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How to install a WhatsApp chat on your website?

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Installing a WhatsApp chat on your website means capitalizing on a conversational tool that is deeply rooted in your target's daily life. It's also about reaching your customers where they already are: an instant messenger with more than two billion users.

After having (almost) relegated SMS to oblivion, WhatsApp and its instant messaging have naturally imposed itself in the business world. WhatsApp Business solutions, developed by Facebook, are reinventing customer service. How to install a WhatsApp chat onto your website without any technical skills? Find the answers in this step-by-step guide provided by ChayAll!

Why install WhatsApp Business on your website?

To avoid the wobbly combination of phone, contact form and email thanks to instant messaging

Old school customer service is dependent on phone support, contact forms, and emails. Indeed, this approach has been problematic in many ways: 

  • Telephone is a consuming conversational channel. You can only take care of one customer at a time. The consequences? Frustration, profit shortfalls and hidden costs;
  • For Internet users, the contact form is like throwing a bottle into the sea. In a study conducted by UX Design CC, 67.3% of respondents said they "do not trust contact forms";
  • Email is essential… but consumers are becoming increasingly annoyed with spam and other unwanted intrusions. According to a Super Office study, 4 out of 5 emails are never opened. On the other hand, 98% of smartphone users read instant messages sent by companies.

Don't let this wobbly triptych ruin your customer relationship and your business opportunities. It's better to go modern and use online chat! Installing a WhatsApp Business API chat is finally meeting the needs of two billion users. WhatsApp is the most used instant messenger in no less than 133 countries worldwide.

To maximize conversion rate and sales

Installing a WhatsApp Business chat on your website affects your business performance on two levels: 

  • Messaging, whether through an instant messaging application or a Live Chat plugin, catalyzes sales. Internet users love to send instant messages to their favorite brand. According to a Facebook study, 65% of consumers say they are more willing to buy from a company they can message. Also, sales pages that offer instant messaging convert up to four times more than others.
  • WhatsApp chat, in particular, is a major reassuring factor. It brilliantly cultivates the image of a streamlined tool, where users can send a message in all intuitiveness. Criteria that you can associate with your website by installing a WhatsApp chat.

In conclusion, the WhatsApp chat will allow you to exchange with your customers and prospects on familiar ground. Conveniently sitting in their comfort zone, they will be more receptive to your discourse in instant chats and therefore more willing to trust you. Isn't that the ultimate goal of customer service?

To optimize the cost of customer relations

WhatsApp's online chat will first help you to eliminate the hidden costs of customer relations. No more network infrastructure, no more toll free numbers, no more call center agents, no more training, etc. WhatsApp chat will also help you gain in productivity thanks to the multiple instantaneous discussions that can be managed at the same time.

Did you know this?
It is possible to manage up to 7 conversations at the same time through a single screen! A significant time saving that is not optional in the day of a company manager.

Installed on your site, the WhatsApp chat will allow you to :

  • manage multiple customer conversations simultaneously;
  • provide 24/7 customer service through automation and chatbots (including a WhatsApp Business API plugin);
  • prevent time-consuming customer interactions that extend across multiple channels, such as having to switch from phone to email to send a document. With the right WhatsApp plugin, you can send rich content directly from your website.

To enrich your conversations with your customers

Chatting via WhatsApp allows you to enrich the content of a conversation! It is, in fact, possible to send several media in your messages:

  • Send images, photos, videos… and support your arguments! Indeed, during a long-distance discussion, it is sometimes easier to understand the customer's issue with the help of pictures and images. A problem when receiving a damaged package? A picture sent on the app from your smartphone and that's it!
  • Share files or a link in your conversation. Your customer can't find an item from a new collection that he spotted in your online store? Save him the search and send him the link in the chat. You are a restaurant owner and a regular asks you for the new menu? Send him the files! Also encourage users to follow you on social networks by sending a link to your pages within the applications.

How to install a WhatsApp chat on your website?

WhatsApp Business API: what is it?

When we talk about setting up a WhatsApp chat, we are talking about the. As opposed to WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business Web, which are designed for small businesses, the API will boost your customer service:

  • Endless possibilities for automation (chatbots in particular);
  • Smooth integration with CRM and other centralization solutions;
  • Integration of a WhatsApp chat button to your different communication media: website, Instagram story, SMS, email campaign, email signature, etc.
  • No limitation on the list of messages you can send.

Choose an authorized WhatsApp Business API partner

Unlike WhatsApp Business, the API is not an application (sic) that you install from Google Play or the App Store. In fact, WhatsApp has entrusted its authorized partners to deploy the solution. This is both a guarantee of compliance with good security practices and the provisions of the GDPR. ChayAll is one of them. We take care of the entire process of installing WhatsApp chat on your website. So you can focus on your core business.

ChayAll provides you with a virtual number! For your privacy, we provide you with a virtual number with which you can use WhatsApp chat! It doesn't matter if you have an Android phone or an iPhone with iOS, the number will be operational and you will be able to view it without any restrictions.

Set up your WhatsApp chat with ChayAll

Don't worry, because installing the ChayAll solution that implements WhatsApp chat onto your website doesn't require any coding or source code manipulation. Simply install the WordPress WhatsApp plugin and choose the messengers to integrate into your site. Indeed, the free ChayAll plugin centralizes the most used messengers: WhatsApp Business API, but also Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Live Chat and Google's Business Messages. Just follow these steps to install your WhatsApp chat plugin and transform your customer relationship: 

  • First, log into your ChayAll dashboard.
  • Next, click on "Messaging", the third icon on the left sidebar.
  • Activate the desired instant messengers. The ChayAll tool centralizes all received messages in one interface, regardless of their source.
  • Click on "Integrate on your site", then choose "WordPress" or "Prestashop" in the drop-down menu.
  • Click the "Download this plugin" button and copy the API key.
  • From your site's dashboard, click on "Plugins" (WordPress) or "Modules" (Prestashop). Enter the term "ChayAll" in the search bar.
  • Install the plugin, then enter your API key.

Oops, did you get lost on the way? Then watch our step by step video tutorial.

Integrate a WhatsApp Chat… but also other instant messaging icons

Some Internet users will be delighted to find a website offering WhatsApp chat by searching on Google. But some of your customers will prefer to send you messages from other social media applications.

Tap on the chat applications you want to start chatting with.

Choose the chat solutions and their icons that you want to add to your website. Thus, it doesn't matter which application or chat solutions are installed on the user's smartphone. They will be able to reach you by clicking on the button of their preferred chat solution. Good to know:

  • WhastApp
  • Messenger
  • iMessage
  • Google's Business Messages
  • Live Chat
What you should know
Although each application has its own parameters and particularity, it is possible to send several media on each of them: photos, images, files and links. The storage of messages is managed by ChayAll and its discussion platform for all applications.
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