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Instagram Shops: The future of E-commerce

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It seems that today everyone is buying and selling products and services on Instagram. Even one of the creators of the app said: “We're no longer a photo-sharing app”

As multiple social media platforms adapt to shifting user habits, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, announced this June that the app is pivoting away from being primarily a photo-sharing app.

Now having a website of your business is not enough. If your brand isn´t on social media, you may as well be invisible. Using social media to promote your products and services is now more important than ever. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more users are shopping from their homes. And they are not doing it on their computers, they are shopping on their phones.

Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, Zuckerberg basically, have not stayed behind on these trends. And since 2020, they have adapted their platforms to adapt better to customers’ new needs, like shopping directly on the app without having to leave it. Since May of 2020, users on Instagram can now buy a product that they see scrolling through the app without ever leaving the app.

With this new feature, approximately 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts each month.

e-commerce online shopping

So, what makes Instagram so special?

Instagram is one of the most visually appealing platforms on the web. With its visual design, the app has done for photographers, models, and fitness entrepreneurs what YouTube did for filmmakers: provide a previously unavailable platform to a community of creatives. For these influencers and entrepreneurs, Instagram has been an absolute godsend for their business.

And now, it has evolved not only to a platform that lets users create original and fun content, but it has helped many businesses grow online. And today, it´s one of the most important platforms, if not the best one, to start a business. Today, 90% of US marketers name Instagram as the most important social media platform for marketing.

Based on the social networking giant’s own metrics, up to 80 percent of users follow at least one business account. With over 25 million businesses recorded on the app in 2018, these brand accounts are a vital source of revenue for the company.

And with its organic reach, Instagram lets users grow faster, and with Ads, you can reach a broader audience with just a little investment. Growing on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram is not so easy. With one post on Instagram, you can reach a vast audience with only hashtags, a keyword, or by tagging a place. And now that organic reach on Facebook is decreasing, brands should look for the platforms that let them grow easier, like Instagram or Tiktok. Instagram can boost your sales by 500% while cutting down the conversion cost by 80%.

e-commerce online shopping

The future of E-commerce: 

Almost every business is now embracing e-commerce to promote new products or ventures. But is it true that Instagram has control over how e-commerce businesses operate nowadays? We are going to find out! Here are the reasons why Instagram is the future of e-commerce:

Instagram Shop 

Shops are immersive fullscreen storefronts that enable businesses to build their brand story and drive product discovery — all in a native shopping experience. People can visit a shop from a business' Instagram profile or through Feed and Stories.

People can visit a shop from a business’ Instagram profile or through Feed and Stories. Once they’re at the shop, people can browse products, explore collections, and purchase products — seamlessly through our in-app browser or without leaving the app from shops with checkout.

With shops, Instagram wants to give people a place to experience the joy of shopping versus the chore of buying. Collections let businesses customize the shopping experience and curate products into themes that tell their brand story.

Instagram Generates Results Faster than SEO: 

Instagram lets your audience receive your updates as soon as you post them or whenever they log in to their accounts. With Instagram ads, you can get your content in front of millions of engaging users. With a 68% engagement rate (more than twice the engagement on Facebook – 32%), you would not be mistaken for choosing Instagram as your marketing channel for e-commerce above other social networks.

Anyone can do it (even if you don´t have a website or Instagram shop): 

The great thing about Instagram is that you can create yourself a business profile and start posting pictures of your products and anyone can see them! You don´t need a website developer or a professional photographer to upload your products. It's like a DIY (Do It Yourself) for businesses. It's worth clarifying that getting a community manager can help you have better and more complete content.

Contests and User-generated content:

Social media is about being social, and it is no different for Instagram. When you share content from users and customers, you improve your user engagement. And you would want to geotag the posts to improve visibility and engagement in various places. But why are we talking about engagement for e-commerce businesses? Because, for Instagram, more engagement means better business.

Contests help your followers to engage and participate in promoting your brand. They feel honored when you feature them in your brand posts, and they would endeavor to do their best to promote your brand according to the standards you set in your contest. And when you offer them prizes, who would not work for it? 

Instagram Allows Your eCommerce To Connect With The Young Crowd: 

E-commerce businesses rely on young customers and can have a strong customer base through Instagram. Instagram has an active user base of young people, mainly between the ages of 18 to 29 years. On Instagram, customer and product brand relationships last longer and grow from there. Everything can be promoted on Instagram, from beauty products to e-commerce mobile apps.

Today growing organically on Instagram may not be as easy as before, but the app has improved tremendously and has given its users numerous ways to post content and try to attract more customers. With Reels, Carousels, IGTV, Posts, and Stories, you can reach users in different and more creative ways. And now with Instagram Shops, the app has a fully rounded experience for its users and it's slowly becoming the future of e-commerce.

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