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Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp: which is the best messaging app for your business?

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Messaging apps provide more proximity, responsiveness, and humanity in the era of physical distancing and online self-service. To say that instant messaging and online chat tools monopolize most of the communication flow is an understatement.

The text message is now establishing itself as the preferred means of communication in the private and professional spheres. Billions of messages are exchanged on mobile phones every day. Users can exchange messages in text format, images, videos, documents, and other files. Instant messaging apps compete in ingenuity on the security side, especially with end-to-end data encryption. Between Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, what do you think is the best messenger for your business?

Why use Telegram for its customer relationship?

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Telegram and the security challenge in the era of rampant digitization

WhatsApp has long dominated discussions when it comes to online conversations between businesses and their customers. Professionals started using WhatsApp even before the release of the two business versions. This instant messaging app shines by its practicality. But WhatsApp has been slow to adapt to the new demand for user security and privacy. Telegram is one of the most respected apps for privacy. Telegram usage has exploded in this time of the pandemic. Indeed, the sudden and unbridled digitization of professional exchanges because of distance has propelled the issue of confidentiality and security.

If you are an avid reader of our blog, you know we love statistics! And those from Telegram simply great:

  • First, Telegram has some 500 million monthly active users.
  • Then, the messaging application that relies on security can boast 55.2 million daily active users (same source as above); 
  • Telegram is expected to have one billion users by next year.
  • More than 15 billion messages are exchanged every day via this messaging application.
  • Telegram is the most downloaded application in the world in 2021 (excluding games), mainly on Android (85% Telegram is the most downloaded app in the world on 2021 (excluding games), mainly on Android (85% of Telegram users are on Android). This app intends to improve its marketing strategy to establish itself on iOS.

Telegram messaging: the recipe for stratospheric success

The app takes over the same functionality from the instant messaging giants that came before it. Telegram takes over the same functionality from the instant messaging giants that came before it. The app launched in 2013 by the Russian billionaire Pavel Durov has been able to bounce back from the disadvantages of the competition. Equipped to have great speed for loading data, Telegram also incorporates new practical functions for groups. The "Super Group" function can accommodate up to 200,000 customers simultaneously.  In comparison, the WhatsApp Business app can only have 256 users per group. 

Next, Telegram gives pride of place to security, since the app pioneered end-to-end data encryption This is also one of the reasons for its growing popularity despite stiff competition from Signal , another specialist in end-to-end information encryption (available on Google Android phones , iOS and Windows Phone in its time). Today, the security and privacy of conversations is a major concern of users. The GDPR has indeed been there ... And in this area, difficult to do better than Telegram Messenger, considered one of the most secure applications in the world. By the time WhatsApp fumbles theend-to-end encryption , Telegram was already several steps ahead. Facebook's messaging app has successfully revised its copy, however.

Next, Telegram gives pride of place to security since the app pioneered end-to-end data encryption. This is also one of the reasons for its growing popularity, despite competition from Signal, another specialist in end-to-end information encryption (available on Google Android phones, iOS, and Windows Phone in its time). Today, the privacy and security of our daily conversations are a big deal to users, and that's why Telegram is so popular. In this area is difficult to top Telegram. By the time WhatsApp fumbles the end-to-end encryption, Telegram was already several steps ahead.

Be satisfied with Telegram for its customer relationship?

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If Telegram has the potential to be a perfect communication channel for customer relations, it is also for its features:

  • Send messages and files, and to make voice and video calls, even with a low speed internet connection.
  • Create "Channels" with thousands of users to send messages and conduct discussions with interested users.
  • Send files up to 1.5 GB
  • Add bots to automate "Channels" management actions;
  • Set up chatbots to respond to the most frequent requests from users.

Faster and more privacy-friendly, however, messaging alone cannot carry your customer relationship. To be satisfied with this app is to deprive yourself of huge audiences on WhatsApp and Messenger. Haven't integrated Telegram into your website yet? Maybe it's time to take action with ChayAll!I add Telegram to my customer relationship!

Why use Messenger to chat with customers and prospects? 

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Facebook Messenger: a privileged gateway between consumers and brands

Over 1.3 billion. That's the barely believable number of monthly Facebook Messenger users. The marketing potential for your business is enormous, whether it is loyalty or prospecting through targeted advertising. Contrary to what one might think, this performance is not only due to discussions and conversations between individuals. A study carried out in the US reveals that 61% of consumers use a Facebook instant messaging app (WhatsApp or Messenger) to communicate with a business. Today, more than 20 billion messages are exchanged each month on Messenger between companies and their customers.

Why integrate Messenger into your customer relationship?

Here are the reasons that should prompt you to integrate a Facebook Messenger button today into your website: 

  • To cover more ground. Almost 40% of the world's adult population is on Facebook. Better: Facebook is undoubtedly the most heterogeneous social network in terms of age (7 - 77 years).
  • To take advantage of targeted advertising. Retargeting, story, advertising insert, relaunching abandoned conversations and discussion. Messenger offers you several advertising tools that adapt to your audience. Messenger offers you several advertising tools that adapt to your audience. This is not the case with WhatsApp.
  • To boost your online sales: Messenger is more than an instant messaging application. It is, above all, one of the most effective conversion tools. The proof? One third of online discussions between clients and professionals on Messenger are orders for products or services. Likewise, 40% of consumers have purchased online for the first time using Messenger or WhatsApp.
  • For customer service that meets user expectations. This assertion, which some will consider caricatured, sums up the point of view of millennials and Generation Z. So no more cumbersome emails and calls. Make way for responsiveness and accessibility with instant messaging, the preferred communication channel for 70% of consumers.
  • For more convenience through automation: Like Telegram, Messenger incorporates a new feature with a quickly operational chatbot.

As yAs you will have understood, Facebook Messenger is an essential prerequisite for any online customer relationship. Embed it today on your page via with ChayAll, and get ready to see the notifications flare up!

Why use WhatsApp as a messaging application for your business?

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WhatsApp, a dizzying and universal audience

It would be easier to answer the following question: why not use WhatsApp in your customer relationship? With nearly 2 billion users exchanging 65 billion messages daily, WhatsApp is undisputed the number one app on 130 countries. The question of using WhatsApp in customer relations should therefore not arise. Indeed, with so many users, the chances that your target is not on the platform are minimal, if not nonexistent. Better: those who desert WhatsApp blame it for a certain laxity on security (rightly or wrongly). You will find them on Telegram!

The different versions of WhatsApp

Unlike Messenger, WhatsApp is ad-free. This clean side is undoubtedly one of the main factors that explain its success. Another differentiator: WhatsApp comes in three versions: the WhatsApp application, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API. The first, free, is designed for individuals. The second, which is also free, offers basic functionalities for self-employed entrepreneurs and very small businesses. The third, meanwhile, is a real marketing platform: mailing list without limitation of contacts, WhatsApp button integrable on all media, advanced automation features, use with a virtual mobile phone number ... It is obviously with WhatsApp Business API that you can take full advantage of the full potential of WhatsApp in customer relations. 

Thanks to WhatsApp Business API, no more waiting times in line, contact forms and other emails that end up in spam. You are entering the era of the immediate and the instantaneous. This is all the more important when we know that 60% of customers want answers to their requests within 5 minutes of their request.

Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp ... Use all these apps and install them on your site!

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Why choose between Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp when you have the possibility of integrating them all into your website? It's mathematical: combine Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, accumulate audiences, and boost lead generation. You can also improve the quality of the customer relationship to build loyalty and increase the average basket of your actual customers. It is, finally, to have an arsenal of varied functionalities for its marketing efforts. This is where ChayAll comes in.

We have designed THE messaging platform that centralizes all the instant messaging services that are useful to your business. Don't panic: our solution does not slow down the loading speed of your website. On the menu : 

  • WhatsApp Business API;
  • Facebook Messenger;
  • Apple Business Chat; 
  • Google's Business Messages;
  • Telegram;
  • A Live Chat tool to integrate on the page of your choice.

Our solution centralizes all messages received on Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp , etc. We also offer e-reputation features to better manage your action on the web:

  • A monitoring tool for Instagram comments;
  • A feature that sends your interlocutor an automatic invitation to leave a rating or a review on the platform of your choice.

Equip yourself for the start of the school year with Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp and strengthen your online customer relationship with ChayAll!

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