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How to use interactive buttons on the WhatsApp Business API

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The new interactive buttons make customer interactions faster and simpler. You can now start an easy chat by using buttons to guide the logical conversation flow. This will help automate your internal process and limit misunderstandings with pre-defined answers.

What are the interactive buttons?

Interactive buttons WhatsApp
Interactive buttons in a conversation with a customer

The new WhatsApp Business API buttons offer an upgrade from the old dialogue between customer and company because users can explain to the bot what they need much faster via buttons. (for reference see image above) Now, through a few clicks, the customer will get the same result as in a lengthy conversation, thus improving the quality of customer support.

In other words, the WhatsApp Business API buttons will make conversations between businesses and customers shorter. Helping the company spend that time and resources elsewhere.

The buttons now made available by WhatsApp are functional buttons that companies can make available to their users in dialogues. However, you can use the interactive buttons if the company also uses the WhatsApp Business API.

What benefits does the interactive buttons offer your customers?

Your customers will intuitively navigate the conversation since they have predefined choices. They don't have to search for the right words or write long paragraphs to describe their problem. Suggestions are already made to facilitate contact with customer service and the processing of their request.

However, be careful not to set too many boundaries! Make sure to always suggest in the buttons to contact an agent for any problem that is too complex to be handled by automatic messages.

Interactive buttons on whatsapp

The interactive buttons of WhatsApp Business API save you time by quickly identifying your customers' issues. This way, if an advisor takes over, they can immediately personalize their approach thanks to the choices previously indicated by the customer.

Beyond the personalization of exchanges, automating the customer journey on WhatsApp will allow you to gain efficiency and spend more time on more complex requests. Want to test WhatsApp Business API and automate your customer relationship? Create your ChayAll account and get up to 10 choices on WhatsApp!

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