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How to install WhatsApp Pro?

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WhatsApp Pro solutions can be confusing for beginners. Between WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business, the API and the unofficial versions of WhatsApp, confusion is never far away. That's why ChayAll has put together a short glossary for you to read in 5 minutes!

WhatsApp Pro-business solutions will help you take your customer service and business performance to the next level. But you still need to understand these solutions, know how to use them, and master their features. To help you understand them better, ChayAll has put together a quick WhatsApp Pro user guide!

WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp Pro, WhatsApp Messenger… what's the difference?

Sure, the range of WhatsApp solutions can be quite confusing at first sight. Google also has a similar feature, with Google Chat replacing (part of) the Hangouts application, which itself had already succeeded Google Talk. To help you understand all of this, we have put together a handy mini-glossary of the different messaging solutions of WhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp for home users.

WhatsApp for home users

This is simply WhatsApp Messenger App. It's just the instant messaging application that we all have on our smartphones. It allows you to communicate through messages with your friends and family. You can download the WhatsApp Messenger application for free from the Google Play Store (Android smartphone) and the App Store (iPhone). WhatsApp Messenger is also known as WhatsApp, WhatsApp APK and WhatsApp Application Messenger.

WhatsApp Pro (for businesses)

A free but limited instant messaging application

Let's start with the WhatsApp Business application. It is basically an adaptation of the classic WhatsApp dedicated to business. It allows any company to create a professional profile and send messages, photos, and files to their customers. You can also find it in the Play Store or App Store. Designed to facilitate exchanges between brands and their customers, it offers interesting but limited additional features. To go further, you can read our comparative article. Note that the WhatsApp Business APK requires a business phone number. ChayAll can provide you with a virtual phone number for your convenience. WhatsApp Business is also known as "Business WhatsApp", "Business WhatsApp Messenger", "WhatsApp Business App" or "WhatsApp Business Messenger".

An API with many functionalities for a stronger communication with your customers

Finally, there is also WhatsApp Business API. This is the most advanced WhatsApp Pro version: no limitation of contacts and messages in the mailing lists, a huge potential for marketing and business communication, etc. You can't download the WhatsApp API version itself. This is because the implementation of the API has been delegated to authorized WhatsApp partners like ChayAll. Therefore, we take care of the entire process of integrating WhatsApp Business API within your customer service.

With this API, send enriched messages to your customers. With WhatsApp Business API, companies have the possibility to send much more content in a message: photos, files, links to a web page, video… the information provided can, in fact, take many forms! It's up to you to be inventive, in order to satisfy your contacts with this new form of communication: messaging!

Why should I integrate WhatsApp Pro into my company?

There are so many reasons for this that the real question is: why not rely on WhatsApp Pro for your customer service? To answer the initial question, we will list two types of perks. First, those associated with business instant messaging in the broadest sense. Secondly, the benefits associated with the WhatsApp Business API.

The advantages of professional instant messaging

  • Firstly, 60% of customers expect a response to their requests within 5 minutes. A performance that is difficult to achieve by e-mail, contact form or telephone. Used to getting what they want instantly, your contacts are indeed uncompromising about waiting time. They no longer want to make countless calls to contact you. A single message must be enough to make you react. A marketing data to be taken into account absolutely in its communication!
  • Secondly, 53% of consumers say they are more willing to buy from a company that can be reached via instant messaging. Customers don't want to go to your Facebook profile page to contact you. Installing a Messenger or WhatsApp widget directly on your website will reassure your customers and keep them happy.
  • Also, 40% of consumers have made their very first online purchase following an instant messaging chat with an advisor (on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger). That's an impressive number! Even remotely, you can guide users through their purchase. Why not download ChayAll, which brings multiple app pods together on your site!
  • Finally, sales pages that include an instant chat window convert up to four times more than others. "Click here for more information" is a phrase that all sites should put forward.

The advantages of the WhatsApp Business API

  • No limits in mailing lists;
  • WhatsApp Business API can integrate a WhatsApp contact button to your website, online store, Instagram Story, email signature, email campaign;
  • The API integrates seamlessly with your CRM and other centralized solutions;
  • WhatsApp Business API offers great automation possibilities (chatbot in particular) to have a 24/7 customer service;
  • The API is compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). ChayAll, the WhatsApp provider, is responsible for protecting the use of your data. This only works, however, for the API version, which requires a provider. Whether the app is downloaded on Android or iOS for iPhone.
  • The API does not require a smartphone to work properly. It can also be used by several administrators and users at the same time.

Convinced? ChayAll offers you an all-in-one tool, including WhatsApp Business API, but also Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google's Business Messages, and a Live Chat tool!

Integrate a WhatsApp widget onto your website!

What is "GBWhatsApp APK" ?

The term "GBWhatsApp" refers to a modified version of WhatsApp that is now circulating on the web. Warning: this WhatsApp MOD APK is the work of third-party developers, without permission from Facebook, also the owner of WhatsApp. Downloading GBWhatsApp APK is, therefore, an illegal act. This modified application does not comply with the GDPR and other rules that govern the use of instant messaging by businesses. Moreover, this APK is only available on Google Play alternatives of doubtful legality, with all the risks that this entails.

You are now well equipped to make the right choice!

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