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Instagram comments: how to reply like a pro?

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Instagram comments deserve your full attention. Indeed they are a more significant form of engagement than a "like". In fact, commenting on an Instagram photo shows a stronger interest on the follower's part. Consider it as a "hotter" lead. But how to answer these comments in the best possible way?

Instagram's main competitive advantage over other social networks is its engagement potential. In fact, Instagram users are 58 times more likely to comment, "like" or share their photos compared to Facebook. As opposed to a "like", commenting under a photo calls for action on your part. But how do you respond to a comment on an Instagram photo without getting your foot in the door? Let's have a look at it!

Should you reply to all Instagram comments?

How to detect spam under your posts?

Yes, with one exception: spam. This type of comment under an Instagram photo is easy to detect:

  • It is usually a very vague sentence, with no established connection to the Instagram image or photo;
  • It can also be a comment on the application exclusively composed of emojis;
  • This type of Instagram photo comment usually encourages people to visit and/or subscribe to the profile that posted it.

So start by deleting all the spam and ban "repeat offender profiles" to make it easier for yourself. Then, take a few minutes to respond to genuine comments left by your audience.

Why respond to Instagram comments under posts within your News Feed?

Reply link a pro - messaging

The stakes are high:

  • Instagram is gradually establishing itself in the e-commerce niche, especially with Instagram Shopping. Therefore, comments are to Instagram what reviews are to Tripadvisor. Also, about 88% of French people read consumer feedbacks before buying. Responding on the comments section reassures your prospects, showing you are both responsive and reliable.
  • Responding to Instagram comments can very quickly become an asset for the natural referencing of your posts. Indeed, an Instagram post that gets a reaction is bound to have a higher organic reach. You gain visibility, attract new followers and boost your business opportunities.
  • Being active on the Instagram comments section is a way of controlling your e-reputation. As you know, "nature abhors a vacuum". By ignoring comments on social media, you open the door to rumor. You also give the image of a brand that is not very involved, maybe unreliable and above all hard to reach.

To master your e-reputation on Instagram, this is what we recommend:

  • Give more visibility to flattering comments. You can like them and reply to them. You can also pin the best ones. They will be displayed under your Instagram post (under the caption and hashtags). Users will see them on their news feed and associate these positive comments to your brand.
  • Neutralize negative comments by responding to them with tact, courtesy and relevance. Which brings us to the next question… How do you respond to Instagram comments like a pro?

1. Respond to a positive Instagram photo comment

Instagram comments

Just got an Instagram comment that flatters your business, product or customer service? Bravo! Take the opportunity to thank the person, making sure to name them and address them directly. It is advisable to respond within a maximum of 48 hours. If that time has passed, simply "like" that Instagram photo comment. Did your Instagram post cause an outburst of positive comments in just a matter of minutes? Great performance! In that case, you can show your appreciation to your audience with a single comment. Don't forget to pin the most flattering comments for them to appear first.

2. Respond to a neutral Instagram comment

Comments that do not carry any particular "feeling" can be called "neutral". In the big arena of e-reputation, the "neutral" comment leans more towards the positive, in that it shows engagement and improves organic reach. So act on a case-by-case basis.

If the person is just mentioning or tagging a friend or responding to another comment, you are not required to reply. If, however, the comment follows a question in your post, you can simply "like" it. We also recommend that you answer long-form comments that involved some writing for the client. This is especially true for " slice of life " Instagram comments. Make sure you start your response with a thank you: "Thank you for sharing your story/experience", "Thank you for this testimony", etc.

3. Respond to negative but constructive feedback

Although it is never pleasant to read a negative comment, you should quickly grasp the potential of this type of feedback. Indeed, constructive comments are a mine of information. They will allow you to better understand your buyer's personas in order to meet their needs. So make sure you pick up on the verbatim used by your audience in the negative comments. The negative Instagram photo comment can be about three things, each calling for a specific type of answer:

  • A comment focusing on the form. Perhaps the person pinned a spelling mistake, an inappropriate image, or a dead link. Correct the error and thank the person who pointed it out.
  • A constructive feedback about a problem with your product. Respond as quickly as possible, with tact and professionalism. Be methodical in identifying the source of the problem. Try to remain friendly, even if the concern is on the user's side.
  • A comment criticizing the customer service. In this case, you can leave a private message to the person and notify them in the comments section. You can also remind him/her that you are reachable by phone, but also via instant messaging, if you use ChayAll.

4. Respond to a negative comment that is aggressive but justified

Once again, negative comments should require your full attention. You need to be ultra-responsive to prevent this type of comment from starting a bad buzz or crisis. Be empathetic, honest, and transparent. Don't be afraid to admit you're wrong if necessary, and even apologize. Reply as a human, not as an abstract entity. Be available to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Some brands do not hesitate to offer a commercial gesture. Yes, this is a radical solution that will win you points, but you must remain vigilant. Don't make up for it easily, in order to avoid an outburst of false claims. It is up to you to find the right balance.

How to increase the number of comments under your Instagram posts?

comments under your Instagram posts

Now you know how to properly reply to a comment on an Instagram post. But how can you boost your publications' reputation and obtain more comments under your posts? Here are a few tips.

Offer interesting content

The first impression a user gets when visiting your profile is crucial. To make it as good as possible: select images that have a certain harmony between them. Each account has its own universe and it is important that the user sees it at a glance. He will quickly know if your content is attractive and relevant to him. This will also make him want to go further in the exploration of your profile.

Comment on other users' posts

In order for your profile to gain notoriety, make yourself known to other Instagram users! Commenting on photos on their profile can be a way of gaining additional subscriptions.

Improve your captions under photos

While the content needs work, the caption is also essential. Underneath a video or photo, take care of your caption. Ask questions, explain your point of view, solicit your followers and random visitors! They will want to comment straight back.

Use the right hashtags

Take care of your hashtags. They are absolutely essential in your content strategy. Choosing the most popular ones will allow your publications to appear in the users' news feed.

Think about your stories

This recent format introduced by the Instagram application appears right below your profile. Stories allow you to take your followers everywhere with you. An essential brick to your content strategy!

ChayAll, and customer service becomes a breeze!

Instagram comments

Can't keep up with the flow of Instagram comments to reply to them efficiently? Worried about losing track of your audience growing by the day? Don't panic. The free ChayAll app has you covered:

  • The app displays all the comments of your Instagram posts on a single (clear and minimalistic) interface;
  • You'll be able to answer all the comments from that same interface.

Each new comment on an Instagram photo left unanswered is identified by a red dot. A simple glance at the interface will allow you to assess the situation, without any headaches. But ChayAll is also a great selection of the best instant messaging channels that you can add to your website in a few clicks. Test us, we love challenges

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