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How to multiply your mandates with a real estate Messenger chatbot?

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Over the years, new technological advances have made the work of real estate professionals more fluid. And thus promote the customer experience at the same time. Many new practices are available to the various players in this sector. In order to help you in this direction, ChayAll offers you to multiply your mandates thanks to a real estate chatbot messenger.

To improve your customer service and increase your notoriety, it is necessary to restructure your marketing strategy by adapting to new trends. Social networks, instant messaging application, virtual tours, mortgage simulation, online offer ... Your real estate agency now has several tools to promote its activity. In this article, ChayAll shows you how to make the most of this new revolution. And this, thanks to a real estate chatbot messenger.

What is a Chatbot?


Advances in computing and artificial intelligence have given rise to advanced programs capable of holding a conversation as naturally as a human being!

Far from being reserved for research laboratories, these "chatbots" or "virtual assistants" are now investing en masse in the field of customer service, and are a valuable source of savings and efficiency for your company.

Today, the number of users of messaging applications like WhatsApp, Slack, Skype is growing. Facebook Messenger alone has nearly 2 billion monthly users! In other words, your customers and future customers also use instant messaging. No

With the advancement of artificial intelligence and the rapid growth of messaging applications, sculpins are opening up new perspectives and opportunities for businesses. Although bot technology has been around for decades, Machine Learning has improved considerably thanks to the increased interest of the big players in Silicon Valley (Google, Facebook, etc.) and these technologies are now accessible on the Internet. technological and budgetary plans… even for an SME.

The chatbot can be useful in many areas: service and 24/7 customer faster, suggestion or selection of services, commitment customers through targeted marketing campaigns, etc.

How does a real estate Messenger chatbot work?

Instant messaging has started a great revolution in the world of customer service. A true generator of satisfaction, messaging is a lever to activate to improve customer relations and boost sales performance. 65% of users say they are more willing to contact companies that can be reached via messaging. Beyond the advantages specific to instant messaging, Facebook's bot is distinguished by strong advantages:

  • The automation of part of the exchanges results in an immediate reduction in costs.
  • The real estate chatbot messenger has a virtually zero response time. As a result, your Facebook page will sport the very flattering "Very Responsive to Posts" badge, which is a lead generator. This computer program is therefore fast and infallible. As long as it is correctly configured.
  • Also, you have an active 24/7 service. In theory, you don't lose any business opportunity.
  • Cultivate the image of a responsive, modern and efficient company.
  • By automating the most repetitive tasks, you focus on strategic tasks. Or, at least, with higher added value.

Also, note that Facebook's conversational bot is a wealth of information. Its bots will allow you to get to know your customers better in order to serve them better. Finally, the bot of Facebook Messenger is never stressed, even though he would crumble under the stress!

Choose your Facebook Messenger partner

The choice of platform development partner plays a vital role in building a good experience on your bot to messaging.

Whether you want to raise awareness or generate more leads, ChayAll helps you set up the right marketing strategy on messaging channels. We provide you with an intelligent chatbot and give you access to a web interface on which you can easily manage your advertising campaigns.

With our all-in-one chat tool, you can connect users, content, and conversations at the right time. This allows you to quickly interact with your favorite messaging application for your website users.

Take advantage of technological advancement with a real estate Messenger chatbot

Messenger chatbot for business

Virtual tours: an essential asset of instant messaging

Thanks to technological advances, the real estate world is experiencing a great upheaval today. In order to better target potential buyers or tenants, many real estate professionals take advantage of the effectiveness of virtual tours.

This new practice allows real estate professionals to limit the costs due to travel by their real estate agents. Virtual tours also allow them to benefit from real-time savings. Indeed, this solution offers the possibility of going directly to the stage of meeting with the negotiators.

In addition, the owners are also delighted to be able to see the efforts put in place by the real estate agent in order to value their home. Hence the interest of being present at the level of social networks and instant messaging applications. A simple badge integrated into your website allows you to get in touch with your potential buyers. You can also share information, photos, and videos of the property in question with them. Thus, the real estate chatbot messenger stands out as the ideal way to boost your marketing strategy.

Enjoy more secure archiving

Messenger chatbot for business

At a time when the debate on the preservation of the planet is in full swing. It is important to do everything possible to protect the environment in which we live. No need to wait long minutes in front of your printer to retrieve critical documents. An instant messaging application allows you to benefit from secure archiving and not lose any documents. Everything is saved in the cloud!

In addition, this operation allows you to have easier access to your documents. Just sort them, and when the time comes you can send them to your customers without wasting your time. This time saving will allow you to carry out several prospecting campaigns and thus gain many new customers.

The advantages of geolocation of your property

One of the main concerns of a potential buyer or tenant is to have an idea of ​​the surroundings of his future residence. In addition to the importance of this information in the valuation of a property, it gives you arguments to value a house or an apartment according to its geographical location.

With messaging software like WhatsApp Business. It is now possible to send the exact location of the accommodation offered for sale. Your customers can thus explore the surroundings of their future acquisition. And this, thanks to a geolocation application such as Google Maps. 

The importance of the reputation of a real estate agency

Nowadays, the real estate client is “active” throughout his entire journey. Your relationship doesn't end with buying or selling a home. He will not hesitate to evaluate you, to give you a rating on an online platform. And therefore guide the decision of your potential prospects. The challenge of controlling your e-reputation is therefore enormous… especially in France! Indeed, 88% of customers in France consult the opinions of other users before making a purchase. In addition to specialized online platforms, Google has greatly participated in this craze. Also, the search engine indeed displays customer reviews in the margin of its results page. Thus, a simple, well-positioned negative review could be enough to distract users from your company's website. Managing your reputation online is capital:

  • First, make sure you have a “clean” first page on the search engines. Take care of your company's Google My Business listing. Also display the right data.
  • Then, make sure you respond to customer reviews , whether positive or negative, with tact and relevance.
  • Encourage your customers to leave you a review and give you a rating on platforms specializing in real estate.
  • Watch for any "bad buzz" by monitoring the web daily to intervene in time.

How to install a real estate Messenger chatbot on your website?

Messenger chatbot for business

Embedding a chatbot on a website is generally complex and tedious. All the more so when one does not have any technical skills. In order to help you in this direction, ChayAll offers you a variety of solutions in terms of chatbots. These do not require any knowledge in the field of IT. This allows the whole company to benefit from our application. 

Thanks to this revolutionary tool, you will be able to capture the attention of your potential customers, direct conversations to the right departments, and adapt your bot according to user responses.

Be present on all instant messaging channels

ChayAll's services are not limited to creating a chatbot for your website. We also offer you the opportunity to benefit from all communication and instant messaging channels. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business API, Google's Business Messages, Telegram, Apple Business Chat, or even Instagram… There are many choices that we make available to you. And this is for the sole purpose of meeting all the needs of your business. With only one scenario: create personalized chatbots for your prospect, customer, and users. Now you don't have to juggle between different tools, just let our all-in-one chat platform manage your conversations.

More than a simple tool for integrating chatbots on your website

widget for your website

In addition to a fluid conversational experience through interactions with our chatbots. ChayAll allows you to provide impeccable customer service. And this by making your employees more productive. Thanks to a platform centralizing all your communication channels, your customers benefit from an exceptional multi-channel experience. Automatically respond to your customers and prospects from one software, across different channels. Benefit from functionalities adapted for your customer service. Improve internal collaboration and simplify your processes to reduce the cost of your customer service!

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