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How to use a chatbot for business?

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The use of chatbots has redistributed the cards of online customer relations. This ultra-practical tool has redefined the standards of responsiveness and proximity to users. So, how can you use a chatbot to optimize your customer relationship? Learn the answer here!

Of course, we are far from exploiting the full potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Just a few apps use these cutting-edge techniques. And the chatbot is one of them! Chatbots can boost customer experience by eliminating the wait and the frustration of long replying hours. The unthinkable is now a reality accessible to everyone. Micro-businesses and multinationals now can answer customer requests 24/7, all thanks to a chatbot that can hold conversations with customers! But sometimes, learning how to use a chatbot can be difficult and, users don't know where to start. Read this complete guide and learn how to use one for your business!

How to use a chatbot to optimize your customer relationship?

chatbot for business

What is a customer service chatbot?

It is a computer program powered by artificial intelligence, which mimics human advisers in online conversations. Concretely, the bots will use the existing data and resources (responses pre-recorded by the user, FAQs, various data) to respond to customer requests without the intervention of a human agent. Using machine learning, the most advanced chatbots integrate new data from every conversation to mimic the responses of a human sales agent.

How to improve your customer relationship with a chatbot?

But how do you use a chatbot to optimize your customer relationship and reduce costs? It would be wrong to think that chatbots could replace a human agent. Bots should be viewed as a supportive conversational marketing tool.
When integrating a chatbot on your website you will:

  • Spare agents the time consuming and frustrating redundant requests and conversations. The goal is to spare the employees of your company an overly repetitive experience.
  • Have an active customer service 24/7. If your company operates in countries with different time zones, this conversational robot is essential.
  • Have a virtual assistant who comes to sort the leads to direct good prospects to human agents.

In short, we are talking about a virtual assistant and not a tool that takes charge of the entire customer relationship on the website. By its ability to support a simple conversation with the user, the bot increases interactions with customers while optimizing the time of your agents. By improving the responsiveness of your customer service and eliminating the constraint of working hours, you boost the customer experience and improve the conversion rate.

How does a chatbot work?

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The chatbot or conversational bot is software that performs automated tasks. In other words, a bot is a computer program designed to communicate by message with human users on a dedicated chat platform. The chatbot interacts in a format similar to instant messaging. By artificially reproducing the patterns of human conversations, machine learning allows the robot to learn on its own without having to program natural language processing. However, it is possible to be satisfied with the basic version of the chatbot.

The basic chatbot

It is by far the most widely used tool in the business world. It is a conversational chatbot that you program manually. Indeed, you will work by scenarios by analyzing the verbatim of conversations with your customers. Each time your chatbot detects a word in a customer request, it will send a response that you have entered before. It's that simple. Feeding the basic chatbot is a repetitive task. You will have to update the database and add a response each time you notice any inconsistency.

The smart or advanced chatbot

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence power this type of tool. If an initial configuration is still necessary, the chatbot will gradually learn over the conversations it leads. The chatbot will improve its language based on the responses of human agents! If the customer writes a concept that the chatbot doesn't understand, it will pass the lead to an agent. At the same time, it will learn from conversations that it could not resolve. Smart or advanced chatbots integrate with CRM tools to gain more information.

Why use a chatbot?

24/7 customer service, focus on high added value tasks, responsiveness and more!

Chatbots can revolutionize customer service whether you are a web or marketing agency, an e-commerce merchant, a school, or a real estate agency. If you haven't yet started conversational marketing, a customer service chatbot is a great entry point. Here is why in a few key figures:

  • First, 50% of consumers no longer care whether they are dealing with a human assistant or a bot-type chatterbox. It just requires that the language be clear and the conversation consistent.
  • Second, companies lose an average of 75% of their customers due to long wait times. Setting up a chatbot makes it possible to provide instant assistance by responding to the most frequent requests from customers. You will also free up your marketing teams, who will be able to carry out tasks with higher added value.
  • Likewise, 43% of users want customer service available 24/7: that's good, because that's one of the reasons for chatbots.
  • Chatbots can help businesses save on customer service by answering over 80% of common user questions.
  • Finally, more than 67% of consumers worldwide used a chatbot for customer support in 2020.

The four advantages of the chatbot for customer service

Chatbot for business

Chatbots are arguably the best customer service optimization tool with an excellent ROI:

  • First, the chatbot provides instant response, thereby reducing the user's waiting time on the company's website.
  • Then, it improves the customer experience by supporting the latter at each stage of their journey. Remember that customers expect instant answers and 24/7 customer service.
  • Finally, by collecting user comments and opinions in real-time, the robot helps you monitor key customer satisfaction indicators.

How to create a chatbot?

Here's how to create a conversational bot on WhatsApp with ChayAll:

  • First, start by activating WhatsApp Business API with ChayAll.
  • Your ChayAll advisor will help you set up your first automated message. This is usually the welcome message on your website. It is also possible to configure a message to make users wait, an absence message.
  • We will help you set up your first automated message, which is usually the welcome message on your website. It is also possible to configure a message to make users wait, an absence message.
  • Finally, you will be able to configure the conversational scenarios of your ChayAll chatbot by entering pre-recorded responses that the bot uses when certain keywords are detected.

In addition, you can integrate an artificial intelligence module into your chatbot so that it refines its conversations according to the data and information it collects.

Example of conversation with a chatbot

Chatbots have reached such a level of sophistication that it is more and more difficult to “become” that one conducts a conversation with a robot. Here is an example of a conversation with the Domino's Pizza chatbot:

  • Chatbot : Hello, my name is Dom. How can I help you, Bertrand?
  • Client : I would like to order a pizza.
  • Chatbot : Of course. Which pizza would you like to order? (Visual presentation of the pizza menu)
  • Client : The 4 cheese.
  • Chatbot : Small, medium or large?
  • Client : The average.
  • Chatbot : It's noted. Would you like an extra topping?
  • Client : Yes, pepperoni please.
  • Chatbot : I'll recap your order: a medium 4 cheese pizza with extra pepperoni topping. Do you have any other requests, Bertrand?
  • Client : No, it's good, thank you.
  • Chatbot : Thanks to you. Your order is being prepared. See you soon!

If you to want to activate an amazing chatbot, you are on the right page. ChayAll optimizes customer service for its customers on a daily basis through its all-in-one messaging solution. In a few clicks, you will be able to integrate the main messaging services into your website:

  • WhatsApp Business API.
  • Facebook Messenger (see our article on the Messenger chatbot).
  • Apple Business Chat.
  • Google's Business Messages.
  • Telegram.
  • A Live Chat tool.

You will be able to set up your chatbot without coding, thanks to the assistance of our advisors. We also offer you great marketing features to manage your company's reputation. Let's talk about your project!

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