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How to send a Google message to a business?

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With Google's Business Messages, Google allows you to contact a company directly via instant messaging. How does it work? ChayAll tells you all !

Like the vast majority of Internet users, you do a Google search when looking for a restaurant to take your friends to, to order your garden furniture, or to rent a car for your family on your vacation trip. But when it comes to getting in touch with the company, it's not always as easy. As of now, however, there is no need to look any further, Google allows you to contact the company you have spotted directly through their instant messaging service. How to use Google's business messages? We tell you everything you need to know.

Google's Business Messages, what is it ?

Instant messaging for businesses

Like WhatsApp Business or Messenger, Business Messages is an instant messaging service. The only difference is that, as its name indicates, it was created by Google and it is intended for professional use only.

It is an instant messaging service that integrates with the Google My Business listing of the company so that customers can contact it directly following a Google search hit.

Good to know: Google's Business Messages allows you to send a message to obtain information, but also to request a quote or make a reservation according to the options set by the company.

how to use Google's business messages

Messaging without an application

Contrary to all the other instant messaging services in the market today, Google's Business Messages does not require customers to install any further applications. There is no need to register on a social network or to download a specific application to contact the company found through a Google search.

To start trading with Business Messages, simply create a Google account from your regular email address (if you haven't already done so). Like other Google services, Business Messages is completely free, regardless of the length and content of your conversations.

How do I contact a company through Business messages ?

With this new instant messaging service, Google has made it very simple to send a message to a business. The intention is clear: to allow everyone to contact a company, from a smartphone or a computer.

1- Do your Google search

Start by doing your search as usual. In the search results, you will see, for all professionals who have activated Business Messages, the "Send a message" icon. This icon is located next to the "Itinerary" and "Website" icons.

2- Start a conversation

To start a conversation with the company, simply click on "Send a message". A conversation window will open allowing you to interact with the company. You will also get an indication of the company's average response time.

3- Enjoy an enriched conversation

Through the conversation window, you can exchange simple text, but also photos, links, and other media. Do want to ask your favorite store if they stock the fabulous jeans you saw on another website? You can accompany your message with a link. Do you want to make a complaint about a defective product? Send a photo to show your problem.

4- Get an answer

If there is no salesperson to respond immediately, you do not need to stay logged in to receive the answer. When an advisor answers back, you will receive an email notification and will be able to reply simply by following the link provided in the message.

5- Give your opinion

At the end of a conversation, Business Messenger systematically offers customers to grade the conversation. You have 5 stars to assess the conversation: from not satisfied to very satisfied. This rating allows the company to continuously improve its quality of service.

Google's business messages

On the company side, how does it work ?

The business that activates Google's Business Messages must have the Google My Business application. That way, the business receives a notification every time a customer sends a message.

The business can set up an automatic greeting to let customers know that it has received the customer’s message and can offer further information.

When the business answers, it can send customers any type of media, including a quote, or even a checkout link if needed. Instant messaging has already become an important part of the conversation between businesses and customers, but Google's new instant messaging promises to bring about further changes. For all, it will now be easier to contact a company by message for any non-urgent request.

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