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How to choose the best chatbot for your business?

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 Customers want to connect with their favorite brands quickly and easily, anytime, and chatbots appear to be the solution to all of these problems. Chatbots will make life much easier for customers and businesses!

Did you know that 56% of customer services said they were in greater demand during the Covid-19 health crisis? To make this massive demand, companies have used chatbots three times more than last year. We can see a clear improvement in the use of chatbots from companies. By using a chatbot, you will boost your business performance and meet customer needs. The chatbot is an increasingly present subject in our societies.

What is a chatbot in business?

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The definition of a chatbot or conversational agent

As you already know, the online chat industry is booming. Its rise is so meteoric that more and more companies and brands are using it in their activity. Indeed, 70% of consumers prefer to interact with brands via messaging rather than by telephone. Which shows the importance of online chat in our society. Imagine: you have the possibility of having a robot capable of responding to your customers instantly. In addition, this bot can also adapt its speech according to the customer's responses, transcribe emotions via the chat and express his personality. So, what could be better?

chatbot, also called a conversational agent, is an artificial intelligence software allowing an entity to communicate via a chat instantly and automatically with another entity. Whether it is between a company and its customer, between a brand and its supplier, the chatbot is there to respond instantly to requests via a chat on the web.

A chatbot is made up of two words: from to chat which means to converse, and from bot, half of the word robot. It is a conversational robot. Chatbots are computer programs that deliver a pre-recorded response at a given time, and they are configured to accomplish a specific task. Chatbots, therefore, allow interaction in natural language and real-time, answer questions, propose solutions and services adapted according to requests.

The goals of a bot

This conversational agent is not there to replace humans. Quite the contrary: it is there to help and accompany them on customer service tasks to relieve the advisers. It advises clients and helps businesses focus on more important tasks. Thus, the chatbot has as main objectives:

  • Support the customer when he has a request for a product or service.
  • Carry out a customer's order (payment, order tracking, refund, exchange or return).
  • Send satisfaction surveys, customer surveys via chat.
  • Send automatic messages to customers such as: welcome, patience or absence message.
  • Notify the customer in case of unavailability of the product.
  • Adapt the speech according to the personality and the responses of the client.
  • Provide automated follow-up after the customer's purchase.
  • Respond as clearly and fluently as possible to the customer.

The chatbot aims to offer a digital experience to the customer. It improves the journey and the customer experience. A  100% digital chatbot at your service and available 24/7. Ideal, right? The chatbot can provide very personalized and tailor-made customer service.

Indeed, a chatbot will allow your company to boost its commercial performance, improve its customer experience and improve its business. By delivering quality responses to customers on short notice, chatbots are effective marketing tools to boost your brand's contacts and sales. If you want to know more information about the goals of a bot, here are some articles that may be of interest to you. For example, the real estate Messenger chatbot allows you to multiply your mandates and increase the number of transactions.

Chatbots for businesses: The essential marketing aspects

Define your goals to choose the best chatbot for your business

To choose the best possible chatbot, your company must first define its objectives from a marketing point of view and its needs in a clear manner. Your goals and needs may be of different kinds. They can diversify according to the size of your business, your activity, and your development prospects. For example, your business may want:

  • Improve the customer experience by offering a digital and fast journey.
  • Boost commercial performance.
  • Increase sales, activity and number of customers.
  • Be close to customers by developing a close link with them to better retain them.
  • Speed ​​up the number of customer requests in a very short time.
  • Increase the customer satisfaction rate.

Define your target audience and audience

You must define your target and your audience in order to offer a powerful chatbot that meets the customer's expectations. How to use a chatbot to get a quick result? For this, you should know that 60% of Internet users make their purchases in the evening and on weekends, outside of their working hours. But do not panic! A chatbot is available 24/7.

Indeed, the bot must know and understand its users. By understanding who will be using the chatbot, you will be able to identify the best platform to interact with and the best way to create the conversational flow. Depending on the user's profile (age, gender, function, geographic location, etc.) the bot will not address its interlocutor in the same way. If the bot does not know its user, it will fail, regardless of the level of sophistication of the software used. To be successful, a chatbot project must therefore first and foremost focus on the profile, needs, and expectations of users. The bot must understand customer needs in order to meet them and develop effective customer service.

Find the essential technical aspects in your choice of chatbot

Choose user interface

On the technical side of the chatbot, it is important that you know a few basics in order to choose the best chatbots possible. First of all, your business must clearly identify and anticipate the user interface that is going to be used. Thus, the chatbot will be able to adapt and bring the best possible to the customer.

Indeed, the user interface is the channel through which the requestor can interact with the chatbot. This interface can be:

  • an avatar, more or less realistic, which simulates the face and body of an agent. He can express emotions related to the conversation. Communication takes place via speech and visual. The empathic side is sought here.
  • a telephone line Communication takes place through the voice channel and can be completed by sending items by email or SMS;
  • a voice box. The box is generally associated with a specific solution to the box and the user must specifically choose the company's department;
  • a telephone via SMS;
  • a social network. The user uses the capabilities of the social network to communicate with the bot;
  • a dialog window (or pop-up also called  webchat ). The exchanges are made via a small window included in the website of the company.

All these user interfaces are therefore widely used. The role of chatbots will be to anticipate the interface used by the user in order to adapt his speech if the customer uses a social network, a phone, or an avatar. Thus, many choices are available to customers and users. The bot must be able to interact via any platform.

Identify the budget allocated to the chatbot

Budget level, remember to think about it and establish it precisely before you start. You will thus avoid nice surprises! It was ironic eh, did you understand that? In short, there are several elements to take into account in your chatbot budget. Indeed, to get the best possible chatbots, take into account the fact that the prices of chatbot solutions vary greatly from one publisher to another. Here is a list of several chatbots with their prices to give you an idea:

  • The ChayAll chatbot solution. This chatbot solution has different prices depending on your goals and needs. Four offers are available to customers: Free offer, Essential offer: € 19 excl.tax / month, Pro offer: € 49 excl.tax / month and Business offer: on request. All offers are without engagement.
  • The classic chatbot solution. This chatbot solution will cost you between € 200 and € 2000 per month depending on your case. The functionality of this chatbot will be basic and can be useful when you want to answer simple questions from your users and customers.
  • The natural language chatbot solution. This chatbot solution will therefore cost you between € 2,000 and € 10,000 per month depending on the technologies adopted, the technical infrastructure and the volume of conversation. Here, artificial intelligence will be present. The chatbot will be able to adapt its speech according to customer responses.

Customer service automation

The chatbot is mainly used to meet the questions of users and help them find specific information. If the customer is faced with a more complex problem that cannot be solved by the chatbot, then the chatbot will direct them to the appropriate service. The chatbot can also serve to welcome customers and, through a series of questions, they direct them either to the information available online (FAQs), immediately to the appropriate service that will process their request.

In this way, chatbots take over secondary tasks and allow your employees to have more time available to devote themselves to more creative or more value-added tasks. Thus, the automation of your customer service is fast and immediate. So remember to include this strategy in your marketing objectives.

Identify the essential human aspects to remember

Establish a personality for your corporate chatbot

When you are told the word "robot", what do you think of? What is going through your mind? Technology, artificial intelligence, innovation, natural language, humanity ... chatbot? And yes, the chatbot and the human are linked. It is the human who must transmit his faculties and his knowledge to the bot.

Indeed, as a company, you must establish a personality for your chatbot. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, sculpins are now able to have extremely realistic conversations. You must ask yourself several questions in order to create the personality of your chatbot:

  • What genre should you use to present your chatbot? A woman or a man?
  • What first name should you use for your conversational agent?
  • Which avatar do you think is the most appropriate to use?

The personality of a chatbot refers to the human characteristics that it is able to transmit. This involves the language used and the tone of his voice (playful or serious), the choice of words, and the use of modern language elements (emojis, GIFs, etc.). The personality of your chatbot must therefore reflect that of your buyers. You won't be speaking to executives of large companies the same way as you do to young adults looking for entertainment. The more human your chatbot's personality, the more satisfied the customer will be.

Think about the types of scenarios you want

Beforehand, you need to think about the type of scenario you want to highlight. A scenario for after-sales service, for commercial qualification, for a contact form, ... Thus, as many possibilities as possible choices exist.

In addition, it is also important that you anticipate several types of possible responses. Even if you will adapt your speech according to the users' responses, some of your chatbot's responses are going to be the same from one user to another. Don't ask too many questions because you will lose your user! Bet everything on the personality of your chatbot and don't forget the human side. So you need to include the ability to pass the baton to a human if the request becomes too complex for the bot. And yes, even if bots are very intelligent and powerful tools, sometimes it happens that they do not always have the answer!

In short: a corporate chatbot or conversational agent has the possibility of simulating a natural conversation with a customer and of offering better personalization of the customer relationship. With this tool, you offer immediate answers and 24-hour service to every user of your site. ChayAll, therefore, takes charge of the entire technical implementation of your bot. Discover our website or contact us for more information on our corporate chatbot!

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