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Increasing brand awareness with the WhatsApp Business API

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With over a billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp is undeniably one of the best instant messaging applications. This makes it a solution that many of your customers are used to. With the WhatsApp Business API you can build a personal connection with your customers and increase brand awareness.

Looking for an application to effectively handle your customer relationship and boost your sales? Then WhatsApp Business API is the right solution for you.

Besides its simplicity, the new WhatsApp API saves you from crowded inboxes. This application allows you to establish a direct and long-lasting connection with your customers. With this messaging tool, you can swiftly answer their requests and ensure better customer satisfaction.

In this article, we’ll explain what WhatsApp Business API is and what features it can offer you. You’ll also find out how to manage your customer relationship with our all-in-one chat tool.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

awareness WhatsApp Business API

There's no need to introduce the WhatsApp application anymore. According to the 2020 figures from Médiamétrie, this instant messaging system has grown by 32% in France. It has reached 32.4 million unique visitors per month.

But before you start downloading WhatsApp, you should know that there are actually three different models:

  • WhatsApp: this is the traditional application for private use.
  • WhatsApp Business: this application gives you access to the basic features of the system. You can communicate with individual recipients through manually sent messages.
  • WhatsApp Business API: this lets you send mass messages and automate them. To access this solution, feel free to use our all-in-one chat service. It allows you to integrate the WhatsApp widget directly into your website, making it easier for customers to contact you.

The major advantages of WhatsApp Business API

A platform your customers are already know well

WhatsApp has an impressive user base. This messaging software is far ahead of its competitors like Telegram, Discord, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, or Slack.

Many consumers already use the application to communicate with their friends and family. This means that you can easily connect with your potential customers on a platform they know well.

Boost your sales and hold on to your existing customers

With WhatsApp Business API, you get a very intuitive and personalized interface with your company data. The benefits of this instant messaging system are not limited to managing your customer relationships. You can also use it for your marketing campaigns to increase your customer base.

On top of that, being part of your customers' contact list is invaluable. A growing number of companies are offering their customers services through messaging applications. This allows marketing experts to turn their advertising into a direct customer engagement.

The secret of WhatsApp API's high open rates

A spam-free and newsletter-free application

With open rates approaching 70%, one might wonder what the secret of the WhatsApp Business API is. Unlike email, the application is void of newsletters and spam. Sending advertising messages is largely unauthorized in WhatsApp Business API.

Beyond simply interacting with consumers, the application allows you to optimize your marketing campaigns and increase sales. You can schedule targeted operations thanks to the message automation feature.

Increased responsiveness with automation features

Message templates play an essential role in the WhatsApp Business API. With this solution, you can automate parts of your service. This means that you can send a large number of pre-recorded messages such as order confirmations or delivery information.

To make it easier for you, WhatsApp Business API provides you with a selection of frequently used templates.

This communication channel is ideally suited for important messages that users want to receive directly on their phones. Whether it's order forms, late notices, or flyers, everything is made easier with the WhatsApp Business API.

awareness WhatsApp Business API

The main features of WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API offers you a number of valuable features for messaging with your customers. Here are the ones that grabbed our attention:

  • You can send an automatic welcome message when a customer contacts you.
  • With the ''Business Profile'': you can now provide a considerable amount of information about your company (hours, branch address, website, etc.).
  • You can also take advantage of the so-called ''Quick replies'': these are answers to questions that you are often asked and that are pre-recorded.
  • Last but not least: statistics which give you visibility on messages sent, delivered, received or read.

Need assistance? Our agents can provide you with full support and offer their in-depth experience. To strengthen your marketing strategy and improve customer relations, don't hesitate to contact us.

ChayAll ensures your data is safe and secure

After changing the way it collects data from its users, WhatsApp came under fire. That's why the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation is forcing WhatsApp to make updates more flexible.

When introducing a new contact channel, privacy is a very important issue for many companies.

To ensure that your data is protected, ChayAll takes care of the entire technical implementation of the WhatsApp Business API. We also guarantee an RGPD compliant setup for communication with your customers. All our servers are hosted in France. Your data is rendered anonymous after one month and deleted after three months.

WhatsApp's business policy and its desire to maintain user trust make it more difficult for companies to access the API than most other messaging channels. That's why only a handful of providers are WhatsApp-approved. And ChayAll is one of them.

How to install the WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp has entrusted its integration to a limited number of service providers including ChayAll. This means that you first have to choose an Authorized WhatsApp Partner.

Choose ChayAll for safe and secure downloading

Once you have chosen your authorized WhatsApp partner, they’ll then ask you for some information about your company:

  • Company name.
  • Website address.
  • Business sector.
  • Company's postal address.
  • Facebook Business Manager ID... etc.

We take care of the continuous updating of your API. And to offer you optimal service, we also provide you with a virtual number. This number is not linked to a physical telephone line so it can redirect calls to the terminals of your choice.

Everything has been designed to enable you to focus on customer relations and the success of your business.

promote your business

Why choose our all-in-one chat solution?

Customers can contact you directly from your website!

Do you want to promote your business on social networks but are afraid of getting lost? Most companies have realized that social networks are now fundamental in developing their business and increasing their turnover.

After all, with the ChayAll solution, you can manage all your customer messages and conversations from a single platform.

WhatsApp Business API is a great way to communicate quickly, but it’s far from being the only one. To help you develop your e-reputation, we offer a multi-channel messaging solution. Among the many choices we offer are :

  • WhatsApp Business API,
  • Facebook Messenger,
  • Google's Business Messages,
  • Apple Business Chat,
  • A Live Chat tool,
  • A Facebook, Instagram and Twitter comment management tool.

You can choose your customers' most popular instant messengers and integrate them into your website in one click!

Companies using WhatsApp for their marketing campaigns

In 2014, Hellmann's was among the first brands to use WhatsApp for a marketing campaign. This mayonnaise brand used the classic version of the app since at the time the WhatsApp Business API didn't exist yet. This type of marketing campaign is now easy to set up with the new WhatsApp API.

The second company to use the WhatsApp API is none other than the TV channel Euronews. It uses it to send out more traditional informative newsletters. For those with no time to read the papers, this is a convenient way to get information.

Last but not least is the Indonesian e-commerce start-up Sorabel. It uses WhatsApp Business API for its transactional communication. The company provides real assistance to its customers by sending payment and delivery information.

With 90% of messages delivered and read, this campaign was a huge success and far more effective than their SMS support.

How much should you budget to get this solution?

WhatsApp Business API is typically free to use for customers. However, some features like standard notifications cost money for businesses. The charges differ from country to country.

Only with an authorized WhatsApp partner like ChayAll, you will be able to use the WhatsApp Business API.

We have a flexible and scalable pricing structure at your disposal:

  • A free offer, with a package of 300 messages, a chatbot, a personalized widget, performance monitoring, etc.
  • An "Essential" package, with 1,000 messages per month, personalized customer support for 14 days and all the benefits of the free offer (€19 per month).
  • A "Pro" package, with 3,000 messages per month, personalized support for 30 days, plus all the benefits of the "Essential" package (€49 per month).
  • A " Corporate " offer, on quote, with unlimited messages, connections to CRMs and APIs, personalized performance monitoring, project manager support and all the advantages of the " Pro " offer.

To stay ahead of the competition, don't hesitate to use our all-in-one chat services. We look forward to hearing from you to assist you in improving your e-reputation thanks to the WhatsApp Business API.

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