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Facebook releases new QR Code for Facebook Pay

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Facebook is developing new features for the pleasure of its users! It will now be possible to pay via a QR Code with Facebook Pay.

A new free feature:

The development of the QR Code is becoming more and more democratic, especially with the Covid-19. The goal is to allow individuals to access a site, a link, or another by scanning this famous QR Code. Thus, like many companies that integrate this digitalization, Facebook has also decided to develop it within its operation.

This technology will be used for payment. No need to download a separate payment application or add new contacts, the QR Code will allow you to send and receive money, even without being Facebook friends. This new feature for the messaging application of the Facebook group is related to the Facebook Pay payment system. However, the announcement is currently only for deployment to Messenger users in the United States.

The future of the Facebook Pay QR code by users

Now it remains to convince Facebook users. Using Facebook Pay for online transactions on the network makes sense, but for face-to-face payments, it's not really the case anymore. What would drive people to use this method rather than another? Facebook Pay is indeed struggling to establish itself in the tech landscape today, overtaken by other solutions, such as those from Google, Samsung, or Apple. This new feature could help change things. It will be up to the users to decide whether or not it will work.

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