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Why (and how) you should install a Facebook Messenger module on your Prestashop website!

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With over 5,800 templates, a built-in connection to marketplaces and no sales commissions, Prestashop is an interesting choice for online stores. This web application is for e-commerce what WordPress is for blogging: a free and easy to use open source solution. Does your online store use Prestashop? Find out why (and how) to install a Facebook Messenger Prestashop module!

Why install a Facebook Messenger module on Prestashop?

Take advantage of a record audience

Together with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger is the most popular instant messenger in the world with 1.3 billion users. Even better: every month, 1.2 billion messages are exchanged between individuals and companies through this messaging service. Missing out on such a large audience means you'll be at a serious competitive disadvantage. 

According to a Nielsen study, Facebook Messenger is the most popular conversational channel for Internet users. Installing a Facebook Messenger module on Prestashop means adapting to the needs of your customers and prospects. You're giving them the opportunity to interact with you through their favorite communication channel. This will make them more receptive to your message and, in turn, to your product offer. 

Facebook Messenger module

Improve customer service responsiveness

By design, online stores lack the conviviality of physical stores. So in the age of 5G and ultra-efficient smartphones, consumers expect responsiveness at every turn. According to a study conducted by Clutch in late 2018, 83% of customers expect a response to their request within a day or less. Millennials are predictably more demanding... with 44% expecting a response within an hour. 

Installing a Prestashop Messenger module will allow you to offer customer service that meets expectations. Your customers won't be forced to use obsolete and time-consuming channels like contact forms or email. You'll also save them the constraints of the phone: busy lines, a combination of numbers, long waiting time, etc.

Install a Facebook Messenger Prestashop addon to maximize profitability

Studies are constantly coming out on the impact of instant messaging on profitability. Profitability is based on three levers: conversion, loyalty, and cost-efficiency. By installing a Facebook Messenger module on your Prestashop e-commerce website, you can leverage all three:

  • Conversion: About two-thirds of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a company they can contact through messaging (Facebook study);
  • Loyalty: 63% of consumers are more likely to return to a website that offers instant messaging (FurstPerson study);
  • Cost: Facebook Messenger can reduce customer service costs by 83% (according to this Facebook case study).

Top 3 criteria for choosing the right Messenger module for Prestashop

A Prestashop Messenger module that's easy to install and use.

The idea is to keep it simple for your customers, your prospects... but also for you! All the interest in instant messaging lies in real-time interaction. It would be a shame to lose responsiveness with a slow, unintuitive, and time-consuming Prestashop addon. Your Facebook Messenger module has to be downloadable in the Prestashop addons space. Integrating it into your online store shouldn't require you to modify the source code. The Prestashop Messenger module offered by ChayAll checks both boxes!

An all-in-one Prestashop Messenger module

Yes, Facebook Messenger is a must-have for instant messaging, but it doesn't cover your entire target audience. For satisfactory customer service, you should diversify your conversational channels to reach a wide audience. There are two choices: 

  • Install Addons for each instant messager. We don't recommend this approach as you'll quickly get tangled up in it. Plus, the multiplication of Addons will slow down your online store and make you lose positioning on Google.
  • Install an all-in-one Prestashop module. This is what ChayAll offers you. Our Prestashop addon allows you to choose which instant messengers to display: WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, Apple Business Chat and Google's Business Messages. There is an interface that centralizes all messages received, regardless of their source. You'll never miss a business opportunity again!
Prestashop Messenger addon

A safe and secure Prestashop Messenger addon

There’s no compromising on this point, especially for e-commerce, since it provides online payment gateways. It would be a shame if your conversational tool exposed you to security breaches. This is why you should avoid poorly documented solutions whose editors can't be reached. At a very early stage, the security aspect was taken into account when designing the ChayAll Prestashop Messenger module: 

  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Compliance with the European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD 2).

On top of these security guarantees, there is also end-to-end encryption offered by some instant messengers. This means you'll be able to communicate with your customers and prospects in total peace of mind and mutual trust.

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