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Install Telegram on your business website!

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It is up to you to adapt to the connection habits of your target. You must seek where your customers are! And that is instant messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp Business, and Facebook Messenger. You came here to learn and we will help you! So, let's find out why and how to integrate Telegram API into your website!

What is the Web Telegram API? How does Telegram's messaging app API differ from its competition? What are its advantages for your customer service? 

What is Telegram API?

Telegram, a rising instant messaging app

Telegram for business

It was in 2013, Telegram saw the light of day, under the leadership of brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, founders of the VKontakte group, which manages the most prominent social network in Russia. Telegram is a secure, cloud-hosted, free, and open-source app. Available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone (in its time), Telegram takes all the functions of messaging services like WhatsApp, Messenger, or WeChat, where you can exchange messages in text, photos, videos, URLs, and documents.

Today, Telegram has more than 500 million users. With exponential growth throughout the years (it had barely 180 million users in 2017), users send, on average, 150 messages per day. More than 10% of users (55.2 million) are active daily. Telegram is also a regular in the top 10 most downloaded mobile app, being downloaded 18 million times at the end of 2020. According to Sensor Tower estimates, Telegram should have one billion users by the end of 2022, establishing itself in corporate customer service.

What is Web Telegram API?

Telegram is not just a messaging app. The solution has several public APIs. Developers can access it to create new features as needed. Contrary to what one might think, this accessibility is not simply intended for “anonymous” developers. Indeed, Samsung launched a messaging application ( PHP ) based on Telegram APIs in September 2015.

Telegram also offers a PHP API which allows developers to create a bot. The user can use the Web Telegram API to emulate retro games in the app, send notifications to customers, create a PHP chatbot, etc. Finally, the Web Telegram API offers secure online payment functionalities directly from the app. The user can also link Telegram to an online payment solution like Stripe through the Web Telegram API.

Concrete case: how to create a Telegram bot?

Telegram for business

Let's start with the technical method, which requires knowledge of PHP. First, you need to create a Telegram account. Then send a message to BotFather, the virtual assistant that supports developers in the creation of a Telegram API Web bot. To start the creation of your bot, send the message "/ Newsbot" to BotFather. The latter will respond instantly to ask you for the name of your Telegram Bot.

Why install this API on your website?

The benefits of Telegram chat app

Telegram app

Like all the most prominent couriers, Telegram allows you to find your target where they already are. Personalize your customer service, with all the cascade of advantages that we know: customer satisfaction and loyalty for better commercial performance.

Telegram is a synonym of privacy. Using this app will show your customers that you take the issue of data privacy very seriously. This chat app is presented as the most advanced messaging tool in terms of security. It uses a different method, with AES-256 encryption and extensive cryptography. These are also new features that are not necessarily found on other chat tools. Downloading Telegram means diversifying the possibilities of its customer service:

  • Exchange files up to 2 GB;
  • Send group messages (as well as group messages) and to create public channels;
  • Integrate hashtags in your message to find them more easily in a group or a private discussion with the search functionalities (advantage of PHP);
  • Sent URLs are decoded to display an image, header, etc. ;
  • The ability for you and the customer to delete a message from a conversation on all participants' devices, including in a group;
  • The "Secret Chat" feature allows you to send an end-to-end encrypted message. This message is only accessible to devices that have initiated or accepted the discussion.
  • Creating voice rooms (latest Update).

The advantages of Web Telegram API

Since June 2015, developers can use the Web Telegram API to create a bot, perform a test, implement code, etc. The API Telegram also can create a bot builder. There are numerous advantages to this:

  • Automate the response to redundant questions.
  • Allow your teams to focus on tasks with higher added value.
  • Reduce response times.
  • Have customer service available 24/7.

The Web Telegram API also allows you to create vector stickers with distributable bitmap images as packs (JSON encoding).

Integrate the Web Telegram API to your website with ChayAll!

ChayAll will support you, step-by-step, in integrating the Web Telegram API into your website. Just click on the next button to start the integration.

Telegram for business

But why stop there? Your prospects and customers are on Telegram, but also WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, Instagram, or even Google's Business Messages. This is why our messaging platform allows you to choose the apps that interest you and integrate them into the URLs of your choice, at any time. These are also marketing features to help you manage your e-reputation. You will also be able to configure the automatic sending of an invitation so that your customers leave you a review on a rating platform.

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