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Four strategies to get new customers quickly!

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What are the strategies to bring in new customers? How do you find new clients when you are a self-employed person? Which stocks show the best ROI? We have summarized all of these questions in four points all of the steps you should follow to optimize your prospecting efforts.

Messaging apps, great practices on social media, natural referencing, and sales enablement are the things that propel customer relations. In this article, we list four low-cost actions to get new customers quickly.

1. Get new customers with online messaging tools

What are the benefits of instant messaging for businesses?

get new customers

Find customers for free

With the right messaging tool, you will be able to shift your customer relationship and take it to another level. Today, we compiled the main benefits of messaging for companies:

  • 65% of customers say they are more likely to buy a product from a company that can be reached through a messaging tool. Your customers are, in fact, more and more connected! Your strategy must, above all, focus on the internet!
  • Then, the online sales web pages that integrate a messaging tool convert up to 4 times more than the others. And that's normal! A question about a product or one of your offers? Thanks to messaging, your prospects can contact you faster than sending an email!
  • With the right chatbot, your company will be able to set up 24/7 customer service at a lower cost.
  • Certain messaging tools improve the visibility of your company's website. This is the case with Google's Business Messages. On your Google My Business page you can, describe your offers, the service you offer or even display your products there! This is a great way to get new customers and have good visibility on the internet.
  • Finally, with instant messaging you can drastically reduce the response time to online customers. You will improve customer satisfaction and therefore increase customer loyalty. An increase in the number of loyal customers by 5% can improve sales by 25% to 95%!

What is a good messaging tool for businesses?

The idea is not to install plugins of many messaging tools individually. This is the best way to:

  • Slow down the loading speed of your website.
  • Restrain the results of your actions for the referencing of your website.
  • Complicate the work of customer relations agents since your teams will have to open several interfaces to respond to requests.

Thus, the best messaging tools should include the most used messaging in a single platform. They must also offer quality customer support. Also, opt for a messaging tool offering marketing features that will make it easier for your teams.

ChayAll, the best messaging partner for businesses

New customers on social media

It is by identifying the criteria mentioned above that ChayAll has developed its messaging tool. By integrating our solution into your website, you will be able to communicate with your customers and prospects on:

  • WhatsApp (via WhatsApp Business API);
  • Messenger;
  • iMessages (via Apple Business Chat);
  • Google's Business Messages;
  • Telegram;
  • A Live Chat tool.
  • Instagram DM's

Do not worry. All messages received from your customers or prospects are centralized in a single interface. We also offer you practical marketing features:

  • An Instagram comments monitoring tool to manage your reputation on the web;
  • A feature that automatically sends an invitation to rate you on the platform of your choice at the end of each customer exchange.

2. Get new customers through social networks

Convert your marketing target into a buyer persona to personalize the published content

Before setting up a strategy and advertising actions on social networks, you must define your buyer persona. Several tools are at your disposal to produce these robot portraits of your customers and prospects. If you don't know their characteristics (connection habits, desired products, and services, aspirations, concerns), you will not be able to refine your communication and convert your target. 

Moreover, this customer mapping will be of decisive importance for your entire marketing strategy. Indeed, it will guide your business prospecting activity, the creation of marketing and commercial content, your email campaigns, or even your product and service offering. Like your value proposition or your competitive advantage, defining your marketing target is a prerequisite for the competitiveness of your business.

Measure the ROI of marketing actions on each network

Look for audience for new customers

Once the buyer personas are in place, entrust your marketing team with the task of creating an editorial calendar. You can make it with Google Workspace tools that are free and efficient. Your calendar for posting content on social networks should have two distinct spaces: 

  • Recurring content and its variations on each social network. A statistic with a background image, a behind-the-scenes video of the company, the promotion of a product or a service , a commercial promotion, etc.
  • “One Shot” content linked to a particular event linked to the life of the company.

Of course, if you want your marketing content to work on every network, you will need to be creative. Finally, be sure to measure the ROI of each communication campaign on social networks. You will be able to define the most profitable network. It is the most effective way to optimize your marketing strategy, generate leads and maximize the sale of your products and services.

3. Natural referencing to improve the visibility of the company and its offer

A company with a website with good visibility on the web starts with a good head start. It's the best way to generate leads organically. With good natural referencing, your communication actions benefit from a multiplier in terms of reach. And contrary to what one might think, you can perfectly set up a quality SEO strategy that works without breaking the bank. Here are some basic rules to boost the visibility of your business on the web:

  • First, don't get into a web SEO strategy with a website without content. If your website doesn't have much content, you should consider starting a blog. You will publish quality articles there and subtly enhance the company's offer. Be sure to provide blog posts for each stage of the customer journey.
  • Make sure your business website is technically optimized for search engines. Your developer will need to ensure the cleanliness of the code. He will also have to use the right tools to ensure compliance with good SEO practices.
  • An unsuitable mobile website will not get very far. Beyond SEO, you will lose the customers who connect on the phone. It's ultimately shooting yourself in the foot on the sales and visibility side.
  • Finally, optimize your online content and blog posts with keywords previously defined in your marketing strategy. The best way is to use the services of an SEO consultant. It will give you the right online tools to position your blog posts well and generate quality leads .

4. Adopt Sales Enablement to boost the performance of the company's salespeople

Get new customers with social media

Sales Enablement refers to all the tools, techniques, services, actions, and resources put in place to give salespeople the right content at the right time. In short, it is about sparing the company's salespeople the tasks not related to sales to allow them to do what they know how to do best: get new customersAccording to a McKinsey marketing study, salespeople spend, on average, less than a third of their time on actual sales and prospecting.

It is, therefore, a question of equipping yourself with a unit and the right Sales Enablement tool to link sales and marketing. Your salespeople must be able to give feedback to the marketing team. The latter can then produce content (blog articles, images, brochures, flyers) in line with the expectations of salespeople. They will therefore be more comfortable in client meetings and will be able to generate sales. Sales Enablement also consists of facilitating access to content for salespeople. Set up a clear organization with a single storage folder. Ultimately, Sales Enablement improves both aspects of the profitability of your business activity:

  1. First, it reduces the hidden costs associated with the misuse of your sales reps' time. You produce content in line with their expectations. The new organization made with the right tools means they don't have to spend time looking for the right content.
  2. Then provide them with content that responds to their feedback. Their business development actions will convert more customers and generate more sales.
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