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How to get a fully digital customer relationship?

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The digitalization of customer relations is the result of the growing presence of digital technology in our purchasing habits. The demands of a hyper-connected clientele are reshuffling the cards. And in order to ensure the long-term viability of their strategy, companies must successfully make this digital shift. That also includes their customer relations.

What is a customer relationship digitalization strategy? What are hyper-connected customers and what are their expectations? How to define a marketing strategy and benefit from the advantages of the digital world? ChayAll takes a closer look at the situation.

Customer relations and digitalization: the demands of hyper-connected customers.

What is a digitalized customer service?

The digitalization of your customer relationship is crucial in your marketing strategy.

Digital conversion refers to the integration of digital technology at all levels of the company. It is therefore in its wake that the digitization of customer relations takes place. It refers to the virtualization of exchanges between a company and its targets and operates through several channels:

  • Instant messaging, which responds to the demand for immediacy. Indeed, 60% of customers now require a response to their request within 5 minutes. Instant messaging and chatbots can help achieve this.
  • Social networks, especially through comments and opinions posted on the company's social pages.
  • Emails, particularly through emailing campaigns.
  • Corporate applications.

The digitalization of customer relations can also refer to hybrid paths. They combine digital with traditional channels. For example, Click to Call, which involves clicking on a button to reach the customer service over the phone.

How to improve your customer experience by using digital technology?

Following the transformation of the digital world, more and more companies are adapting their strategy to the new customer experience. To do so, brands have different tools to help them manage their customer experience.

Among the many solutions available to every company is omnichannel marketing. Whether it involves e-commerce websites, instant messaging or click-and-collect, brands are increasing their efforts to find new communication channels to reach their customers.

Omnichannel marketing is customer-focused and aims to provide optimal solutions to consumers' needs. However, in order to face the ever-increasing competition, companies must first study the data at their disposal to properly segment their market. They can then create a digital experience that meets the new expectations of their customers.

The importance of data security in customer relations

Improve your services by optimizing your data security!

Customer relationship management represents a major challenge in the digitalization of customer relations. Indeed, some brands lack rigor in the management of their customer files. According to a study conducted by DELL in 2018, 76% of companies have noticed a considerable loss of data due to computer attacks. At the same time, only 16% of them find that the protocols in place could withstand such attacks.

During the same year, the European Union introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In order to offer you a quality service, ChayAll takes care of the entire technical implementation of your favorite instant messaging applications. We also guarantee a GDPR compliant configuration.

A key requirement for highly connected customers

The domino effect is obvious. First, digital technology has changed consumer habits. Secondly, these new habits have forced companies to upgrade their customer service management. The macro picture of the average buyer has received a colorful facelift. 

He is now hyper-connected, all the time. He' s especially aware of the power of information at his fingertips. The hyper-connected consumer consults other customers' opinions before making a choice. He bypasses corporate communication, which he considers biased by definition. He is not willing to wait for long minutes to reach you on the phone. And even if he does, he will not fail to evaluate you negatively. The impact on your e-reputation will be more or less significant, depending on your company's audience. Let's remember that 88% of French people consult reviews before deciding to buy something. This figure shows the high stakes of customer relations. 

The influence of digital on the customer experience varies from one sector of activity to the other. To take advantage of it, it must be analyzed, measured and integrated into the customer and marketing experience offered by the company.

What is the impact of digitalization on customer relations and other corporate services?

Digitizing the customer experience: an absolute must for companies

Digitization of customer relations was initially an element of differentiation for the leaders. It is now an absolute requirement, on which the consumer is not ready to negotiate. The rise of hyperconnected customers has led to the evolution of the digital customer experience. This very same experience is shaking up the entire value chain of companies:

  • For sales teams, telephone canvassing is giving way to social selling.
  • For marketing teams, the focus will be on producing relevant content. And with high added value to attract qualified prospects. Messaging, among other things, will turn them into hot leads.
  • The marketing team is reinforced by the position of Growth Hacker. This person is responsible for collecting, processing, interpreting and using data. The goal? Deliver a personalized message to the target audience.
  • Teams that manage digital customer service become more proactive. They are no longer just waiting for the phone to ring to assist their customers. Instead, they are working to capture the many signals that customers send to seek help:
    • Comments on social networks;
    • Reviews posted on specialized platforms, social media and specifically on Google My Business for local businesses;
    • Messages sent via instant messaging;
    • Messages posted on discussion forums or social network communities, etc.

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digital customer relationship

Three key pillars of your digital customer service transformation

Communicate and raise awareness about the challenges of digital marketing.

Digitalization of customer relations goes beyond the mere convenience provided to customers and prospects. In fact, it directly impacts the profitability of the company by increasing incomes and reducing costs. Take for example instant messaging integration within customer service:

  • 65% of consumers say they are more willing to buy from a company that can be reached via messaging. This significantly improves the customer experience and the company's marketing strategy.
  • Sales pages that include instant messaging convert better. Up to four times more than others.
  • Instant messaging allows advisors to handle multiple client requests and negotiations simultaneously. They are more productive, streamline their efforts and improve their service management. Ultimately, customer satisfaction increases, as does customer engagement. A 5% increase in the number of loyal customers can improve profits by 25-95%.
  • Finally, instant messaging, through automation, offers you 24/7 customer service. You won't lose any more business opportunities thanks to digital.

Use these figures to sensitize your marketing teams to the challenges of new technologies and the digital world.

Study your customers' behavior

Although they share similarities, consumer habits differ according to several factors. To master those, you'll need to study the digital customer journey on site: 

  • First of all: what is their preferred communication channel? WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, the phone, email, the physical point of sale?
  • Then: what are their connection times? 
  • Also: what are the most frequent requests?
  • Finally: at what point does the first contact occur in the customer's digital journey? Upstream? During the reflexion? Or once the decision has been made?

Your marketing target is probably already on instant messengers. In fact, applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage exceed one billion users. To help you reach those users, ChayAll has developed a platform that centralizes the most used instant messengers. Ideal for digital customer relationship management! On the agenda: WhatsApp

Business API, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google's Business Messages and Live Chat. These tools will allow you to improve your digital and commercial strategy and to gain in client satisfaction.

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Ensure continuity between the different channels

The spreading of information is one of the limits of a digitalized customer service. To overcome this, you need to ensure continuity between the different marketing channels involved. ChayAll's all-in-one tool integrates seamlessly with your CRM to give you the information that matters at the right time. You will be able to offer a personalized, tailored and efficient customer service. Finally, the digitalization of the customer relationship should not rhyme with coldness, impersonality and distance. Humanity must remain at the center of priorities. And this, all the way down to the configuration of your chatbot!

Training your sales team is required

First of all, don't be afraid to rearrange the units. A new business strategy requires a new organization! And therefore a new management. Advisors learn new skills, have new tasks, new negotiation techniques… However, there is no need for a new certification. Or even any kind of BTS. Advisors no longer communicate with customers by phone but through writing. So train them and answer their concerns. But most of all, give them the right information. Knowledge of the Internet is not innate!

Have them test new tools!

Customers use instant messaging to contact you. Show your team a typical situation. Getting behind the scenes will teach them how to better manage the tools. It will also help them sell your product better. And satisfaction will follow!

Define new goals

When you talk about digitalizing your customer relations, you need to define new objectives. Indeed, arrange a session to explain to your organization what the new project is all about. Moreover, what will this new customer management require? Also specify what you expect from the team. Good communication is the key to successful customer relationship digitalization. And it's not just an image! A digital customer relationship requires a lot of effort. But success will come, promised. So, convinced? Go for it!

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