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Google's Business Messages: the solution for local businesses

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Butcher, baker or candlestick maker... if you own a store, you know how difficult it can be to be available for customers while at the same time keep things running. Google's Business Messages is here to help you.

Like many shop owners, you have probably faced this situation several times: while no one called you when the store was empty, your phone suddenly never stops ringing when it’s rush hour. Under these circumstances, Google's Business Messages instant messaging allows you to improve your communication, and ChayAll explains how.

What is Google's Business Messages?

Business Messages is Google's brand new instant messaging service. It is available from your Google My Business listing. To activate it, go to your profile through an integrator like ChayAll. You will then see a "Message" button next to "Website" and "Itinerary".

As soon as your messaging service is activated, Internet users will be able to contact you by message without having installed any specific application. A Google account will be enough for them to contact you at any time through Business Message. Of course, like the other services provided by Google, Business Messages is free for you and your customers.

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Why Google's commercial messages are ideal for your local business ?

You have a head start

By adopting Business Messages for your convenience store, you are one step ahead of your competitors.

The first advantage is the simple fact of having an instant messaging service accessible to everyone. Unlike those who use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, you make yourself available to any Internet user.

Moreover, Business Messages has the further advantage of being connected to other Google tools such as Google Maps or the search field. This is a real benefit to provide an even more complete user experience.

Be accessible, at any time

Like all instant messaging services, Business Messages has the advantage of being accessible 24 hours a day. So, even if your store is crowded and you don't have time to answer the phone, customers can still send you a message, which you will answer as soon as you have a few minutes.

Also, thanks to automatic responses, the messaging system can answer the most common questions for you. For example, questions such as "When are you open?”, "How long before delivery should an order be placed? "or "Do you make blueberry cupcakes? "will not require any intervention on your part and can be answered automatically.

For all other questions, the Internet user who contacts you is informed immediately of the average response time. The customer will receive a notification as soon as you answer and will, of course, be able to start the conversation online if there are any other questions and you are available.

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The benefits of information-rich communication

Google’s instant messaging service offers many possibilities to communicate with customers in a dynamic way. For example, you can send videos of your store to present your different ranges. It is also possible to share a photo carousel to present different products or a specific product from different angles.

To stimulate sales, you also have the possibility of sending a catalog or even an order or reservation link.

In short, whether it's for simple information, pre-sales advice, our after-sales service, you can use all possible media to facilitate the exchange and respond to all issues.

Monitoring customer satisfaction

At the end of each conversation, Business Messages asks your conversation partner how satisfied he or she is with the messaging experience. The person can then give a rating from 0 to 5 stars depending on the quality of the exchange. This feature allows you to proactively adapt your communication and the answers given to the Internet users according to the feedback you get. You can thus continuously improve your customer satisfaction.

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