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Boost your sales and improve customer contacts management with Facebook Messenger’s instant messaging system.
No bank card required.
They use instant messaging thanks to chayall:

Facebook Messenger
on your website

1. Connect your Facebook page with ChayAll
A simple connection to your FB page is enough. association à votre page suffit. No personal data are collected.
Integrate a Messenger button on your website in just three minutes
Easily embed the button in just a few minutes. No need for any advanced computer skills.
Chat and centralize your conversations with ChayAll
ChayAll’s many features allow you to manage all your conversations on a single platform.
No bank card required.
FACEBOOK Messenger

Manage all your conversations on a single platform.

The Chayall platform fits the needs of all businesses, event the smallest ones. It brings together all your Messenger conversations, but also any other WhatsApp, Live Chat, Apple Business Chat, Google’s Business Messages or Instagram conversation!

Make the most of the power of Messenger associated to ChayAll

Improve your customer relations and boost your sales with Facebook Messenger

Don't miss a single sale

Enable your customers to contact you through Messenger directly from your website, your Facebook page or your Facebook ads.

Target thousands of users

Allow the 35 million Facebook users to contact you with a single click! And receive all their messages on a single platform.

Improve customer experience

Thanks to the practicality, the customization and the immediacy of the conversations, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
And it's all for free!
Non-biding offer.
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No bank card required.

300 messages

Exchange up to 300 messages/month with your customers.

Messaging services

Bring together all the messaging services you like!

Easy unlimited access

Access online conversations from any device and for any length of time. Take advantage of all the built-in features.
FACEBOOK Messenger features

All the features of Facebook Messenger

Exploit the full potential of Messenger and enhance customer experience.
Sending media content
Enrich your messages by sending content that will showcase your goods and services: photos, URL links, carrousels, multiple-choice questions, etc.
Automatic replies
With Messenger, integrate automatic responses or even whole automatic pathways to answer your customers’ recurring questions.
Satisfaction surveys
Following each conversation, a satisfaction survey can be sent automatically. This is an efficient means of keeping track of your performances.
Accessible through your Facebook page
Visitors to your Facebook page can reach you directly. Their messages will appear on the ChayAll chat platform.
Promotional messages
If your visitor has already sent you a message, you can send promotional messages and follow up conversations.
You can charge your customers as they chat with you. All you need to do is send your bill and payment request through Facebook Pay, Stripe or any other payment platform!
Chayall is compatible with all your web managment tools

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Bring together several instant messenging services through our omnichannel platform.
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