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How do brands promote instant messaging?

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Instant messaging is becoming essential in the way companies communicate with each other. ChayAll offers the possibility to gather all conversations on a single interface.

Easier to manage than the telephone, instant messaging is becoming more and more often favored by brands. But how do brands promote instant messaging? How do they encourage their partners to use this channel rather than another?

By adopting the most widely used tools

How can you communicate better with your partners than by adopting the same tool as them? This is the reasoning of many companies who have chosen to use WhatsApp to communicate with their partners and prospective customers.

This app is very popular and has recently passed the 2 billion user threshold. Integrating WhatsApp into a brand's communication channels allows companies to reach a broad target audience. Also, they can highlight their use of instant messaging.

Good to know: During the Coronavirus containment, WhatsApp was the most downloaded application on Google Play. It had nearly 382,000 downloads on the week of March 16-22 alone.

how to use messaging for business?

By being present on social networks

Facebook and Instagram have their own instant messaging tools: Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct. These apps are integrated into their social networking platforms.

Companies can therefore make extensive use of these social networks to promote instant messaging. Companies clearly invite their followers to interact through the linked instant messaging channel by managing a Facebook or Instagram page.

Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct are therefore closely related and being present on both social networks.

By integrating instant messaging on their website

To enhance the value of instant messaging, more and more brands are choosing to integrate a live chat on their website. Thus, many sites open a pop-up directly at the bottom or on the side of their home page.

This is a way of inviting visitors to get in touch with a live advisor, who will be able to answer their questions immediately. This method of contact is more qualitative than traditional messaging, which often involves longer response times. It is also much more comfortable than telephone contact, which requires a high level of responsiveness from operators. Unlike the telephone, instant messaging often allows automatic responses to be programmed. Which fully satisfies callers while simultaneously limiting management time for the company.

Good to know: To avoid multiplying messaging tools, it is possible to integrate WhatsApp or Messenger into a website. The web user can then contact the company, which will respond from whichever application is selected.

how to use messaging for business

By activating Google's Business Messages

What better way to showcase instant messaging than by offering it directly in the Google search result?

That's what Google offers with its new messaging solution: Google's Business Messages. This free messaging solution allows partners to quickly find relevant information and contact a business via Google Maps directly from the Google search results page.

Get the perfect solution for convenience stores, restaurants, or craftsmen with instant messaging!

This solution has the advantage of being available to all Internet users with an Android or iPhone device. By having the Google Maps app, the messaging channel is automatically linked to this application. And, no download or social network account is necessary to be able to communicate with Google's Business Messages.

By bringing together various messaging systems onto an multichannel platform

To encourage their partners to contact them through instant messaging, most companies opt for several tools at a time. To be reactive simultaneously on all these media, however, requires management time.

Simplify this task and allow companies effective management of their communication. The ChayAll application offers the possibility of concentrating all the instant messaging services on a single interface. Apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Business Messages, and others can thus be managed from a single intuitive application. At a glance, a salesperson can see all client requests and can respond to them in just a few clicks. This allows the salesperson to juggle seamlessly from one tool to another without any difficulty. And at the same time benefit from the functionalities of each messaging application. Instant messaging has become essential for all companies wanting to be available for their customers while at the same time needing a comfortable means of management. In pre-sales consulting as well as in after-sales service, these tools offer information-rich conversation, helping to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

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