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Instant messaging simplifies your home delivery service

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Until two decades ago, home delivery service was still a luxury. Today, it is an essential prerequisite for competitiveness in several sectors of activity such as catering or ready-to-wear, especially in periods of lockdown.

Whether it's a pizza, a book, clothes, or the family shopping trolley, home delivery must be properly managed from start to finish. There is nothing worse than an order arriving late… except perhaps a company that doesn't respond at all! That's where instant messaging for home delivery comes in.

Instant messaging: a decisive advantage for your home delivery service

Instant messaging for an efficient delivery service

Home delivery requires much more than just transporting goods from point A to point B. After making sure that the product to be delivered is the right one, you will need to synchronize the deliverer and the customer to avoid confusion as to the time, date, and place of delivery. Home delivery can be impacted by unforeseen events. Your customers know this and are willing to be lenient... as long as you take the trouble to keep them informed! Instant messaging therefore establishes a fast and secure communication channel between a business and its customers. Your home delivery service becomes fluid, serene, and efficient, with better customer satisfaction.

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Home delivery: Instant messaging for the unexpected

It may happen that your delivery person has had difficulty finding his or her way or delivering the order to the right recipient. It is also possible that your customer decides to change the delivery address at the very last moment. By giving customers the possibility of contacting you through their favorite instant messaging service, your customers will be able to inform you quickly of any changes. Your home delivery service will thus be more flexible and your product will be delivered in the best possible conditions.

You can also inform your customers of what cannot be done at your level. The order cannot be delivered on the agreed date? Your customers will be more forgiving if you take the time to warn them. Instant messaging ensures a high delivery and opening rate (up to 90%), six times more than email.

Either way, you need to make sure that your home delivery service is ready for the unexpected. Your customers’ satisfaction and therefore their loyalty to your brand is at stake.

Home delivery : instant messaging to assess your customers' satisfaction

According to figures provided by eMarketer, more than 2.52 billion people use at least one instant messaging application. In France, the latest study (2017) reports more than 25.2 million users. The chances are that your customers are also instant messaging users. Ready access to this tool makes it an excellent channel for measuring customer satisfaction. You will be able to identify ways to improve your home delivery service and fine-tune your offer. What is more, offering a satisfaction survey means being able to listen and self-assess. Your customers will appreciate your concern, especially if you make the effort to ask them their opinion through their preferred means of communication!

The 3 criteria for choosing the right instant messaging for your home delivery service

Instant messaging accessible from your website

To fully play its role as a means of continuously improving delivery services, your instant messaging tool must be visible and accessible from your website. ChayAll's instant messaging solution allows your customers to engage in a chat with a single click. An icon will be placed on every page of your website for your convenience.

A solution that integrates several instant messaging systems

Customers all have their favorite instant messaging service. To reach out and serve all your prospects and customers, choose a solution that integrates the most popular instant messaging systems. The ChayAll solution integrates WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Live Chat, and Google's Business Messages. It enables you to offer a customized home delivery service regardless of the instant messaging used by your customers!

An easy-to-install instant messaging solution Whatever the heart of your business may be, we are willing to bet that it's both exciting and challenging! The logistics that come with any home delivery service are no different. So spare yourself the tedious tools that bring more problems than they offer solutions. For an efficient, hassle-free home delivery service, opt for an instant messaging solution that's easy to install and set up. ChayAll offers an instant messaging plugin that you can install in just a few clicks. No advanced computer skills are required. Simply check the instant messengers you want to activate on your site and install your plugin. Let’s go!

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