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Google Messages vs SMS: what are the differences?

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Today we use social networks or instant messaging applications, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram, to engage in conversations with our loved ones. These applications have gradually buried the SMS/MMS system of the past. This article tells you all about it, contrasting Google Message with SMS!

No need to say that Google was one of the first to realize this! That's why Silicon Valley's giant decided to create a brand new protocol with the GSMA association to improve and replace SMS: Google Message. Will we be writing Google Messages instead of SMS in the future? Will SMS disappear from our smartphones for good? What are the differences between the two texting applications?

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SMS…the end is near?

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Will texting become a fading memory?

In the early 2000s, the Short Message Service, better known by its acronym "SMS", was the one and only way to start a conversation with your loved ones at a distance and virtually… A revolution in the field of digital and mobile telephony. For the very first time, people could get in touch with each other by sending messages. But one invention leads to another. And this is the case for these numerous instant messaging tools, which are still in use today, unfortunately leaving SMS in the shade.

Instant messaging applications are taking the lead over SMS.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google's Business Messages… all these instant messaging services have gradually conquered mobile users. They now play a major role in the communication and digital strategy of many companies. The future of SMS is therefore being called into question. Thanks to the all-in-one chat solution offered by ChayAll, you can integrate the messaging applications most used by your customers directly onto your website. This way, your customers can contact you straight from the interface of your website.

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Focus on Google Message, the new SMS?

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Towards a messaging tool for Google.

Google was lagging behind in terms of instant messaging applications. iMessage, the instant messaging application on various Apple devices, has been around for almost 10 years. This was a great opportunity for Apple to make iMessage popular and to launch one of the first instant messaging applications. The latter consists of using the 4G network to send messages and not the GSM network.

When Google decides to create a messaging tool for Android.

It was based on this observation and seeing the success of other instant messaging applications that Google decided to react. And after several years of silence, "iMessage" for Androids was released using the Google Message protocol. Currently, in process, more and more telecom operators such as Bouygues Telecom in France have already signed up with Google to launch Google Messages. Just like iMessage, this instant messaging application will be directly integrated into native messaging on Android devices. A more extensive deployment is imminent, or even underway, on Samsung smartphones for example.

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Google Message slowly replacing SMS.

Only available on Android, this application makes it easier to exchange messages by improving all the aspects that traditional SMS could offer on our smartphones. As we explained in our previous article on Google Messages: the new instant messenger for Android, this SMS revival offers a bunch of features worthy of the big and popular instant messaging applications. Not only is it possible to send messages, thanks to the independent messaging of the RCS (Google Messages), but you can create group chats (as you would on WhatsApp, Messenger or Snapchat), send audio messages, media content…and many other useful and optimized features. 

What are the main differences between Google Messages and SMS?

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Feature variations between SMS and Google Messages

Despite a similar concept, Google Messages and SMS are quite different. Google Message is a successor to SMS, which means that it has other, more rewarding features that are more suitable for a new generation of users. Unlike SMS, Google RCS uses the 4G network or WiFi rather than the operator's GSM network. If your 4G and/or WiFi is poor, the message you send or receive will simply be an SMS. But there are other factors that make Google Messages much more relevant. Among the many features it offers, we can highlight:

  • Group communication,
  • Confirmation of receipt,
  • IP voice call,
  • IP video call,
  • Unlimited multimedia file sharing,
  • Geolocation sharing.

Apart from mobile users, companies also use SMS for their marketing campaigns. That's why Google RCS wants to optimize its messaging application for brands that want to communicate and exchange with their customersGoogle Message Business is therefore the ideal solution for combining communication and customer relations. This way, companies still have the opportunity to promote their offer or inform their customers via RCS, for better marketing campaigns, always aligned with their brand!

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