

increase your college admissions

The popularity of social networks and instant messaging tools is booming. The internet has established the rise of social networks and instant messaging. The latter have more and more followers, especially among young people. This phenomenon offers schools and companies a real opportunity to develop their business. It also allows them to retain their customers and increase their sales.

To highlight this development, Diplomeo published its annual survey on social media consumption. It shows the annual habits of more than 4,300 young people aged 16 to 25.

32% of the students surveyed say they use digital tools to work with their colleagues. Among these young people, we find 44% who use Facebook, owner of WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook Messenger: the ideal partner for your college

increase your college admissions

Facebook has doubled its messaging capabilities, and every school should pay special attention to it. At the end of 2020, Facebook had 2.85 billion monthly active users. Which makes this tool one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.

In addition, smartphone users access Facebook an average of 14 times and spend a total of 32 minutes per day. The schools should seek to initiate conversations with Generation Y and Generation Z. The core demographic of students who are most active on social platforms. In addition, Facebook launched several new features. These give Facebook Pages a whole new suite of tools for exchanging messages with students.

Among the many features of this app include automated messages. With this solution, you can predefine a welcome or absent message. Thus, thanks to the “very responsive” badge on your Facebook page. Your candidates can more easily place their trust in your school.

Then, this software also allows you to use click ads to Messenger to reach your audience at scale. Then continue to interact with your prospects individually on instant chats or with a bot for Messenger. Thus, this tool offers you the opportunity to generate prospects, answer their questions, and increase your transactions.

Messaging and higher education: take advantage of the different features of WhatsApp Business

increase your college admissions

Like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp has an extraordinary user base. This is due to the quality of the services it offers to each user. As for its professional tool WhatsApp Business API, it benefits from a number of new features. These allow companies, especially colleges, to improve their customer service.

Unlike email and webmail, this app is free from spam and newsletters. Beyond the simple interaction with each user, the application allows you to optimize your marketing campaigns and increase your registrations.

Among the features that caught our attention, we can mention:

  • The ability to send an automatic welcome message as soon as a candidate contacts you.
  • Thanks to the Business Profile. You can now enter a lot of information about your school (timetables, address, website, etc.).
  • Take advantage of the so-called Quick Folds. These are pre-recorded messages to answer frequently asked questions.
  • WhatsApp statistics. They allow you to have visibility on the sent messages delivered, received, or read.

Benefit from highly targeted recruitment with Apple Business Chat

messaging channels

Apple Business Chat is the perfect channel to connect with every iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch user. It enables exchanges of relevant messages between students and schools. It also offers you the possibility to improve your services in terms of communication and education.

Safari, Siri, Maps, and Spotlight, there are many entries points available to you. This is to start the conversation and present your services to candidates.

After answering your students' questions and presenting your services. It is now possible to end the student course. On click, an instant chat window opens, allowing them to send you messages via Apple Business Chat. This way, contact is initiated without Apple users having to create an account or download an app. This message exchange software is indeed native to their iOS terminal.

Multiply your registrations thanks to ChayAll

education college

One of the greatest strengths of the ChayAll solution is to combine all instant messaging on a single platform. You just have to choose which ones you want to activate or not. All the messages sent by your clients or your candidates will be gathered on this platform. Your advisers will be able to process the requests directly, from this single interface, with ease.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google's Business Messages, Live Chat, or Instagram. It doesn't matter which instant conversation tools your customers choose to send you messages. These will be received on the same platform.

In short, ChayAll allows you to start your digital transition to combine messaging and higher education, while increasing registrations.

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