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The power of instant messaging for real estate

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As technology advances, the real estate market has been evolving and evolving to every update. Keeping up with these new changes and looking for new leads can be exhausting sometimes. And sometimes, you don’t even know if these new channels are the ones the right ones. So, what should you do? Reach them through instant messaging!

A real estate agent helps their clients purchase, rent, or sell properties. They advise clients about market conditions, conduct walkthroughs, and provide guidance and assistance through the process of buying, selling, or leasing properties. In these pandemic times, reaching out to your leads face to face can be challenging because many of them are working in their homes. Many agents are adapting to their client's needs, and you should too! Prepare yourself to talk and guide your clients from your cellphone or laptop with instant messaging!

The best thing you can do is go and promote your services where your clients most spend their time. Potential homebuyers who search for properties online are now estimated at almost 90 percent. Meanwhile, 30 percent out of the 90 make use of their mobile phones to search. This trend should be a good enough reason for real estate agents to utilize instant messaging and grab extra customers each month.

But, how do you know where to find them? The most probable thing is that the leads you are looking for have a cellphone with social media apps installed. And how are they communicating with businesses, friends, and loved ones? Through instant messaging apps! Reach your potential leads through instant messaging by using it on your marketing strategy. You will see the results! And here at ChayAll, we tell you why!

instant messaging for real estate

Instant messaging for real estate

Did you know that 40% of real estate clients prefer to communicate by text...but only 15% of agents do so? According to a report by the California Association of Realtors, most of real estate agents are not using instant messaging.

Imagine this scenario. A potential client is looking for a new place to live at 2 a.m. They are inquiring about a new listing, and they write to you on Facebook asking about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Five years ago, most agents would probably respond to their text when they wake up in the morning the next day. But that can be unfortunate for your business because now, users will wait just a short amount of time for a response.

Customers don't like to wait in queue to get their issues resolved. Long wait times are destroying the essence of superb customer service, due to which the rate of customer defection is increasing. Thus, agents need to closely study their first response time on their social media messaging channels. 

Benefits of using instant messaging for real estate:

Increase your conversion rates: 

Utilizing live chat can turn curious homebuyers into loyal customers. Have you got control over how many potential customers visit your website each day without contacting you? If you are not keeping track of your website analytics, you might be shocked to learn just how many potential clients are leaving your site without engaging with you every day! With the right live chat software, you can increase your engagement with online visitors.

Better customer service:

In the real estate industry, every successful deal begins with the agent or broker’s contact with the lead. Thus, quickly following up with the prospect is crucial. With instant messaging and chatbot software, you can be available 24/7 for your customers. So if they ask you a question when you are not available about the price and location, the bot builder can answer for you! Build conversations with your chatbot and keep your customers interested to make a sale at hours you wouldn't be making business. 

Also, if you don’t have a chatbot that responds for you, customers can leave you messages, and you can answer them whenever you are ready! With instant messaging, any potential lead can reach you on the platform that they feel most comfortable. Just give them the options, and the messages will start coming in.

Send photos and videos of the property you are selling: 

A picture is worth a thousand words, and real estate is worth more! You cannot describe well the beautiful entrance of the house you are selling only by words. You have to show your customer the picture! With instant messaging, you can send pictures and videos of the property you want to sell. Your clients will be more than satisfied by having them on their phones!

Sell properties in any part of the world: 

By having direct communication with clients you can be attentive to their needs, respond to their questions, and show them the house of their dreams virtually! A market that has really grown on the pandemic is the real estate market. Right now, more people are buying houses they haven’t seen in person. 

A record number of people relocated in 2020. A huge portion of those deals involved a virtual component, whether it was “meeting” the agent by phone, watching a video tour, having a FaceTime showing, or opting for a virtual inspection or closing. 

For several years, agents have been leaning into technology to give clients an accurate impression of a home before they even walk through the door. Instead of clicking through a few photos and needing to “go see it in person” to know for sure, prospective buyers have Google Maps street view and exterior shots, HD and 3-D listing photos, 360-degree drag-and-move panoramic room tours, and full-home video tours.

Bottom line: 

As a real estate agent or business owner, you have to stay innovative and competitive in the market. You should make the most out of every marketing channel available and use them to your advantage. Instant messaging is an option that you shouldn’t miss out on. Integrating it into your CRM goes a long way in supplying consistent leads to your pipeline and increasing your conversion rates.

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