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Enroll more students

ChayAll is a simple chat or "instant messaging" platform, which makes it a perfect fit to host your conversations with your students since they use their IM apps all the time 😊
Interact with your potential future students on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Apple iMessages, Google's Business Messages. It's the best way to adapt your organization to your users' new communicating habits.

All your conversations are brought together in one very simple chat inbox, where you will make sure you generate more enrolments thanks to better conversations.
No credit card required.
They use instant messaging thanks to chayall:

Embed messaging into your website : 

Create a ChayAll account
Access your ChayAll CX platform online. Try it now! 
Configure your messaging channels
Choosing the messaging services you want and personalize them, set you availability and more! 
Integrate them to your website
Just within a few minutes will be integrated! You can look to all of the conversations on the chat console. 
Free. No strings attached. No bank card required.

Manage your conversations through our Chat Console

When you open a free ChayAll account, you have access to a simple and user-friendly platform. Centralize all your conversations, communicate with your customers while keeping an eye on your performances thanks to the real-time statistics available.  

“I strongly recommend ChayAll. It is a plugin that highlights the customer relationship. In addition, the installation is simple, fast and the tool very intuitive! "

Johanna Mbila,
Marketing and Communication Manager

ChayAll, a tool adapted to the needs of higher education institutions

Stay reachable, even when
face-to-face is no longer possible

Be where your customers are

Allow potential customers to reach you easily through the web browser everyone uses!

Improve your customer satisfaction rate

Google’s Business Messages has a satisfaction rate of over 90%!

Boost your sales

Make the most of conversational commerce and sell your goods and services through Google’s messaging system.
And it's all for free!
Non-biding offer.
Start free
No bank card required.

300 messages

Exchange up to 300 messages/month with your customers.

Messaging services

Bring together all the messaging services you like!

Easy unlimited access

Access online conversations from any device and for any length of time. Take advantage of all the built-in features.
ChayAll features

Google's Business Messages, the messaging system accessible by all

Available from your Google ad, Google My Business page and Google Maps
Accessible by all
From their smartphones, Internet users will be able to communicate directly with you through Google. No need to use a messaging app!
Sending media content
Enrich your messages with photos, web links, carrousels or multiple choice questions, that will showcase your goods and services.
Satisfaction surveys
Following every conversation, a satisfaction survey can be sent automatically. It’s an efficient way of keeping track of your performance.
Accessible through Google Maps
Internet users looking for a sales outlet on Google Maps will spot your Messages button.
Automatic replies
Integrate automatic replies or a whole automatic pathway to answer your customers’ recurring questions.
Average response time
As soon as your customers open the Google messaging system, they will be informed of the average time it takes you to answer a query.
Chayall is compatible with all your web managment tools

Ready to interact with your customers?

Bring together several instant messenging services through our omnichannel platform.
Super safe
Our products are secure and adapted to any company.
There for you
Contact our support team through instant messaging, phone or e-mail.
RGPD and PSD2 legislation compliant.