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Automate your customer relationship with Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger is establishing itself as a leading messaging app in customer service. Today, many companies want to automate part of the message flow can opt for the API version of the Messenger chatbot. So, what are the benefits for your business? Let's take a look at it.

Why use Facebook Messenger to enhance customer experience?

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Facebook Messenger is fighting for the first place as the favorite messaging app with WhatsApp. Therefore, companies that have customers all over the world are interested in integrating the app into their websites. For instance, this messaging app has more than 1.3 billion users. Only WhatsApp, which belongs to the Meta group (ex-Facebook), does better, with 2 billion users.

Whether they are subscribers to your Facebook page or not, your website visitors will probably prefer to click on a Messenger button rather than call or email you. Don't forget that they use this app daily. By aligning yourself with user preferences, you encourage contact and maximize your business opportunities. Your customers will be more receptive to your message and more likely to buy your products.

Facebook Messenger, a catalyst for conversions

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In addition to highlighting your products thanks to its features (image carousel, catalog, QCM, CTA buttons...), Facebook Messenger encourages your customers to take action. The statistics are clear: Facebook messenger is a real conversion catalyst. Why? Nearly a third of all customer messages received by businesses via Facebook Messenger are firm orders for products.

Also, 76% of customers want to purchase products via messaging. By integrating a Messenger chatbot API with your website, you can ensure that your customers receive quick responses. As a result, they will be able to move faster through the sales process. In other words, this app and its chatbot will be the boost your business has been waiting for!

Messenger chatbot API:

What is this API?

Since 2016, Facebook Messenger has been offering its business users to automate their exchanges with their customers through messages. This way, Facebook has created Messenger chatbot API, a messaging solution that it's easy to set up and does not require special technical knowledge when you want to install it.

What are its functionalities?

The "Messenger chatbot API" is simply a conversational bot that you can create and configure on Facebook Messenger. Similarly, depending on your needs and the flow of messages you have to manage, you can choose from several automation options offered by Facebook.

  • A chatbot or conversational bot per scenario: This solution offers an intuitive interface (with a menu) that allows you to configure a welcome or absence message. It also sends automatic responses each time the chatbot detects a specific word in your customers' messages. This way, you can interactively increase the database of messages and responses as you interact with your customers. When the chatbot doesn't recognize any indicator in the customer's message, it will send a basic response that you can set up.
  • Get a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. The chatbot learns from real interactions between companies and their customers and can build its database automatically. This way, you will be more efficient in processing and identifying customer requests.

Is there another way to have a chatbot on Messenger and other apps?

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ChayAll allows to implement a chatbot on Messenger, but also on other channels like:

  • Your website.
  • Live Chat.
  • WhatsApp.
  • Instagram DM.
  • Google's Business Messages (available from Google My Business).
  • Apple's Business chat (iMessage).
  • Telegram.

In addition, with ChayAll, you can create a chatbot on all these digital channels. Our software allows you to contact your chatbot by scanning a QR Code with your smartphone. It's ideal to optimize your customer experience in a store.

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