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How to use Instagram for a business?

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With over a billion monthly users and a high engagement rate, Instagram is now among the most favorable social networks for business activities. But how do you use Instagram for a business and turn it into a real sales generator?

Instagram occupies a special place in the world of social networks. Used properly, this platform is the only one to infuse a trendy, hype, and photogenic side to your business. In this article, we invite you to review the best practices to get your business off the ground. We will also provide answers to the most common questions you ask yourself: How to use Instagram for a business? What are the benefits? How to develop your business on Instagram?

Instagram for business

Is Instagram a relevant social network for your business?

Before knowing how to use Instagram for a business, we will first, we will first give you a small list of arguments in favor of this medium. It is a popular social network that offers a lot of possibilities for businesses. And this, whether in terms of business, image management, or the creation of a strong community.

Benefit from a large and varied audience

As mentioned earlier, Instagram now has more than a billion monthly users, half of whom visit it daily. In terms of its audience, we find 42% of daily users in the 25-49 age bracket. 41% among 11-24-year-olds and 17% among 50 years and over. Concretely, this medium gives you the possibility of reaching a very large and varied audience. Therefore, there is a good chance of finding your target here. Instagram allows you to improve your marketing strategy and boost your sales.

Highlight your services with incredible visual communication

Among the most palpable advantages of this social network, we find the massive use of the image in all its forms. This is a great way to showcase your business, services, and products. Thanks to this digital showcase, you have the possibility of exhibiting the advantages and characteristics of what your company offers. Without forgetting that the interest of the visual lies in almost unlimited creativity. Everything is imaginable and available at will. The only limit is therefore your creativity or even editorial consistency.

An ideal social network for B2C specialists

No matter how much we describe a service or a product, our words will never be as precise and as meaningful as an exhibition by images. Thus, you can thereby sublimate what you offer by highlighting it. Lighting, sound quality, various effects, image or video work… There are many possibilities available to you to boost your sales and improve your company's marketing strategy.

In addition, among the reasons for knowing how to use Instagram for a business, there is the Instagram ad network that he shares with Facebook. It is in a way an advertising network for companies working in B2C. In some areas such as ready-to-wear, you can easily showcase your products using certain formats such as the image carousel.

Steps to Use Instagram for Your Business

How to use Instagram for business

Let's get into the heart of the subject! If you are here it is mainly to know how to use Instagram for a business. A few years ago, there were already a lot of celebrities and big companies on Instagram. Nowadays, entrepreneurs and SMEs also want to take their piece of the pie! Indeed, 70% of American businesses use Instagram for business purposes. If you too want to take advantage of the benefits of this social network, here are the key steps to get started.

1. Creating your professional Instagram profile

Before publishing your content (Images or videos), you must first use a professional profile. Good news, converting your profile Staff profile Business is very simple since the application Instagram. Just press the wheel-shaped button next to the “Edit Profile” button.

It is also important to know that you will need to connect your Instagram profile to a pro-Facebook page before proceeding with the conversion.

As soon as you have clicked on “Switch to professional account”, you can then follow the few steps and thus link your professional profile to your Facebook page.

2. Describe the strengths of your business with a unique and memorable bio

Thanks to this optimal functionality, you will have the possibility of giving a good first impression to the users who discover you as well as to your potential customers. Among the basics of a good Instagram bio, we can mention:

  • A global presentation of the company ,
  • A description of your main services,
  • A link to your blog, online store or even your Facebook page,
  • You can also put an incentive such as a promo code or free delivery.

3. What goal does your business want to achieve on a social network?

Before you know how to use Instagram well for a business, you first need to set some goals. This step is intended to help you invest your time and money wisely.

Present your products and services, develop a community, gain notoriety, advertise… The goals that brands seek to achieve on Instagram are diverse and varied. To keep your campaign running smoothly, focus on one or two goals and align all of your resources to accomplish them.

4. Make sure you post regularly

How to use instagram for business

This is a very important rule to assert your presence in social networks. Indeed, you need to post regularly in order to stay in people's minds and for Instagram's algorithm to keep putting you forward?

What to post on Instagram?

The answer to this question is clearly linked to what you were told in the previous step. Indeed, depending on the objectives that you have defined, you will be able to determine what you are going to be able to publish.

Photos, carousel, videos, or stories, Instagram offers you a wide choice of formats. The photo is certainly the format that obtains a good engagement rate in all cases. However, the other formats also deserve your attention. These allow you to diversify your content, grab the attention of customers and boost your creativity.

How often should you post on Instagram?

This is one of the biggest debates around social media. The best way to get a concrete answer to this question is to get started while monitoring your engagement rate.

If you are able to publish content very well 3 times a day, do it and watch at the same time the results. These will show you if you are on the right track or if you need to change your strategy.

5. Use Instagram videos, lives, and stories

What converts better than an image? An image that… moves! Here are some things to keep in mind to promote your business on Instagram

  • 57% of companies believe that stories are “effective” in their  digital strategy  on social networks;
  • When you stream a video  Live  on Instagram, you appear in the top positions of the  Stories feed . Visibility is then at its maximum;
  • Each year,  mobile video consumption  increases by 100%;
  • A third of  the most viewed stories on Instagram  are published by businesses ;
  • Featured Stories are a converting machine. Use them wisely to gain customers . Located on your profile , under the bio, they extend the life of your best stories.

6. Use the right hashtags

Instagram allows the use of a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. However, a study by TrackMaven showed that the best engagement is achieved with 9 hashtags. There are two ways to find the best hashtags and  promote your corporate brand on Instagram  : 

  • Benchmarking of the best competitors;
  • Using a free tool like Display Purpose, Focalmark or AutoHash.

7. Analyze your results to improve your visibility on Instagram

Again, the goals you set to play a very important role. Indeed, the analysis of the results may differ depending on your objectives. For example, if you want to improve your visibility, you will need to monitor weekly the indicator (KPI) which represents the growth in the number of followers.

Thanks to Instagram's functionality allowing you to see your statistics, you can have information about your audience, activity, or content.

8. Respond to all comments left on your Instagram page

Keep a daily watch on the comments left on your posts by your audience. You need to be able to put out any fire before it goes viral. The ChayAll tool allows you to track your Instagram comments and manage your customer service from a single, uncluttered interface. Thanks to such a solution, you will no longer fail to respond to a single comment left! This will promote the engagement of your customers as well as your popularity on the social network. Overall, you will need to: 

  • Give more visibility to positive comments (by responding to them, "liking" them and pinning the most flattering ones);
  • Respond in a courteous but relevant manner to negative comments to neutralize them.

Each new comment on an Instagram photo (unanswered) is identified by a red dot. A simple glance at the interface will allow you to assess the situation without the hassle. But ChayAll is also a selection of the best instant messengers that you can add to your website with just a few clicks. Test us, we love challenges!

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