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How to choose the best Live Chat website app?

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Maximize lead generation and boost customer retention rates. This is what you get by having the right Live Chat app into your website! But what are your options? How to make the right choice?

In this post, we take a look at the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the best live chat apps for your website!

Live Chat for WhatsApp website: A must

Take advantage of the phenomenal audience of this messaging system

live chat website app
Your website visitors are more likely to be on the leading messenger than the other way around.

If there was only one app to be used to interact with customers, it would be WhatsApp. WhatsApp, in fact, outperforms all applications, software, and all customer relationship tools, regardless of their functionality. The first advantage of this Live Chat website app is a phenomenal audience. Indeed, with more than 2 billion users (Android as iOS), the Livechat owned by Facebook is naturally essential in customer relations. Your website visitors are more likely to be on the leading messenger than the other way around.

The second advantage for customers is a "clean" side that makes conversations fluid and pleasant. The encryption end-to-end data users is also a plus in an environment where customers are increasingly wary of questionable practices on the web. Better: 40% of customers made their first online purchase via a Facebook messaging tool (WhatsApp or Messenger).

The API to strengthen your marketing game at a low price

This professional version brings a real plus to your organization. Rather than downloading the free app on Android or iOS, go for the API instead. Its features will allow your organization to make a difference in customer support but also in prospecting:

  • You have all the benefits and features of Live Chat for WhatsApp website (data encryption, smooth conversations, multimedia content, top user experience, audio and video calling features, etc.).
  • The API brings endless possibilities for automation functionalities (virtual liveagent or chatbot)
  • The API version does not require a smartphone to operate. It can run on Android, iOS, MacOS, etc. ;
  • Compliance with the GDPR and good data protection practices;
  • Integration of a WhatsApp button on several channels (website, Instagram story, email, etc.);
  • No limit on the mailing list.

Facebook Messenger live chat app

live chat website app

The Live Chat Messenger service is a must-have for all businesses. Facebook counts as one of the biggest audiences in the world, with more than 2 billion users. This is why using the Live Chat that Facebook provides is great! Only Facebook Messenger has more than 1.3 billion mobile users. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Facebook's Live Chat website application allows your agents and marketing team to serve ads directly to messaging:

  • First, you will be able to broadcast an online advertising insert directly into the visitors' chat interface. This format is a real benefit for your team.
  • Then, you can broadcast an advertisement in video (story) format. It will appear above the prospect's conversations interface.
  • Finally, you can relaunch “dormant” online conversations with old prospects. Guaranteed response!

Downloading and integrating Messenger means equipping your organization with a messaging application that promotes conversion and retention. Your box will thus gain competitiveness at a lower cost. 

Remember that the agents on your team are already familiar with this solution. No training effort is required to use this plugin (WordPress) or module (PrestaShop) and master its features. Finally, Messenger will allow you to create a virtual Livechat agent or chatbot. You will be able to relieve your team and put part of your customer service on autopilot. By going through ChayAll, your agents will be able to create a chatbot without coding. Your chatbot will lead an intelligible discussion and send a relevant response, improving the customer experience for your website visitors.

Apple Business Chat:

phone apps

Chats are generally intended for all operating systems. But, this is not the case with iMessage and Apple Business Chat. Since it prances to 1.2 billion customers, this does not harm its audience. That this messaging app is only for those who use iOS devices is a real plus. This tool allows you to address yourself exclusively to the target of Apple Addicts. You will be able to provide them with ultra-personalized customer service. But there's something else: Apple customers are exhibiting business-friendly buying behavior.

  • According to this study , users using iOS consume twice as much as those using Android.
  • 71% of them buy online at least once a month (against 4.6% for Android).
  • Prospects on iOS are often CSP +, an interesting target for your business.

Of course, the professional iMessage app combines all the messaging features mentioned above.

Google's Business Messages, the local SEO live chat app

website app

Google has long tried to establish itself in the competitive messaging market. The Mountain View giant is on the way to winning its bet with this feature. This LiveChat is, first and foremost, a local tool. It allows the company to capture local leads from its Google My Business listing. It is a tool of choice for restaurants, accommodation establishments, real estate agencies, etc. 

But Google's live chat app has another advantage. It improves the natural referencing of your website and boosts your online positioning. Finally, the customer can send you a message on this Live Chat tool without having to download anything, on Android as well as on iOS. Business Messages, therefore, has a different profile from other messaging applications and tools.

Google's live chat app has another advantage. It improves the natural referencing of your website and boosts your online positioning. Finally, the customer can send you a message on this Live Chat tool without having to download anything on Android as well as on iOS. Google Business Messages has a different look than other messaging applications and tools.

Live Chat for Telegram website: the champion of file transfer

Telegram's messaging app is associated with data privacy and other security features. Of all the applications, Telegram messaging is the best equipped to manage sensitive exchanges. But this is not its only advantage for companies. 

Indeed, Telegram's Live Chat allows you to exchange large files without any problem. You will be able to send videos in high definition ( support, customer assistance ) with a maximum size of 2 GB… Enough to boost the quality of the support and the customer experience. Of course, the Telegram messaging app also shines with its audience. Each month, more than 500 million users ( Android and iOS ) exchange messages there. This Live Chat for website also offers a Secret Chats system.

A Live Chat software to integrate into your website

You can also opt for classic online Live Chat software. This system integrated into your website allows you to exchange messages with your visitors, with however two limits: 

  • First, an agent must constantly be in front of the screen to respond to messages from prospects ;
  • Then the conversation is broken as soon as the prospect leaves your website.

On the other hand, the Live Chat software has several advantages. This is because the customer can use it without having to download or install anything. This solution makes it possible to track the behavior of website visitors and can help to improve customer service and boost sales.

ChayAll, the Live Chat partner for companies

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Each target has their Live chat for their favorite website. Then, why choose? At ChayAll, we believe that every messaging solution has the potential to generate leads and retain customers. This is why we have developed a free Live Chat offer that includes all the applications mentioned above. Don't panic, we've thought of everything: 

  • First, the loading speed of your website will not be impacted. Your website won't have to pay the price;
  • You don't have to integrate all messaging apps. Simply check the ones that correspond to the target of your business;
  • Your agents and marketing team will receive all customer messages on a single interface;
  • Other features are available to you (watch on Instagram, invitation to rate yourself online, etc.).

ChayAll's offer is available as a WordPress plugin and a PrestaShop module. Do you want to integrate messaging apps into your organization's website? Or maybe you have questions about the impact of conversation tools on your customer relationship and sales? Make an appointment with one of our advisors!

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