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How to get a virtual WhatsApp Business number?

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By opting for a WhatsApp Business virtual number or WhatsApp Business API, free yourself from the limitations of "physical" numbers. Enjoy lower costs, a better voicemail management, international reachability… the benefits for customer service are interesting.

Why use a virtual phone number? What exactly is a virtual WhatsApp Business number? How and why should I get one? ChayAll tells you everything you need to know about virtual phone numbers.

A virtual number: what for ?

What is a WhatsApp Business virtual number?

There was a time when each phone number was attached to a specific line. This line came directly from the phone operator and was physically connected to the destination (home or office) by wiring. Thus, all calls destined to this phone number could only be sent to this specific destination. In the case of a business phone number, the company had a PBX phone system to manage call routing, extensions, voice mails, etc.

It all sounds pretty vintage, right? Today, in the age of Android or iOS, these physical constraints and limitations can easily be lifted by a virtual number. In France, virtual phone numbers usually start with 01, 02, 03 up to 09. By extension, a virtual WhatsApp Business number is simply a number, directly associated with your WhatsApp Business account... which brings us to the next question...

What are the advantages of having a virtual phone number?

Get your virtual WhatsApp Business number directly from ChayAll. Because it's not linked to a physical phone line, the virtual phone number can redirect calls to any device you wish: 

  • A landline or cell phone (iPhone, smartphone),
  • A tablet computer,
  • A laptop, via a VoIP software for example.

Virtual phone numbers are particularly popular within call centers and companies that operate internationally. Buying a virtual number is much cheaper than multiplying local phone subscriptions. In addition, virtual phone numbers offer enhanced voice greeting features. For example, you can set up on-hold messages in the language of your choice and choose the key combinations you wish in order to reach the right person! This type of service is easier to set up. Finally, virtual phone numbers are an excellent way to evaluate the return on investment of a marketing campaign (call tracking).

How to use WhatsApp Business with a virtual number ?

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Use the WhatsApp Business app with a virtual mobile number

First, get your virtual phone number. Then follow these steps to use it on the WhatsApp Business App:

  • Start by downloading the WhatsApp Business App from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS). The app is totally free.
  • The app that runs your virtual phone number must be open and linked to your phone (internet access is mandatory).
  • WhatsApp validation via text message may not work. That's why we recommend you to rather choose the phone call validation. A robot will give you a WhatsApp verification code.
  • Finally, enter the verification code. This will complete the creation of your WhatsApp Business account. There we are! You can now use WhatsApp Business from your smartphone, iPhone or on your computer with WhatsApp Web.

ChayAll provides you with a WhatsApp Business virtual number

Unlike the app, the WhatsApp Business API requires the use of an authorized WhatsApp partner like ChayAll. First, let's remember that this version has a lot of advantages.

  • Create a chatbot for customer reception. This conversational agent will propose several choices of answers to customers behind their screens. A very useful tool to quickly identify the users needs.
  • Take advantage of an unlimited mailing list.
  • Send important notifications to your customers.
  • With ChayAll, consolidate all your instant messaging applications on a single platform.
  • And discover many more features...

We take care of everything! From gathering your company's information to implementing the solution. We also manage the exchanges with Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp. So you don't necessarily need a phone number attached to a physical line or a SIM card. We provide you with a virtual WhatsApp Business API number to make everything easier.

ChayAll, for a high performing customer service

WhatsApp business number

ChayAll doesn't just provide you with virtual phone numbers. We are also here to make your customer service a sales and satisfaction generator! Indeed, we offer you our all-in-one solution, integrating the most common instant messaging channels within your website. Your customers will be able to bypass phone support, emails, and forms to contact you. Here is the list of applications:  

  • First, WhatsApp and its two billion users (with WhatsApp Business API);
  • Second, Facebook Messenger and its 1.3 billion users;
  • Then, iMessage (with Apple Business Chat), targeting exclusively iOS users;
  • Google's Business Messages, to capture leads locally;
  • And finally, our Live Chat tool.

ChayAll platform to manage all your applications in a single place. Just download the ChayAll plugin to embed our tool into your WordPress website or PrestaShop online store. Of course, you can use it with a virtual WhatsApp phone number. Up to you now!

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