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How to integrate Instagram into your website?

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Engagement, hundreds of millions of users, eye-catching content, and very active subscribers; with all of these characteristics the potential that Instagram has for business and e-commerce is huge!  These app is now essential to any well-thought-out marketing and content strategy. 

How is Instagram an essential social network for brands? Why integrate your Instagram page into your website? How to allow your subscribers to exchange with you via DM from your website? Discover all of the answers with us!

Instagram: the essential social network for brands

Instagram website

Since its launch on October 6, 2010, Instagram has quickly occupied a previously vacant niche: the social network of images and photos. In its early days, most of its traffic came from individual users and subscribers. Today, Instagram has more than a billion users, including more than 200 million business accounts! Instagram has evolved as one of the best apps for e-commerce today!

The numbers to know

  • First, and unlike other social networks such as Facebook in particular, Instagram has never "gone out of fashion". The hype around this mobile app has remained intact for more than a decade after its launch. The content that is broadcast there announces new trends. Therefore, its marketing potential for brands remains enormous.
  • As a result, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, with more than a billion users. Better: 63% of subscribers connect online, on their profile at least once a day to consult new posts (photos, images, videos, stories, content from influencers and brands, etc.). Making it absolutely neccesary for brands to post every day new content.
  • 20% of the online mobile app or Instagram website users and subscribers visit brands profile and feed at least once a day.
  • Each Instagram ad campaign displays a potential audience of 850 million users.
  • This social network (available via mobile app and website) is adapted to human nature. In fact, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. It has even been shown that visual content (photos , images, videos) recorded 94% more clicks and 40 times more shares than textual content. This record engagement is a formidable weapon for marketing.

Everything we mentioned earlier has made Instagram one of the biggest and trendiest referents of e-commerce and fashion.

How to integrate Instagram into your website?

Integrate an Instagram feed into your website:

Instagram website
Boost your Instagram feed by integrating it with your website.

By integrating your brand's Instagram feed on your website, you will send your posts directly to the web page of your choice! This way, you can reach even more users! There are several advantages to linking the Instagram feed and the accounts of the brands on this social network:

  • This link makes it possible to boost the brands' website. Displaying Instagram posts will give your website a new lease of life.
  • Then the users who visit your website stay on the page. Your news and your content marketing strategy will be carried by your blog and your Instagram feed (posts, hashtags, photos, images, stories, etc.).
  • Finally, displaying the posts from your Instagram on your website will bring a new source of traffic to your business account on this social network.

To link their Instagram feed and their website, brands can use a dedicated plugin (WordPress website) or module

Brands can use a dedicated plugin (WordPress website) or module (PrestaShop website) to link their Instagram and their website. The most used are Elfsight, 10Web Social Photo Feed, Gallery for Social Photo, and Easy Photo Feed Widget. You can also link your Instagram feed and your website without going through a plugin or module. 

Integrate the Direct messaging of the Instagram mobile application

Instagram website
ChayAll allows you to exchange via Instagram Direct from your website.

Instagram is also a powerful messenger with commercial potential. Over 150 million users have at least one conversation with a brand via Instagram Direct every month. Better: 59% of them believe that messaging via Instagram with brands brings them a better customer experience

Brands have every interest in being present on the mobile apps messaging system. To do this, they can be content with their presence on the social network or go further by integrating Instagram into their website. The goal is to encourage visitors to get in touch with the brand to move them forward through the funnel. But how do you do it? You have the solution of the code, which remains time-consuming, tedious, and above all, risky. How about a turnkey solution, no code, and no hassle?

ChayAll has developed a new all-in-one platform that allows you to integrate Instagram into your website in two steps. Just click the button below to start the installation! You will simply have to create your account, check the “Instagram” messaging and choose the page of your website that will host the messaging badge. ChayAll is available on WordPress (plugin) and PrestaShop (module).

As you will be able to see, ChayAll offers you much more than the messaging of the Instagram mobile application. You will indeed be able to integrate the messaging services most used by your customers:

  • WhatsApp (via WhatsApp Business API);
  • Facebook Messenger;
  • iMessage (via Apple Business Chat);
  • Google's Business Messages;
  • Telegram;
  • A Live Chat tool.

Examples of websites integrating Instagram 

Are you looking for inspiration to integrate Instagram into your website? ChayAll has compiled examples of brands that may interest you:

  • GoPro posts the best photos taken by its customers (under hashtags) on its website with an Instagram feed.
  • Hapag-Lloyd Cruises publishes the best pictures of its cruises on its Instagram feed (integrated into its website);
  • Finally, France.fr opens its Instagram feed (integrated into its website) to the various players in French tourism.

Promote your products, boost the reach of your marketing communication and bet on Instagram to generate business opportunities!

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