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What are the features of Google's Business Messages?

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Google's Business Messages is THE messaging revolution. Business Messages is Google's accredited messaging API. ChayAll explains everything about its features!

Recently launched in France, Google's Business Messages has not finished making headline news. This brand new instant messaging system delights its users because of its numerous and innovative features. Here's what you can count on if you use Business Messages.

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A messaging system accessible to all

Google's Business Messages is accessible to everyone, directly a Google search result or from your Google My Business page. With just one click on the small envelope icon, Internet users can contact your business from their smartphones or computers.

What is more, customers do not need to have any particular messaging application uploaded and the exchange of messages via Business Messages is completely free for both the customer and the company.

Google Business Messages is, therefore, ultra-accessible, more than any other instant messaging system.

Google's Business Message, a rich instant messaging experience

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On Google's Business Messages, the goal is to be able to communicate effectively using different media. With carousels, photos, purchase or booking links, you will increase customer satisfaction and up-selling as well as customer loyalty.

In pre-sales consulting or after-sales service, you will be able to respond to your customers using visual supports. No need to ask your customers to go to this or that page of your website to get the answer they require: you can send them directly the visual answering the question!

A link to other Google features

Business Message combines Google Maps and searches field entry points to provide your customers with the ideal shopping experience. For example, when one of your customers is near to one of your stores, you can automatically send them a welcome message, promotion, or further information, for example. The customer will be informed by a notification on his or her smartphone.

Please note: this combination between the different tools is specific to Google and you will not be able to take advantage of it on any other instant messenger.

> Response time display

If you are a small business, you will answer when you are free. That's the whole principle and interest of instant messaging! What Google offers in addition is the display of the average response time. Thus, as soon as a message is sent, the customer knows how long it will take before you can address the question.

Of course, the shorter the delay, the lower the risk that the customer will turn to another company.

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> Chatbots and automatic responses

For larger companies, receiving great quantities of messages, it can be very time-consuming to answer each client, especially since some questions may be recurrent. To relieve your sales team of some of those messages, it is possible to install a system for answering frequently asked questions. This allows you to satisfy customers with a shorter response time while simultaneously limiting management time.

For more complex questions -those which cannot be answered automatically, it is possible to propose a conversation with a live advisor.

> Feedback on customer satisfaction

Following any conversation via Business Messages, the system systematically asks customers to assess their level of satisfaction. Customers can therefore rate the exchange with the chatbot or with the salesperson using 5 stars, ranging from "Not at all satisfied" to "Very satisfied".

This provides automatic feedback on the quality of your live communication in order to continuously improve it. Please note: the latest surveys conducted by Google show that 75% of all users are fully satisfied with the service, and only 11 not at all satisfied. This demonstrates the quality of the instant messaging service.

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