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How to boost your sales with Instant Messaging?

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The most common way to reach customers in the past was using emails, but now, many of these emails are considered spam! So what is the best way to reach customers? How can you talk to them and get a response? The answer is simple: instant messaging.

Usually, salespeople send lots of emails, but they get stuck because they don't get many responses. Some others use the phone, but there are only a few people who answer unknown numbers calls. If someone doesn't want to reply to his phone with voice, you will just not be able to reach them.

The difference with instant messaging is that everybody uses it. Today, there are at least 6.37 billion smartphone users. Some people can be scared of voice, so people tend to reply easily to texts to instant messaging. When you have on your website a conversational widget, your potential customers can start a conversation directly with your business from their smartphones.

instant messaging for sales

So that's why we at ChayAll, think that we needed to create a new tool to help small businesses grow! With ChayAll you can use all these chat channels, and services, to help them sell better online because sometimes emailing and voice are just not enough. We started by creating a simple live chat, and then we started to think about how to create some kind of multi-channel chat system or tool so that users will be able to speak to their customers everywhere they are.

This multi-channel chat system is great because you can also track engagement, conversion rates, and more!

The best instant messaging apps for growing your business:

If your target audience is young people, like Millennials or Gen Z, you need to include instant messaging in your digital marketing strategy. This young generations are more willing to communicate with a business via text rather than by email of phone. And it's easier for them to reach you if you give them access to their favorite messaging apps!

WhatsApp Business:

WhatsApp is the most important app in the market. With more than 2 billion users, it's a great way to communicate with customers to their direct personal chat. You can use it for crisis control when your customer isn't happy about a product. Or when they want to make a request. You can answer them instantly and maintain a great customer support throught the process.

Facebook Messenger:

Connected to your Facebook Business Page, you can integrate this chat widget into your website. Redirect your customers from your website to their chats! And the good thing is that you can also manage your social media account with ChayAll. Comments on Facebook can be managed in our multichanel solution.


With the fastest growth in the last year, Instagram has updated it's platform to help small business grow. And now you can join it to other messaging channels with ChayAll! Get your DM's and comments notified in our platform.

Google Business Messages:

This is a new service by Google that, just like Apple business chat, is linked to Google My Business Services, just like Google Maps. Your customers are going to be able to reach you, thanks to instant messaging through Google services on the Google map, or anywhere, and we include this as well. They can look at your Google My Business page and check your opening hours, and message you directly!

instant messaging for sales

What benefits you have with ChayAll?

Now, ChayAll includes unlimited text messages. So this means you won't have to count the messages you send or receive from your customers. And you can actually use instant messaging, as much as you like, to boost your sales to speak with your customers online. You can use these packages on your website! and join various channels of instant messaes to speak with your customers.

You can use not only your website with a very simple chat widget, just like you've seen on many other websites. The difference is that your customers will have the choice between live chat, WhatsApp business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM's, Telegram, Google Business Messages, Apple Business Chat, to speak to you through your website functional widget!

instant messaging widget

Promote your instant messaging services:

A great way to make it easier for your customers to contact youis to promote al your messaging channels in places they can find it. There are two ways to do this:

  • URL Links: You can now generate a URL for each activated messaging channel (except for Live Chat) to allow your customers/prospects to contact you via the preferred messaging channels. 
  • QR Codes: Thanks to our new URL integration feature, you can now create a link to your activated email accounts for your customers/prospects. To help you generate even more leads, you can easily turn these links into QR codes to broaden your target audience and, most importantly, offer more options for connecting with your targets.

With ChayAll you can use various text channels and services, have unlimited packages and then you can, you can use it not only on your website, like any other chat but through URL links or QR codes as well.

Once you're familiar with using text messages and using various services like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. It's possible that you will need more features. The Chatbot and bot builder, for example, will be very interesting for you, because it will allow you to automate the conversations with your customers, so that you don't have to reply, every time, to every message.

You can have pre-recorded messages that give a choice to the customer, and depending on their choice, they will have an instant response to their query. Depending on the conversation that you build, your customer will be able to ask questions, get answers and more! It helps you get your customers to the right direction. You can learn how to build a chatbot into your instant messaging channels with ChayAll!

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CRM integration:

With our tools you will be able to not only use SEO and instant messages to speak with your customers, including automating conversations with a chatbot and everything. It will allow you to use the rest of your business system, the rest of the system of your own shop or business to trigger auto-generate actions, out of the chat, or in the chat.

For example, you have some kind of CRM tool like HubSpot, and you need to add your leads, your new customers in HubSpot. As soon as they speak with you on your website. So your customer is going to come on your website is going to try to speak with you. And if you are this CRM or API is a pure search tool integration, then you can trigger an action, outside of shale in your Hubspot's system.

This will create your new customer or your new lead in the system. And then you can also have a trigger, the other way around. If you're a CRM or any other system you have, is able to generate requests from any customer. And then you can in the other direction, generate a response to your customer.

So it's very easy, not only to speak with your customers, but to automate the conversations with your customer. And then, to bring SEO and integrate seo into the rest of your system so that eventually, you don't have so much work to do to generate code for example, or to send it to your customers, everything would be the same conversation, mostly automated.

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