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How to choose the right instant messaging app for customer relations?

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Taking advantage of a (very) favorable macro-environment, a professional instant messaging is a performance factor in customer relations. With several billion users, the most popular messaging systems are no longer just a private conversational tool...

They're a must-have for smooth customer service and, above all, conversion. After all, 65% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from brands that can be reached by instant messaging. The stakes aren't just relational, they're also commercial. But how do you choose the right business instant messenger? Let's find out in this instant messaging comparison by ChayAll!

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WhatsApp Business, the undisputed leader

Let's be honest, if you had to choose only one business instant messenger, WhatsApp would be it. It has over two billion users and it's the number one instant messaging application in 130 countries. The truth is, your target audience is probably already on WhatsApp so you're just going to seek out your customers where they are. By simply displaying that little green button on your website, it'll send a positive signal to visitors: you're available, reachable, and responsive. You want to save them the hassle of filling out a contact form, calling, or emailing. 

A popular instant messaging service for businesses and consumers alike

WhatsApp is already part of their daily lives. Your interactions will be natural, intuitive, and meaningful and you'll be putting your customers in the right position to hear what you have to say. Unlike Facebook Messenger, its main competitor, WhatsApp is ad-free. This is probably why this free instant messaging application is so successful. WhatsApp is the first thing you think of when you hear the words "instant messaging", "free chat messenger" or "instant messaging application". You can choose between two solutions for business messaging: 

  • WhatsApp Business, a free business instant messenger for small businesses. This package offers only basic customer relations features.
  • WhatsApp Business API, a professional instant messenger for companies that want to be more ambitious. On the menu: unlimited mailing lists, WhatsApp button integration on all devices, automation, notifications, etc.

Naturally, it's WhatsApp Business API that allows you to benefit from the advantages of messaging for convincing customer relations. Hesitating between WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business? We'll help you make the right choice.

Facebook Messenger: huge commercial potential

If WhatsApp stands out for its clarity and ease of use, Facebook Messenger offers huge commercial potential. Advertising is what makes WhatsApp Business API and Facebook Messenger complementary. Facebook's instant messenger has everything to be proud of in terms of an audience with its 1.3 billion users. And it's probably even bigger, thanks to the upcoming merger with Instagram’s messenger.

Why use Messenger for professional instant messaging?

Below is a short overview of how Facebook Messenger can enhance your business performance: 

  • Ability to advertise through Messenger, provided the user has already contacted you.
  • Satisfaction surveys are automatically generated after customer interactions. This indicator will help to improve your customer service.
  • Like WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger allows for automated messages and responses.
  • Facebook Messenger stands out for its ability to make online payments. Just send customers a payment request (Facebook Pay, Stripe...). They'll then have to accept it and enter their contact information.

These assets make Facebook Messenger a conversion monster. In fact, 74% of respondents say they use Facebook Messenger to make a purchase. This makes it a must-have professional instant messenger for social selling.

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Apple Business Chat to target Apple Addicts

Apple Business Chat is a professional instant messenger that stands out for a very interesting feature. This messaging tool allows you to exclusively address those coveted Apple Addicts. There are two sides to this advantage: 

  • The "product" side. By knowing your contact uses an iOS device, you can offer a tailored service. This edge is crucial for companies that sell apps, software, smartphone accessories, etc.
  • The " income" side. Apple device users are mostly higher income earners who consume more than Android users.

Of course, Apple Business Chat doesn't just offer specific targeting. It has all the conveniences of a business instant messenger. You can chat, schedule appointments, and sell via Apple Business Chat. And finally, note that iMessage is a built-in communication application on iOS devices so users don't need to download it to chat with you.

Google's Business Messages, the "local" messenger.

Integrated into Google Search, Maps, and My Business, this messaging system by Google offers highly targeted entry points. Customers and prospects can send you messages all without visiting your website. This professional instant messenger combines the power of Google's search engine (90% of queries) and the convenience of instant messaging.  This tool will give instant relevance to your presence on Google. You won't lose any business opportunities. But the interest of Google's Business Messages goes beyond customer relations: 

  • The "Message" button improves your online reputation! After all, a company that can be reached through business instant messaging is bound to get better reviews on Google.
  • Google's algorithm is a well-kept secret. It seems however that a well optimized Google My Business listing plays an important role in local SEO. That includes the famous "Message" button in Google's Business Messages.

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Verdict: which instant messaging app for customer relations is the best for you?

Each target has its own ideal instant messaging application. It's mathematical. By covering more ground, you increase your chances of getting qualified leads. So why choose? As you may have noticed, business instant messengers can't be swapped. They're actually complementary. That's why ChayAll has integrated them all into its one-stop messaging platform. All you have to do is integrate the ChayAll plugin or module into your website. Select the messengers of your choice to see the corresponding buttons appear.

Rest assured! All messages are centralized in a single interface no matter the source. So, are you ready to take your customer relations to the next level and boost your sales performance?

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