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How to add a chatbot to your WordPress site?

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With the right WordPress chatbot, your business will be able to improve the quality of its customer service while achieving substantial savings. More than a simple conversational bot, this tool boosts the customer experience to boost the conversion rate.

What are the main advantages of a WordPress chatbot? How to integrate a conversational bot into your WordPress site without resorting to code? What are the characteristics of the best chatbots on the market? The point with ChayAll!

How to put a chatbot on WordPress? 

What is a chatbot?

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As the name suggests, the chatbot is a Livechat robot. In other words, it is a computer program capable of conducting an intelligible and coherent conversation with a customer. It detects certain keywords in the customer's message and offers a response accordingly. The chatbot can also offer other marketing features to improve the online customer experience and support. 

For example, you can integrate multimedia files in the answers and integrate a Lead Scoring system to prioritize prospects according to their potential. Finally, and with a smart chatbot, you will be able to automate a good part of your customer service. The chatbot will learn from Live Chat exchanges between marketing and customers to offer more personalized responses. 

In short, the chatbot or conversational robot is a virtual assistant that accompanies service and customer support. You can install this tool on your WordPress website to better support visitors and relieve your marketing teams. Let's see in more detail the advantages of this web solution for companies, hotels, schools, and banks!

What are the advantages of the customer support chatbot or robot?

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Integrating a Livechat robot on your WordPress website means equipping your customer service to convert and build loyalty. It is ultimately to provide the means to boost the marketing performance of the company. Here is a summary of the benefits of creating a chatbot on a WordPress site:

  • Entrust your automatic chat plugin with the redundant part of customer service and support. Your marketing team will be able to breathe. You will be able to concentrate on tasks with higher added value.
  • Your online chat robot will allow you to speed up the response time to customer inquiries. Better: each response produced by the Live Chat plugin or widget will be published immediately, without delay.
  • The best automatic live chat tools can take care of your after-hours customer service and support. In other words, you will be able to have 24/7 customer service at a lower cost.
  • The ROI of creating a Live Chat robot is simply impressive. The cost of integrating with your WordPress website is negligible. Users simply need to set up the chatbot, test it and supplement its database from time to time. If it's a smart chatbot, you can even get rid of this last task.

Creation and integration of a conversational bot on a WordPress website

The automatic LiveChat tools are compatible with the majority of CMS. However, it is the WordPress LiveChat plugins that are the best known, due to the notoriety of this CMS. So how do you proceed with the creation and integration of a WordPress chatbot? It all depends on the chatbot you want to install. The majority of plugins offer WordPress chatbots that integrate with a LiveChat on your website. Here's how to install this type of WordPress chatbot:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Admin panel.
  2. Then click on the "Extensions" tab, which displays the list of plugins installed on your WordPress website.
  3. Click on the “Add” button to explore Livechat plugins on the Store.
  4. In the search bar, enter the name of the chatbot plugin of your choice.
  5. Finally click on "Install".

After installing your WordPress chatbot plugin, you will need to configure it (creation of scenarios, enter a welcome message, configure responses, etc.) then integrate it into the web page of your choice. You will then have to test the quality of the responses produced by the chatbot before responding to them. Some LiveChat plugins require you to enter a code to configure your chatbot.

A WordPress chatbot, is it free?

Advances in technology and the competitive intensity between specialized companies have drastically lowered the cost of chatbots. Some free LiveChat plugins offer an interesting performance, provided you set them correctly. These will however be a little light to handle a massive flow of visitors. They will not necessarily offer additional marketing features but will do the job when it comes to driving the redundant part of customer service and support. These LiveChat tools can even take over if customer service is not available. 

Some CRMs and ERPs offer more or less efficient chatbots in addition to various functionalities for customer service, Sales Enablement, Inbound Marketing, creation and distribution of content, etc.

What is the best conversational bot plugin for WordPress? 

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The best chatbot is the one that allows you to:

  • Take advantage of your visitors' appetite for messaging. 9 out of 10 customers wish to communicate with companies by message (SMS and LiveChat).
  • Conduct coherent and intelligible conversations with your customers and website visitors.
  • Take over from customer service and support outside of working hours.
  • Capture customers and visitors to your website who want to interact with you on an instant messaging app.

Your WordPress chatbot plugin should finally operate without slowing down the loading speed of your website. ChayAll has incorporated all these conditions into the design of its messaging solution. You will be able to create your WordPress chatbot without code and hassle. An advisor is also available to guide you, step by step, until the actual launch of your chatbot. ChayAll is also the most popular instant messengers directly on your website:

  • WhatsApp (via the professional Business API version);
  • Facebook Messenger;
  • Direct from Instagram;
  • Telegram;
  • iMessage (via the professional Apple Business Chat version);
  • Google's Business Messages;
  • A Live Chat tool.
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